Wednesday, December 6, 2017

SNP Brexit Clown: SNP minister Mike Russell wants a ‘united’ Holyrood voice for single market bid, is there anyone really that stupid to get behind Nicola Sturgeon’s bungling attempt to sabotage of Brexit other than her Scottish Green lackeys, with the SNP track record of failure on policy and government, anyone for political suicide?

Dear All

We all like a laugh, and one ‘gag’ that is doing the rounds is failed SNP education minister Mike Russell, who has what I would describe as a ‘fake job’ as Scotland’s Brexit minister asking rival Holyrood parties to unite and “speak with one voice” in a bid to keep the UK in the single market.

The SNP like to organise people into little voting clusters with them ‘leading’ them and instructing them how to vote. Although some people like the Scottish Greens will probably tag along in the SNP wake, I don’t see Scottish Labour or the Scottish Conservatives playing ball at all.

At the present moment, there is a lot of political turmoil, a lot of heat, a lot of noise and little clarity on Brexit and where we stand in the process.

This is nonsense, we should be moving towards hard Brexit, and that should be the route for Britain’s departure from the European Union (EU).  The EU isn’t a country, it isn’t a ‘super state’, it is a political organisation. Ever since the UK voted for Brexit, many people in power have attempted to undermine the democratic vote and attempt to hang onto EU membership, even by proxy of the ‘single market’.

The SNP market is EU membership without benefits, you have to ask why would these people seek to undermine democracy and the will of the people, well, the answer is clearly nothing noble, it is squalid petty personal gain. A recent piece of ‘noise’ is the threat of legal action by the Scottish Green MSPs, a Labour MEP and an SNP MEP towards the UK Government.

That threat is worthless, both David Martin and Alyn Smith are losing their jobs, and they better get use to the idea because it will be happening soon enough. As always the SNP via Mike Russell said there was “overwhelming support” the SNP position in Holyrood and among the public.

People who don’t understand what the single market means show “overwhelming support” the SNP position?

The ‘bit’ that should interest you is:

“Single market rules require the free movement from one EU member country to another of goods, people, services and capital (the so-called ‘four freedoms’)”.

Under WTO rules, which is the back stop, you still get movement of good, services and capital, but the part the Remainers want is ‘free movement of people’ which effectively would see the UK allowing access to 600 million EU citizens. Already we have seen the effect of negative migration throughout Europe which has caused a breakdown of social cohesion and led to the rise of what is termed by the media as the ‘far right’.

In the Brexit debate, Leave campaigners came from the left and the right, including people who are unionists and Scottish independence supporters, there is more to this issue than is presented by soundbytes of the media and politicians.

Mike Russell is Nicola Sturgeon’s proxy, his job, is a non job, he is merely an interested spectator with a fake title which is meaningless in the grand scheme of things, so him chanting for the European single market and customs union is hollow, his opinion carries no weight.

At present, we have a manufactured ‘problem’ regarding the border between Northern and Eire, Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking urgent talks with Northern Irish leaders after the UK Government’s attempts to settle the Irish border issue failed to reach agreement.

Is the Irish question a big deal, yes and no, ideally, it would be better for Eire to also leave the EU, and come into a trading block with the UK, or join a trading blocking with the US and Nordic countries alongside the UK if one can be setup post Brexit. I support the Democratic Unionist Party that Northern Ireland should have the same deal as the rest of the UK. We are seeing separate deals floated as an alternative but the vote on 23rd June 2016 wasn’t for separate deals for different parts of the UK, it was one out, all out to coin a phrase.

It is not acceptable for any arrangement which sees Northern Ireland treated differently from the rest of the UK.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson also pitched in and echoed this sentiment when she made clear the UK should not be divided by ‘’different deals for different home nations’’.

In an attempt to sow division, SNP leader who was on the wrong side of the Brexit debate and vote said on twitter:

“really interesting the number of senior DUP people retweeting @RuthDavidsonMSP...”

This is a dig because the DUP are social Conservatives who hold other views which Ruth Davidson doesn’t on other issues, this is called shit stirring by Sturgeon, as we all know; Nicola Sturgeon lacks class and breeding.

So, Mike Russell says:

“If this chamber were to speak with one voice on membership of the single market and the customs union, I think it would be very effective indeed. Police lack numbers to protect ‘porous’ Irish border under Brexit. Single market membership for the whole of the UK would be the way out of this incredible mess that has been created by Theresa May and I urge it on every member in this chamber.”

This means lets create a ‘rule’, situation or treaty to ignore the wishes of the British people, as to the ‘porous’ Irish border , the SNP solution is to ignore problems, along time ago, I said ‘the solution to a problem, is not the creation of another problem’. This ‘fix’ by the SNP is more to do with undermining the UK and their failed attempts to engineer another independence bid, the last one was based on deception, thuggery and lies, and we well remember that result.

Scottish Labour has a new Leader, lucky for them it isn’t Anas Sarwar who in his election literature said he was backing the ‘single market’, when I read this, I immediately chucked his election leaflet in the bin. Richard Leonard has been asked by the SNP to move towards the SNP position thus undermining his leadership position; I doubt he is that stupid, well I hope he isn’t for his sake.

Mike Russell said on Scottish Labour:

“The whole of these islands should be in the single market and the customs union - we urge that upon all, but particularly upon the Labour Party. If the Labour Party were to adopt that to be a standard; that would move this on very considerably indeed”.

I would just blank this, why involve yourself with an idiot and get dragged down, the SNP position is doomed to failure and as the polls show and their record in government, everything is going in a downward direction of travel.

In life, don’t waste time pandering to idiots!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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Russell is just a mouth piece for Wee Hairy. Wee Hairy has the Midas touch but back to front. I’m socialist, yet she somehow managed to make me vote Tory. The woman is a complete weirdo. Her brain must be hanging out her back passage and looks like a haemorrhoid. Her thought process and ideology is verging on insanity. She is becoming a danger to us all. A few days ago she heard a rumour about a deal in Northern Ireland. As usual, without thinking, she immediately jumped on the bandwagon, supporting the Republic of Ireland a foreign country without even talking to the Northern Irish. Every body except Krankie is aware of the troubles and volatile situation in Northern Ireland/ Ulster. She should have kept her mouth shut; she should have taken nothing to do with Ireland. I’m actually embarrassed that this lunatic is representing Scotland on the world stage. How she is still our FM is beyond me.

Al C said...

We've got the agreement to laws made entirely under British government without EU influence, so unless I'm very much mistaken, that's one victory.

Problem with the 'Single Market' is that it's restrictive. Free movement within the EU bloc, but tariffs with countries outside. WTO rules suggest that we can still trade freely with Europe, so that's fine, but there's no point in staying in the Single Market because there are no benefits to be reaped from it, just restrictions with the outside world and no means of influencing it. If the vote was remain, we would remain in the Single Market. However, we voted leave, so we have to leave it.

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they are fucking spazzers

Anonymous said...

Mike Russell is an embarrassment. I usually mute the TV when he's on and Stephen Gethins, clowns.
I live in Forfar and we now have a "Blether Inn" same in Montrose and plans for other towns. These have sprung up on our high streets as a talking shop for independence. Somewhere people can find out more info. They hold events with guest speakers such as Billy Kay and Wee Ginger Dug. Is 'this the push towards Indy? Anyone else got these places opening up?