Friday, December 1, 2017

‘That horrible cow is here’, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon heckled at homeless shelter by furious poor people as screams of ‘publicity stunt’ ring in her ears, the SNP have form in using poor and disadvantaged people as pawns for self advancement, isn’t it time that Nicola Sturgeon dropped the act, she isn’t the ‘mother of the nation’!

Dear All

Jingo bells jingo bells, jingle all the way, it is that time of year, it is getting near Xmas, a time for politicians to do the traditional stunts of ‘caring’ for the homeless and disadvantaged, it is time to get that much needed ‘photo op’ standing beside someone poor!

The poor are useful to politicians in several ways, either as a stick to beat the current government or as a way of saving money since they shy away from taxing the rich who avoid paying tax, plus there is the added bonus of using them to get elected. Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, SNP MP Mhairi Black did a ‘stint’ of helping the homeless.

In a speech, she highlighted one man who didn’t eat or drink for five days to afford to pay the bus fare to the job centre. Well, this is either a lie or this person is one dumb bastard, you see there are places to eat for free in Glasgow, such as LHM at the Barras, the Glasgow City Mission and at Cadogan Street, there are even roving soup kitchens in Glasgow now where people go to the places where people rough sleep to give them hot food.

Having got elected, why didn’t SNP MP Mhairi Black come back to continue to help at Glasgow City Mission?

I don’t know, I am just asking the question!

Having used the people, they were now surplus to her requirements, it seems ‘caring’ is only for Xmas or getting ‘elected’ because it is important to tick the box that ‘you know what the conditions are like for the poor’, but the reality is Mhairi Black knows nothing about the poor.

SNP MP Mhairi Black is just another SNP politician using people, I can’t take this middle class clown seriously as she plays at being working class, it is to me offensive; her act is like watching a monkey at a chimp’s tea party.

SNP MP Mhairi Black is a career politician, nothing more.

It seems that what is good for Mhairi Black is good enough for her boss, the fake and charmless hypocrite Nicola Sturgeon who has no problem being shacked up in Bute House or indeed a five star hotel. That being the case, it seems that others have seen through Nicola Sturgeon as she was rightly heckled by the poor as she announces new action on homelessness. Visiting a homeless shelter was another opportunity to try and foster her ‘mother of the nation’ but it seems that the shelter’s customers weren’t having it as Sturgeon wanted her photo op.

One brave homeless woman, who was bundled away by shelter staff, as she called out:
“This is all publicity. The minute they go away this will all disappear and it will be back to we get nothing, again."

There is now an ‘industry’ of professional helpers who get the funding such as Edinburgh’s Streetwork homelessness charity; presumably the SNP thought a few poor people hanging about would increase the credibility value of Nicola Sturgeon, but that turned sour as she was met with shouts of “publicity stunt”.

Since Nicola Sturgeon has effectively abandoned Govanhill to its fate, child prostitution, slum housing, place looking like a favela or midden, and rampant crime, and landlords screwing the poor out of their cash, what the hell is Nicola Sturgeon doing hanging around the poor?

It is over three weeks plus till xmas!!!!!!!

After being called out for the fake she is, Sturgeon said it was “absolutely understandable and legitimate” if some homeless people were sceptical of the SNP Government’s commitment.

She added:

“But the recommendations we are talking about today haven’t come from Government, they’ve not been dreamt up by us. We asked a group of experts to come together – not to look at something in the long term, but to look firstly at what can be done this winter. And that’s what we’re talking about today. And then, we’ll look in more detail at what we can do longer term. So there’s a determination and a seriousness of intent and additional investment behind this. But rather than stand here today and seek to persuade with words those in these predicaments who are understandably sceptical, I think what I want to do is prove it through the actions we’ve taken.”

The key part of what Sturgeon said to take note of is:

“they’ve (recommendations) not been dreamt up by us.”

I never doubted that the SNP would dream any ideas of how to help the poor, I just accept that as a given, unless there was an election in the offing for Westminster, the use of the foodbank gag in 2015 was quite noticeable, especially in Glasgow South West/ Pollok.

Isn’t it refreshing that poor people managed to heckle Nicola Sturgeon and the rest of us plebs get to hear about it, of course the poor were bundled away immediately but the damage was done, it is time the SNP stopped using the poor as their political plaything, people really are sick of it.

Finally, this pathetic attempt to turn Nicola Sturgeon into the ‘mother of the nation’ is really insulting to the intelligence, she really is a quite despicable individual without an ounce of human compassion or humanity; she is a ‘user of people’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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Maggie Thatcher said...

Sturgeon needs to go, along with her plants in Holyrood. First Ministers questions are a joke as her MPs won't say or do anything to defend or get any help for they're constituents for fear of upsetting her and losing favour. NO MORE powers as she cannot cope with ones she has now, until we see clothes allowance and cash she's spending on herself for her vanity trip then she's not fit for office. A few years time she'll be called out and we'll find out what they've done in the ten years, they had in power when we get a new government in charge and then she'll be shamed and jailed for corruption and theft. Nicola, hen you're a failure, freeloading old tramp who uses everyone elses money, blames everyone else for you're total incompetence and will be gone soon!!! #Parasite #Leech

Anonymous said...

Completely understandable these people are totally livid. Not only were they conned, but have been treated with total contempt by these disgusting bastards & they will never forget it. The increase in the tory vote in some of Scotlands poorer areas proves how desperate these people have become!

As for the "team of experts" comment....I cannot believe people still fall for this shite. Notice how theyre never named. Is anonymity something you automatically get once you qualify as one of these "experts"??? Experts in sticking their snouts in the trough along with people like sturgeon maybe, but not much else. We hear this garbage constantly from the media, particularly the bbc. Experts say this, an expert said that,...all utter garbage & nonsense without any evidence or confirmation, & is only done in an attempt to give credence to these lying bastards. They are nothing more than government funded stooges if they even exist at all...

Sherbie said...

That treacherous,useless, GROSSLY OVERPAID wench should be SACKED, along with the rest of THE RATSHIP.

Al C said...

"I can’t take this middle class clown seriously as she plays at being working class, it is to me offensive"

That's one of the big and glaring problems of the left. Say what you like about the right, but at least the right are honest enough to not pretend to care about the poor. Mock the Week on the BBC purports itself to be "left-wing" and yet the presenters rip on the young because they're (we're) skint. And last year when the electorate said "enough is enough" and rebelled, they had the nerve to ask why they were voting "against your own interests".

Sturgeon, Black and the SNP are textbook examples of this nonsense, and I'm starting to think that she and her clique are a symptom of a problem rather than the main cause. Mainly that the left and political classes are totally out of touch, and don't seem to be smart enough to learn from their mistakes.

Anonymous said...

My local mp & msp do exactly the same thing with food banks.
Picture in the local paper but you never see them really helping by standing in the cold like the real volunteers do at Tesco & Morrisons.
Just another photo op for them.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear others have the same opinion as myself, well done to the write of this article :-)

Anonymous said...

'' The increase in the tory vote in some of Scotlands poorer areas.'' Says It All (!)

Anonymous said...

Scotland is in a permanent state of FUCKED under these cunts

Google Hollie greig

BTW Georgie boy I have something massive that I will send to you in a few weeks


bucksboy said...

on the money