Wednesday, November 22, 2017

21 days to find a government, German Chancellor Angela Merkel sees coalition talks collapse in Germany and is unable to form a stable government, if she decides to gamble on new elections she could end up in a worse position, the German people are sending her a message, ‘we don’t want you as our leader’, it is time she took the hint and stepped down

Dear All

Although some elections can be quite boring and a non event especially when a particular party dominates, the recent election in Germany is getting interesting. You might ask, why, the reason is that Angela Merkel has been sent a message by the German people.

It was short and to the point, ‘we don’t want you anymore’.

Angela Merkel has damaged Germany, and beyond due to her policies concerning the country and the EU and how it operates. The EU is in trouble, it is in desperate need of reform, now we are seeing nation after nation turning to what the press are describing as the far Right.

So, what is the far right, this is an overused term to smear political opponents and the press has done a lot to devalue the term along with political thugs, such as the regressive left and supposed ‘liberals’. The problems which Europe faces now are complex because a power struggle has developed. In Germany, the anti Merkel faction of the population has been driven to back AfD, Alternative for Deutschland. Merkel and the political elite ignored the people, so people started to listen to other voices.

Now Angela Merkel faces the stark reality which was always coming with the collapse of coalition talks, this time Merkel can’t muddle through, not with AfD having 94 seats. Germany is paying the political price for leaving its poor behind under the leadership of Merkel’s party.

When you ignore the people, you set yourself on the road to disaster, eventually the majority catch on that you don’t represent them. Who Merkel represents is clear however, she represents big business, big corporations and big money because they and Merkel want the dream of a united Europe which is falling apart.

Germans, Poles, Hungarians, Czechs, Austria and others in the EU are finding national pride; this is suppressed as the EU attempted to push a super state agenda. People like Viktor Orban, Hungary's Right-wing leader who has been accused of xenophobia because of his strong stance in the migrant crisis, and because he stood up to the EU against their migrant quotas. People in Europe have been placed in a state of fear; the migrants have brought terrorism and crime in their wake, we have no go zones in Europe.

There is a lot of anger in Europe.

As I mentioned, I favour hard Brexit, although the Europeans claim Britain is holding up the talks, there isn’t a settled will in Europe due to the German crisis, this means the EU leadership and the European Commission are far too preoccupied with political chaos in Germany. Brexit was a shock to the EU but what is happening in Germany is a bigger threat to their grand European dream.

AfD, Alternative for Deutschland aren’t signed up to the European agenda, they are rooted in a people’s party. There is now a stridently and tangible anti-Brussels, anti-migrant and anti-Establishment movement growing right across Europe as people are sick of being treated as second class citizens in their own country. In Britain, we still have people who are the bitter Remoaners who think and continue to fight to try and stop Brexit, they show the contempt for ordinary people and sneer at Leavers for their stupidity.

In Britain, there is part of the political elite who are unable to accept the decision has been made, soon enough, next year they will have to acknowledge there is no way back because there will be no membership.

To return to Germany, an ally of Angela Merkel has given Germany’s parties three weeks to thrash out a deal and form a stable government. At present, the collapse of talks between the chancellor’s conservative bloc, the pro-business Free Democrats and the greens has thrown Germany into political uncertainty and raised the prospect of new elections.

Merkel is on shaky ground and new elections probably will not solve her problem, in fact it could make matters worse. Peter Altmaier, the chancellery chief and acting finance minister, said:

‘We must be in a situation in the next three weeks where there is clarity about whether there can be a stable government on the basis of this election result.’

Is Angela Merkel right to gamble on new elections in preference to leading an unstable minority government or will she accept that her time is over?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

As i see it these 'progressives' have taken over the left & have moved so far left, in their thinking at least, that ANYBODY who doesnt share their views are deemed to be 'far right'. This then allows them to try & shame anybody who has different opinions by branding them as nazis or fascists, which is then played-up by the media.

Also, i might be being a bit cynical here George but dont you think theres a typical EU tactic at work here with regards to the coalition talks collapsing?
.... 'make no agreements, which forces another election & keep getting them to vote until they get the outcome they want.'
The EU has history of this, albeit at EU level but they do have a massive influence on German politics.

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Al C said...

Merkel has nobody to blame but herself. She didn't listen to reasonable concerns, even when there were truck attacks in Berlin, and now she's paying the price. She deserves it.

Also, the EU have embarrassed themselves with virtually deleting all UK entries to European Capital of Culture, despite the fact that Britain hasn't left yet, and countries outside the EU are allowed in. Sure, relations with Europe are frosty at best, and I'm sure we can survive without it, but their behaviour is childish and petty. Do my fellow remainers really think that protesting the vote and temper tantrums like this are going to help?