Monday, November 6, 2017

Throbbergate Part 2, SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon’s bad judgement is laid bare as SNP close ranks around shamed minister Mark McDonald, mysterious sexual harassment allegations not shared with public, has a risk assessment been done, why haven’t we heard from the alleged victim, in the SNP it seems justice cannot be seen to be done, this stinks to high heaven

Dear All

The SNP have a thing about presenting themselves as Scotland’s saviours, the white knights who are beyond reproach, squeak clean and honourable. The truth is quite the opposite, the SNP is a party dripping with sleaze when it comes to sexual matters.

In the Scottish Parliament, there has been a development in the sexual harassment allegations sweeping through the Chamber.

No surprises where the first resignation has occurred, yes, you be right if you said SNP Government Minister.

Childcare Minister Mark McDonald who was said to be a ‘rising star’ (aren’t they all); has resigned over alleged “inappropriate” actions. What shows this stinks to high heaven is the SNP is closing ranks around the former shamed minister Mark McDonald, we are not getting to hear what the allegations are and we haven’t heard from the complainer.

Former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said:

“These revelations engulfing our political system are so rotten, even the clean up stinks.”

On social media SNP MSP Mark McDonald has been dubbed the ‘poundland Harvey Weinstein’, a reference to the sex fiend mogul who was outed in the press. Once the Holywood dam broke, it seems to have spilled over into UK politics and reached Scotland.

What the public need to know about the Aberdeen Donside SNP MSP are the allegations to that they can make a risk assessment on this individual, is it safe for their female family members?

Not to be told the allegations will not kill the story as Mark McDonald is currently said not to be resigning as an MSP. This raises other questions by his critics who highlight if his conduct was unacceptable for a government minister, why is he still continuing as an MSP?

Shouldn’t MSP have the standard as a minister?

As part of his defence, the Aberdeen Donside SNP MSP said that his behaviour was “humorous or attempting to be friendly” but apologised to “anyone I have upset”.

This doesn’t sound convincing to me.

Now, the Holyrood dam is said to be breaking, it seems that claims sexual harassment are rife in the Scottish Parliament according to sources, but what does it say that the SNP have close ranks on protecting Mark McDonald?

What does it say about Nicola Sturgeon’s judgement that she appointed a man as a childcare minister who ends up having to resign in disgrace?

What weight can be put on Nicola Sturgeon’s statement ‘men are the problem’ when she as the female leader allows Mark McDonald to remain in the party?

If you want to know the real Nicola Sturgeon, and not the fake presented to you, then her spokesman sums up Sturgeon perfectly when he said McDonald remained a “valuable” part of the SNP group at Holyrood.

Party before alleged victim?

The spokesman added:

“Mark has taken the right action in apologising and recognising that in his current role it would be inappropriate for him to remain in government.  He will continue to make a valuable contribution to parliament as the MSP for Aberdeen Donside.”

Sturgeon’s party was dragged further into scandal after it now has come to light that a second SNP MSP, Willie Coffey, was reported to Holyrood bosses after a civil servant complained about his alleged behaviour.

An administrative assistant complained of “inappropriate language” and “unsolicited attention” from the 59-year-old backbencher.

It seems that the problem in this case was made six months ago and centred on alleged approaches made by the Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley MSP in person and in email. 

When did Nicola Sturgeon know about this?

What action did the SNP take?

Was there an investigation by the SNP bosses?

Was the civil servant interviewed by the SNP?

A Scottish Labour source:

“Mark McDonald’s apology went down like a lead balloon. His resignation created more questions than answers - namely what conduct he believes is unacceptable for a junior minister but not for an MSP. This is not a level of transparency that many in the SNP will feel comfortable with.”

Something stinks to high heaven about Nicola Sturgeon’s judgement, another bad judgement in a series of bad judgements on handling crisis.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

While it is good for the wrongdoers to be exposed, this entire situation, from Hollywood to the Westminster and Holyrood governments seems to be fast turning into chaos. This is the last thing that sexual abuse and harassment victims need, because we deserve our ordeals to be handled with care and consideration, which political point-scoring does the exact opposite of.

I'm not accusing you of this George, rather that I'm remarking on the fact that abuse victims all too often get used as weapons for political groups, feminist groups, etc, to bludgeon their ideaological foes, and I'm dismayed that this is exactly what I'm seeing unfolding now.

Freddy said...

More to come on it I think George . It looks a bit like a witch hunt but once you start looking under rocks all sorts of stuff comes to light. I wonder who'll be first to offer large bungs for details. Those involved should be very worried.

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

Now the phone line is up at Holyrood, we will have to wait and see what develops.


Freddy said...

It's a distastefull business George but as my good lady said last night you don't resign from a government post for improper comments.

Anonymous said...

now we know how horrors like hollie greig manage to be covered up

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,

For years they somehow managed to cover up the child abuse that was endemic in Scotlands childrens homes and institutions. Childrens homes and institutions where the ‘inmates’ were abused on an industrial scale, virtual unbelievable cruelty and sex abuse melted out on a daily basis, so much that the children inflicted have grown up believing what happened to them was normal and have to block it out to stop them going insane. The Holly Grieg example is really just the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

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