Thursday, November 30, 2017

France’s Man in UK, New French ambassador Jean-Pierre Jouyet says Brexit is "not a good thing" for UK or EU, 50% right, Brexit makes the UK a sovereign nation unshackled from the EU project which has ripped the UK off more less since the day we signed up in 1973, leaving wasn’t just a financial necessity, it was a moral imperative

Dear All

Have you heard the expression, ‘he would say that’, well it appears the new French ambassador Jean-Pierre Jouyet is saying Brexit is "not a good thing" for UK or EU. Well, for the UK, it is a good thing and it is a long overdue thing, you see Europe is in chaos, not just financially but also in terms of social cohesion.

The rise of the ‘right’ in Europe which is constantly dubbed the ‘far right’ is actually in the main ordinary citizens who are angry about the way the political both elected and unelected are acting in their own personal interest.

The EU is finding that the new governments in Europe aren’t willing to support them, or their anti sovereignty policies which have undermined their authority for too long. The UK leaving the EU has created a massive problem for the EU, 20% of their budget comes from the UK, and we are only one of the twenty eight member states. What is the UK to the EU, basically we are just their ATM, a cash cow to milk and in return, we get back some of our own money, yes; our own money is returned to us in various ways under the largesse of EU grants towards education, farm payments and building etc etc.

As the new French ambassador’s takes up his post, we get told that he previously has went from washing dishes in a Watford works canteen as a student in the 1970s to the elegant grandeur of the French ambassador’s residence in up-market Kensington.

Rags to riches, everyone likes this type of story, very fairy tale like, however check out his wiki.

Once upon a time, washed some dishes, big deal, hopefully he didn’t get dishpan hands or suffered PTSD from the experience, the rest of his life appears to be more silver spoon than wooden spoon to me.

I fought for Brexit, was a campaigner and a Glasgow spokesman, it was a campaign which I am proud to have been involved in, it was at its heart a people’s campaign. The result in Scotland was better than expected and it was a shock for the SNP and the other political parties which all rallied against Brexit.

At present, we are reading that the Brexit divorce bill is rumoured to be £60 billion, which is £60 billion for nothing in return, this is unacceptable, and too high a price to get an urbane, friendly, touchy-feely mandarin such as Jean-Pierre Jouyet in return.   

Jean-Pierre Jouyet said:

“I have known the UK for a long time. When I was a student I was in the UK to earn my living. It was close to London in Watford and I washed all the dishes in a restaurant; it was a canteen for a British company, I don’t remember the name. At the end of the day with British friends, I learned one sport; to launch the darts. I remember each evening we played darts.”

He added:

“When I was in the European Commission with Jacques Delors…I organised a European summit just after Maastrict Treaty in Edinburgh Castle. We spent the night in Edinburgh Castle; so there are some things worse in life. I remember very well this European summit in Edinburgh. Since this time I have liked Edinburgh. I went with my children there 10 years ago.”

What interests me is when Mr Jouyet said:

“I am a pragmatic man and I try throughout the course of all my work to serve the European public interest and the French public interest. It’s clear in France I am the friend of business and finance.”

I don’t see in there, any reference to the people which is supposed to be the prime motivation for a public servant, he reminds me of a New Labour sell out clone who in the final phase of his career has been given a cushy plum job by his pal, the French President, somehow I don’t see to feel all fuzzy and warm towards him, even although he did mention his dishwashing job.

Finally, it seems that as a keen sports fan Mr Jouyet has a dream:

“My dream is to see the derby between Celtic and Rangers.”

A mini Brexit negotiation with a football!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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