Thursday, November 9, 2017

Throbbergate Part 4, there needs to be a by-election in Donside Aberdeen, this is due to the behaviour of SNP MSP Mark McDonald, there has been a material change of circumstances in what the people of Donside voted for as a representative, no by-election shows Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are running scared

Dear All

It seems that the spotlight is starting to shine on Nicola Sturgeon after being faced with renewed questions after she backed Mark McDonald to continue as an SNP MSP for Aberdeen Donside. As the scandal heightens, questions remain unanswered over why a Scottish Government children's minister Mark McDonald sent a suggestive text message to a woman which included a reference to a sex act.

Clearly this is not normal behaviour!

In fact this is extraordinary behaviour, and his political future is hanging by a thread, clearly there needs to be a by-election since there has been a ‘change of circumstances’ since he was elected. You may recall that the SNP cite a ‘change of circumstances’ to justify a Scottish referendum on Brexit, why not a by-election so that the voters of Donside can be heard?

What is Nicola Sturgeon so scared of?

Why aren’t we being told what the alleged suggested sexual act was?

The victim of Mark McDonald who made the complaint has insisted “people have to change. The bottom line in this is there’s no point in people coming forward if people don’t change. People have to change in the future. Apologies are all well and good but if it doesn’t change how people act. That’s why people have come forward. People don’t want this. I don’t want it.”

Reading this, it sounds like this poor defenceless woman has suffered greatly and she should seek not just help in the form of counselling but also legal help as well.

A spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives said:

“The longer this saga drags on, the more difficult the public will find it to accept Nicola Sturgeon’s knee-jerk explanation. Understandably, they wonder how it can be fine for him to continue as an MSP, but not fine for him to be a junior government minister.”

This is the nub of the matter, he patently cannot continue as an SNP MSP, the whip should have been withdrawn immediately but as we have seen with others, there is a lack of transparency and where Nicola Sturgeon is involved integrity as well. Nicola Sturgeon is a shallow hollow inept vacuous woman who will say anything, in this case backing Mark McDonald was a major mistake.

You can almost see the election leaflets next time round, and the hustings where person after person stands up to ask why Mark McDonald did what he did and does he think he is a person worthy of being an MSP.

A Labour source hit the nail on the head when they highlighted that McDonald's resignation had “created more questions than answers - namely what conduct he believes is unacceptable for a junior minister but not for an MSP”.

They added:

“Nicola Sturgeon doesn't seem to realise that being evasive on this issue is sending an awful message to the victims of abuse and harassment. This is not a level of transparency that many in the SNP will feel comfortable with.”

Nicola Sturgeon’s failure to act by not withdrawing the shows that she is a weak leader, she has managed to destroy the base for independence and she has destroyed her own credibility and voter base!

The public have had enough of Nicola Sturgeon and her toxic brand of civic nationalism along with her cohort of third rate politicians masquerading as ‘caring people’ with Scottish people’s interests at their heart.

Sturgeon told Holyrood McDonald had resigned over behaviour “some others may well have thought was not serious enough to resign”.

Scottish Government children's minister + female + text message with reference to a sex act = certain resignation, if Sturgeon knows some others who don’t grasp the situation, then they are just as deluded as her.

The Donside by-election needs to happen; let the voters decide due to a ‘change of circumstances’ in what was presented to the public by the SNP.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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