Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Political Exodus: Alex Salmond new career is facing a major setback as major politicians in the UK decide to boycott his TV show on the Russian channel RT, already John Bercow the Commons Speaker pulls out, David Cameron won’t appear, even Nicola Sturgeon backed off, nice to have friends isn’t it!

Dear All

At some point in your life, you start new chapters, it happens to everyone, one thing doesn’t pan out and you move on to something else. When Alex Salmond among others in the SNP lost their seats at the General Election, it sent shockwaves through the SNP.

In the space of two years, the new party of the establishment had taken a massive hit as the SNP as a party lost the trust and respect of the voters. In some cases new SNP MPs saw their previous share of the vote fall dramatically.

In Glasgow, the SNP lost the seat of Glasgow North East by a mere 242 votes to Paul Sweeney, in other places like Glasgow South West and Glasgow East, the SNP held on by their finger tips.

When the news that Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson had lost their seats along with Tasmina Ahmed Shiekh, I must admit I was over the moon, if anyone deserved a Michael Portillo moment, these three chancers certainly did. On a personal note, in Glasgow North East, the SNP Candidate Anne McLaughlin crashed and burned, it was a campaign which I gave up all to see her go down in flames!

Salmond has went to try his hand at entertainment which we now see includes TV, the major and minor home grown TV stations in the UK aren’t touching him with a bargepole so Alex has signed up to the Russian Channel.

A major error of judgment given he is a privy council, but hey, a guy has got to earn a coin hasn’t he, he is too old to start an apprenticeship, and too old for labouring as well. Instead we see Alex Salmond doing what he does best, talk about how wonderful he is on his new show ‘The Alex Salmond Show’. You might think that having spent so much time in the House of Commons and Holyrood that Salmond would be heaving with top weight politicians but sadly for him, this isn’t the case.

The news is that Salmond is facing TV boycott as Commons Speaker John Bercow pulls out, Bercow who appeared at Salmond’s stage show doesn’t want to be on RT, the Russian channel. And the good news just keeps on coming, apparently his ‘friends’, his former cult members in the SNP Government, they don’t want to appear either as it is considered an error of judgment.

RT is an interesting channel, I have seen some stuff and it is very good, but when you view RT, you have to accept that it is widely seen as a mouthpiece of President Vladimir Putin. The channel is registered in the US as an arm of the Russian Government, there are of course some very nice Russians kicking about the place, I know two in passing, they aren’t interested in politics.

It seems that the boycott of Salmond’s new show is the ‘in thing to do’ as former Prime Minister David Cameron had been asked by Salmond in a phone call last week to appear on the show. If you watch Westminster regularly you will remember that David Cameron has no love at all for the SNP, in fact during PMQs, he once mouthed silently to Angus Robertson…. ‘will you fuck off’.

No love there methinks.

A senior Conservative hits the nail on the head when he said:

"It shows Salmond's total lack of self awareness. There's no way the former PM would do a Russia Today chat show with the nationalist leader, and Dave quite rightly told Alex to get stuffed. Alex is going after a lot of Tories and getting a lot of knock backs."

Yesterday Kenny MacAskill said that the UK Conservative Government should have given Alex Salmond a ‘job’, so he wouldn’t have needed to go on RT, this begs the question, why isn’t Nicola Sturgeon not giving Alex Salmond a job?

Finally, how long will it be before the Alex Salmond Show resembles a ‘poundland’ Borat episode? 

You have to wonder as well, how long it will be before Alex Salmond and Tasmina Ahmed Shiekh realises their show is well and truly over!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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