Friday, November 3, 2017

Spanish judge has jailed Catalan politicians charged with sedition and rebellion, former President of Catalonia is subject to an EU arrest warrant along with 4 other ex ministers, holding an illegal vote has consequences and in this case, justice would be served by their imprisonment and a lifetime ban on holding public office

Dear All

A Spanish judge has rightly and legally jailed Catalan politicians who charged with sedition and rebellion. These people thought that they could get away with holding an illegal vote and bypassing the rule of law as if public office is some kind of game where they pull the strings.

Now these people are finding out differently.

It is also right and something which I suggested in passing that an EU arrest warrant is issued for the return to Spain of ousted president Carles Puigdemont and four of his ex-ministers.

It might have come as a shock to others that a Spanish judge has ordered nine former members of the government in Catalonia jailed while they are investigated over charges of sedition, rebellion and embezzlement but not me, it was always going to end up this way. Their actions have already caused civil unrest and they have threatened Spain’s national and economic security.

And you don’t get to do this and walk away with consequences!

So, what should happen to these people, well, I favour jail time around the 8 years, and a lifetime ban from standing for public office, these people aren’t martyrs they were involved in criminal acts.

Although Carles Puigdemont, the former president of Catalonia, and four other ex-Cabinet members are in Belgium and have ignored court summonses to appear for questioning, they are also going to find that they will have no EU allies. If they go the asylum route as suggested by some people, they will not get it, although this will buy them time, in the end, these people are going back to Spain whether they like it or not.

Since the EU remit doesn’t allow them to get involved in domestic politics and already refused to acknowledge the illegal Catalonia vote, Puigdemont will be getting a rude awakening into how the law actually works, and he won’t like it. When he does come back, he won’t be a hero, he will be someone rotting in a jail cell unless he makes bail and personally I wouldn’t grant bail for any of these people.

We are looking at a criminal case stemming from the declaration of independence the Parliament of Catalonia made on Friday.

Already a Defence lawyer called Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas said the decision to jail these people "lacked justification" and was "disproportionate". I would disagree, their actions could have led to civil war, it already led to violence and disorder so it is proportionate to jail as this sends a clear message, break the law and you will be arrested.

A lawyer for Puigdemont said his client will not be seeking asylum in Belgium probably because he told his client that the case would result in a loss for them, and whether Puigdemont cooperates with Belgian police and judicial authorities, he is getting returned, it isn’t open to debate.
Artur Mas, a former president of the Catalan government said:

"From the personal point of view and also for my personal experience, I don't think that there are all the guarantees to have a fair trial."

That is a mighty bold statement given that Spain is an EU member, and signed up to the European Convention on Human Rights, the facts of the case are plain and easy to follow, an illegal vote was held, and all the charges that follow from that are made because of the deliberate acts of the accused and other third parties.

It is an open and shut case.

Assumpcio Lailla, a former official with Catalonia's Democrats party, said she had travelled to Madrid joining around 100 other politicians and elected officials to show support to those investigated, this appears to be a gimmick and doesn’t deflect from the issue at hand. And if Assumpcio Lailla doesn’t quite get what is going on then she should get to court early and take up a seat and learn something.

Finally, it seems that the former President Puigdemont has reacted on Twitter to the jailing of nine members of his former Cabinet, posting that "the legitimate government of Catalonia has been jailed for its ideas". You would think given he has a lawyer in Belgium that he would have been instructed to keep his mouth shut.

Former President Puigdemont wants to go to jail it seems, luckily for him he might get his wish, given Spain’s past, a clear message must be sent out, the rule of law must be obeyed, if you doubt that in this case, then ask yourself why no one in the EU is willing to support Puigdemont.

He is a man without a future in politics.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

At last a voice stating the facts...THEY BROKE THE LAW!!
The libtards seem to bypass this fact as usual, claiming the spanish gov should have granted the catalans a referendum a couple of years ago. This is probably true, but instead of throwing their toys out the pram & doing what the hell they wanted, they should have continued to build support then lobby Madrid. These separatists just dont seem to understand that if they build a good enough case, then people will probably vote for it. Instead they run around trying to force people into their way of thinking & cause mayhem along the way.
It is interesting to hear whats being said here though...Question Time last night being a good example....words like 'dictatorship' & 'draconian' being banded about & the usual libtard stance of trying to turn law breakers into victims with endless pathetic excuses.
It is undoubtedly true that the spanish authorities were extremely heavy handed, in some cases, a few weeks ago but this ironically has only favoured the crybabies by providing them with excuses.

Very sad times indeed for such a popular part of europe.

Anonymous said...

The whole affair's real sad.

I have enormous sympathy with those Catalans who want independence from Spain and I do not think the issue will go away.

It never has - and in a naive way all their leaders were doing was play to the populists and try to get some sort of dialogue going that would - eventually - lead to legitimate referendum on full independence.

By hiding behind a constitution that's way past its sell by date, Spain isn't gaining any brownie points.

Yes it's legal George and yes they can sling the whole lot in jail, however I feel all they're doing is delaying the inevitable.

And Catalonia is not the only area in the EU, or the world for that matter (Kurdistan being one where I also have great sympathy for their wishes) that want to break away from what they see as a remote and unresponsive central government.

In the case of Scotland Cameron gave a heads up then allowed both sides to fight the good fight. He too could have said "sod-off", but he didn't and the majority let their voices be heard.

Personally I thought Spain could have done exactly the same thing as our lot did - it clears the air - and I think they'd have won.

Even amongst the undecided the actions taken by Spain rankled. Sure they can - and probably will jail the ringleaders, yet all they're doing is creating a bunch of martyrs.

Maybe even a Nelson Mandela.

Louis Scott

Anonymous said...


D Stewart. said...

Grimly amusing to see the 'Socialists' in Catalonia basing their grudges on the fact that their relatively affluent area is expected to share some of its wealth with the less fortunate areas within the Spanish state, yet simultaneously proclaiming how much they 'care' for the people....only their own 'people' of course they feckless and lazy southerners can fuck off and die in true Socialist style.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you've picked up on the contagion George.

Seems a tiny little wedge of France, that used to be part of Catalonia, has suddenly developed a separatist movement.

Sure the numbers are tiny, yet I cannot help but see the connection with our own independence movement where there emerged a tiny band intent on seeing the northern and western islands break away from Scotland and become a British Overseas Territory.

Louis Scott