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Scottish independence: Labour for Independence is outed as a “sham” and “SNP front” by Labour MP Anas Sarwar after SNP Cllrs and members get pictured with LFI banners, he says, “The SNP's faltering campaign is looking increasingly desperate”, good assessment.

Dear All

There is a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, however, that being said, the party has an abundance of stupidity which most parties would be ‘green with envy’ … not!

So, let’s address stupidity, the SNP has allowed their members to set up little groups to try and claim that there is a huge groundswell of support for independence. If you do the research you will find several well known SNP faces which have multiple positions in the little different groups.

It’s a con!

It’s a waste of time!

And whoever thought it was a good idea to divide their forces is a just a clown.

The big story is that the SNP is facing calls to distance itself from the 'Labour for Independence' campaign group after claims it was a sham organization.

Euan McColm has been doing some spade work on the issue.

It appears that SNP elected officials are handing out Labour for independence leaflets.

Why, the Labour Party didn’t put a stop to this is beyond me, and why the SNP leadership never thought this through is another corker on the ‘road to defeat’.

So, Labour for independence, it has emerged yesterday that many activists and supporters are high-profile SNP members.

If you take the time to do a bit of digging, you find pictures that clearly show the Nationalist leader of East Ayrshire Council, Douglas Reid, and Greg Hepburn, an official in the SNP's youth wing, campaigning for Labour for Independence in Glasgow.

Across the other side of the country, three SNP councillors from Midlothian, Owen Thompson, Andrew Coventry and Derek George Rosie, get snapped holding up a Labour for Independence banner as well.

An SNP MSP, Christian Allard, has called himself as a supporter. He was recently “elected” via the discredited Holyrood list system.

Labour for Independence was set up a year ago by a paid-up Labour member called Allan Grogan, and according to Angus Labour Party, they have issued this statement on twitter:

“We always welcome help campaigning from members especially at election time. At no time did we have an offer from Allan Grogan”.

I wonder how many friends and associates of the SNP have infiltrated the Labour Party so as to later come out as Labour for Independence.

Another character in this squalid tale is Shona McAlpine who is said to be the Office Manager of Humza Yousaf, the Mulsim list MSP.

McAlpine has stated:

 “I am in no way an SNP member/supporter, Nor a member of @labourforindy ... Just a free spirit representing”.

This post about Shona McAlpine’s behavior was written Wednesday, May 9, 2012; the senior SNP leadership was informed about this and done nothing, buried by Peter Murrell, the husband of Nicola Sturgeon. 

Scottish Labour deputy leader Anas Sarwar has called Labour for independence a sham.

He said:

"For prominent MSPs, council leaders and party officials to masquerade as Labour supporters to give a false impression about their campaign is disrespectful to ordinary Scots who want to make a decision on our future based on the facts. Labour for Independence appear to be nothing more than a sham and a SNP front.”

Labour for Independence made the news recently after voting against replacing Trident at their one-day conference in Glasgow.

Anas Sarwar commented on that event by saying:

“Given only 20 people attended the group’s conference, they are not significant. What is significant though is the duplicity of the SNP.”

The leader of Labour for independence is Allan Grogan who appears to less active in support of Labour values than one would have thought, especially at election time.

So, let us remember what Angus Labour Party said:

“We always welcome help campaigning from members especially at election time. At no time did we have an offer from Allan Grogan”.

I think this organisation has hit the buffers, however, the Labour Party should have acted earlier, so they help create the problem, the only bonus for them is that this SNP supported group is now seen as an SNP front.

The SNP is too stupid to win independence, con tricks don’t work.  

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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