Tuesday, November 14, 2017

‘Putin’s puppet, former SNP leader Alex Salmond insists unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is poised to press the button on a second independence referendum, it is the same old tired rhetoric from a bunch of losers, Scottish independence was lost in 2014, the boat sailed and no trumped up nonsense over Brexit will change that piece of history, gone is gone!

Dear All

Have you ever watched a movie, where the bad guys press the button to cause a massive explosion and nothing happens?

If you have, you will see the look of the bad guys face as the hero busts in to kick his ass and he ends up dying in a horrible fashion, justice being done, the hero gets the girl, the music starts and they walk away to live happily ever after.

It seems that the bad guys in the shape of Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond  who is called by some people, ‘Putin’s puppet’ is saying Nicola Sturgeon is ready to press second independence referendum button swiftly after Britain leaves EU.

Well, the button isn’t going to work, no matter how many times that SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon presses it, all she can do is make a request and as we know, there is no danger than she will be entertained in this term of the Westminster Parliament.

Theresa May has kicked the problem to beyond 2021, and if you have been paying attention to the polls and the trend, and the scandals, the SNP is falling, the trajectory is downwards.

I have done a good bit of campaigning, and I am very proud that in both referendums I was 100% right in my judgment of the right course of action. The SNP leaders at the time; were completely wrong, which is par for the course. Several years ago, I highlighted that the Scottish Independence boat had sailed, and no excuse like Brexit or any other trumped up story or event will change that scenario.

Now, we know the SNP isn’t an independence party, many people have woken up, to the fact the SNP want to give control of Scotland to an unelected group called the EU, a political organisation of 50,000 people.

In return, the senior SNP would be bought off with jobs and MEP slots, they would lead the ‘high life’ while ordinary Scots suffered greatly, we would be the Greece of the North, broke and depending on handouts.

What the SNP want is EU membership, failing that they want EU membership under the guise of the single market, all the cons and none of the pros for Scotland. The single market like the EU membership is a problem, a problem unfixed by the EU which is seeing a shift to the right which they dub the ‘far right’ in order to smear, in places like Poland, Hungary and in the Czech Republic, the people aren’t as EU friendly or willing to comply.

Former First Minister Alex Salmond has a TV show starting on the Russian channel RT, along with him comes Tasmina Ahmed Shiekh as a roving reporter, RT is registered in the US as a branch of the Russian Government. Salmond sounding about a second referendum is a ‘hello look at me’ event, he wants to stir up trouble and then sit back and benefit from it.
What is going to happen is that the Russians having taken Salmond as a novelty value useful idiot will realise that his ‘effect’ will be limited, and as to the content of his new show, he might think he is wonderful but this adventure will end up as a Wayne’s World caper before it dies a death. People will watch not for knowledge but for information to hang Salmond, Sturgeon and the SNP, which is why the SNP are saying no SNP ministers will be appearing on the show, now or in the future.

The people of Britain want control of their country back, they want our elected politicians to be accountable to us, this is normal, and problem for Britain is immigration especially illegal immigration which the EU under Merkel has seen explode in Europe which has been a disaster.

A German Army report predicts civil war in 20 years.

If there is a civil war, Nicola Sturgeon if she gets her way will have dragged Scotland into it, and brought many problems to our country, but as a childless leader, she doesn’t care about the future much like Salmond, another childless leader. One of the problems in Europe is the rise of childless leaders.

Here is a point of view on this topic of childless leaders.

Sturgeon might see Scottish independence as her ‘baby’ but she won’t be delivering it under her timetable if at all, Sturgeon told MSPs she will “reset” the timetable for another referendum, guess what, no authority to go forward with it. The SNP wanted a quick referendum between autumn 2018 and spring 2019, this was to try and get unionist pro EU voters in Scotland on board but that came to nothing. As to the nonsense and it is nonsense that another vote is still "likely" before the May 2021 Scottish Parliament election.

Absolutely no chance!

Absolutely no chance means that the next hurdle is the 2021 election which given the state of the political flux in Scotland would see the SNP lose their chance, and even if they get the Scottish Greens to go with them the math is that Nicola Sturgeon will not have enough votes to get a second referendum passed.

If Nicola Sturgeon fails to do this, her position in the SNP as leader becomes untenable, you could make the case that it is that way now with recent defeats, all self inflicted and scandal in the wings.

So, do I support hard Brexit?

The answer is yes, I do support hard Brexit, because I suspect that the British people don’t fancy being ripped off twice which is what the EU wants to do to the British people and has the support of the useful idiots in various parties.

51.9% of voters backed Brexit, if EU want to play silly games let them, when big business realises what the EU is doing, they will turn on them very quickly indeed, you may see a clear out. People like Angela Merkel don’t want to be caught in the middle of big business and angry German workers fearful of their jobs.

The SNP still haven’t woken up to the fact that Scotland has moved passed them, they are the past; a new future needs to be written, a future with the SNP out of power and out of government.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

Isn't it funny, George? Salmond has been laying into Donald Trump in his new show etc, but he seems to forget very quickly that he and Trump were once best pals back a few years ago.

In addition, I did laugh when Salmond said that. Attention-seeking moron!

G Laird said...

Hi Al C

Let Salmond go nuclear as he turns up the noise and the burn will be fantastic.


Al C said...

Bring the noise!

Anonymous said...

Now, we know the SNP isn’t an independence party, many people have woken up
That is putting it mildly.
Krankies leadership of the SNP has been a disaster. She’s on her final fling and when she goes, she will take the SNP with her to oblivion. However, I must say, she actually looked not bad in that white dress today when visiting Downing Street, did she sack her dresser-advisor. Surely she must have a new dresser, the last time she went to Downing St, she looked pathetic.