Monday, November 13, 2017

Spotlight on an Uber Rat, Nicola Sturgeon downplayed the disgusting antics of former SNP minister Mark McDonald who now admits causing woman "considerable distress", at present disgraced ex minister is refusing to come to Holyrood, the situation is too toxic for Sturgeon not to suspended him now, Scots don't need a 'poundland Harvey Weinstein' as an MSP

Dear All

When SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon drastically downplayed the events of her former SNP minister Mark McDonald, you just knew there was more to the story, Sturgeon’s actions smelt to high heaven.

From 2012 till present, the SNP and particularly Nicola Sturgeon made a major play for the women’s vote in elections, in the referendum this was also fronted by Women for Independence which had heavy SNP involvement. In the aftermath of defeat, Nicola Sturgeon made a lot of noise about how women were under represented, not just in Holyrood but also elsewhere in Scotland’s public life. The idea was a cynical political ploy that suggested that Nicola Sturgeon valued women.

We now know that is a ‘crock of shit’.

The Mark McDonald scandal shows what I and many others have been hammering away at, the SNP is a cult, run by a cult for the benefit of the cult; sadly these people have managed to achieve the reins of power.

In light of recent events, we are now finding out that ex SNP Childcare Minister Mark McDonald is now receiving professional “support”, he is struggling to cope having put a woman through hell, who will believe this rubbish?

In trying to sell that crap, Nicola Sturgeon also backed him by saying his behaviour was of a kind “that some others may well have thought was not serious enough to resign”.

Sturgeon added:

“He's a good MSP and he will continue to be so."

Does this sound like an SNP leader who claims to be a staunch defender of women and their rights?

Of course, the SNP view women as a vote cache, people to be used and then discarded, the fact that Nicola Sturgeon has abandoned the victim shows the true calibre of Sturgeon and her mentality.

After going into hiding to escape the press for the last 10 days, McDonald said he would now be returning to work at his Aberdeen Donside constituency office but as the heat is still on him, he would not return to parliament for an unspecified “period of time”.

Like a rat, he will reappear when the ‘coast is clear’, whether that will be his judgment or his SNP handlers remains to be seen.

Although the actions of Mrk McDonald are disgusting, the spotlight needs to focus on why Nicola Sturgeon appears to be doing nothing, why isn’t Mark McDonald suspended for his conduct, clearly the woman is a victim, clearly she has suffered.

Why won’t Nicola Sturgeon punish Mark McDonald?

Why hasn’t Mark McDonald been suspended?

The questions surrounding throbbergate haven’t stopped, what happens if the woman takes McDonald to court, where will the SNP stand then?

Finally, I said the SNP was a ‘rat ship’, the fact this woman has been pushed to the brink lets you know what kind of people the SNP are producing to be elected representatives, clearly as I previously stated Mark McDonald needs to resign and a by-election needs to be held. In the case of Bill Walker, the parliament shunned him very quickly; can they do no less when Mark McDonald returns?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

Not only is she incompetent and useless, but she is a lousy human being, clearly.

Anonymous said...

now we know why they can so easily cover up the hollie greig child rape case