Monday, August 12, 2013

Scottish independence: SNP MSP Joan McAlpine named as 'the other woman' in divorce proceedings, McAlpine accused of wrecking a 29 year old marriage, one woman’s little piece of hope and happiness is destroyed, ‘braveheart’ Joan sneaks about behind wife’s back

Dear All

SNP list MSP politician Joan McAlpine is an out and out disgrace in my opinion.

Her career has been dogged with controversial events and she has been dubbed the ‘Queen of the Cybernats’.

I have done a few articles on her which highlight why she is unsuitable to be an SNP MSP, mostly this is due to her lack of activism.

She isn’t a politician, as far as I am concerned, awhile ago she was banned from driving due to the fact she was speeding, although not funny, the kicker was Ms. McAlpine campaigns for people to drive slower. Her excuse when caught was she thought the road she was on had a higher speed limit.

It didn’t.

She was doing about 40 mph in a 30 mph limit, if Ms. McAlpine had hit a child, there would have been an 80% chance of death, her car would have been ‘wall to wall’ blood with the child through the windscreen with its face hanging off or under the wheels, mangled beyond recognition.

Time for a quote by Mel Gibson from the movie, Braveheart:

“You may take our lives but you will never take our freedom.”  

80% chance of that when Joan McAlpine is speeding at 40 mph.

In my time in the party, I only saw her once; that was on the 4th September 2010 at the SNP National Assembly in Perth. At that event, I proposed the Scottish National Police Force and the Scottish National Fire Service, what she proposed is anyone’s guess if anything.

Joan McAlpine was a member of the Maryhill &Springburn branch, she didn’t attend any branch meetings, and never done any activism for the branch while I was there, and add to that her attendance at by-elections was extremely poor.

As most people know, I am pretty observant, and I can state I have never saw her do any work to get someone elected, no booties in the dirt by her.

She is one of Alex Salmond’s 90 minute Nationalists, publicly unelectable, if she stood for a first past the post seat she would lose.

This begs the question how she could get passed SNP selection as a candidate.

The Scottish National Party is a party within a party, it’s a middle class clique run for the benefit of a few. If you happened to notice the selection of Euro Candidates you would see that they are either Team Salmond or Team Sturgeon cronies in the main.

Now, to add the continuing disgrace that passes for Ms. McAlpine’s career, she has been named as the “other woman” in a divorce case.

Joan McAlpine, is an SNP MSP, aide to Alex Salmond and a divorcee, who is accused of adultery with shamed political activist Mark McLachlan.

Mark McLachlan ran a blog called The Universality of Cheese blog; however, he stepped well over the score in his comments of some people. His blog was a mixture of observation and humour, this changed to a different path. It became rather nasty in some respects.

In politics, the most devastating way to nail someone is with the truth, use that and people have nowhere to run.

Truth hurts.

Now, Mark McLachlan’s wife Jane has filed for divorce, with a writ naming Joan McAlpine, who was previously married to Hue and Cry singer Pat Kane, lodged at Dumfries Sheriff Court on August 1. 

Pat Kane says McAlpine is a prize asset in the SNP, well I say to that ‘ET’ go home.

So, it looks like Joan McAlpine has allegedly managed a small piece of ‘separation’ in Scotland, as a ‘home wrecker’.

Family is important.

Having been in a failed marriage, you would think that she would be decent and not interfere with someone else’s little bit of happiness.

In a previous blog post I made the observation that Ms. McAlpine doesn’t give a fuck, because she is ‘protected’ by Alex Salmond.

Although Ms. McAlpine may have been named as the alleged wrecker of a family home, she doesn’t have the ability to pull that off separation regarding the whole of Scotland along with Alex Salmond for an indy vote.

The news is of course particularly bad for Alex Salmond as he picked this loser, it again questions his failing judgment, if he keeps her, it is politically damaging in that quest for the women’s vote.

Wummin’s Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most women don’t like the idea of someone breaking up a family home; in fact they can get quite vocal about it, especially if it some woman who did it. We live a very judgmental world; this kind of situation doesn’t play well, not at all.

And to make matters worse, the McLachan’s have kids, and women don’t like that thrown into the mix either.

The alleged affair is said to have began in October 2009, before Joan McAlpine won a seat as a South of Scotland list MSP.

I wonder how Joan McAlpine feels about someone’s 29-years of marriage being wrecked.

Ms. McLachlan said:

“I will never return to Mark. There is no prospect of a reconciliation.”

When contacted, Joan McAlpine, a former editor of the Sunday Times Scotland and deputy editor of The Herald said:

“This is a private matter and I don’t want to talk about it.”

And Ms. McAlpine usually has a lot to say on everything as well. She is always very keen to talk about injustice and anti Scottishiness. I am sure that in future everyone will get a good laugh when she speaks on fairness, equality and social justice.

Joan McAlpine, MSP, aide to Salmond and alleged home wrecker, the adventure continues…...

I wonder if anyone thought this was ‘true love’ while on their back?

Awhile ago I said that Joan McAlpine should ‘get off her knees’ and be an MSP, after this episode, it appears my advice was too late to benefit her.

But as always, George Laird right again.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Anonymous said...

I hear she's moved into Bute House.
On the couch of course.
Rumours eh? They can knock even the biggest men off their perch.
You can't believe every bit of tittle tattle.
Just some.

Anonymous said...

I think a re-examination of the Cheesegate story is well overdue. McLachlan says some naughty things on his blog and his boss, “Weasel” Russell, immediately sacks him and claims no knowledge of his office manager’s activities. This from the guy who was going around asking people (e.g. Cllr Angus Nicholson) to join a “blogging ring”!

McLachlan tries to blackmail Russell by publishing emails between the two – including him asking for a replacement job in a quango somewhere – and this is at the very time when he and McAlpine are holed up in a hotel somewhere conducting an affair and trying to save McLachlan’s career.

Bet the atmosphere in meetings involving Russell and McAlpine must be interesting. Do you think they could sell tickets?

I think I’ve still got all the background info and references for all this saved somewhere – let me know if you need it.

No adultress as FM aide said...

She destroyed a woman's marriage, how can she continue in Holyrood?

Why does the First Minster Alex Salmond have an adultress as his aide?

What talent does she bring to the position?