Monday, August 19, 2013

Scottish independence: Scotland’s forgotten SNP minister Richard Lochhead heads to Sweden and Denmark to strengthen Scotland's links, apparently eating is very popular in the Nordic states and sitting in a Hut, Borgen lite indy is a massive flop!

Dear All

Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead.


Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, don’t worry, it isn’t important.

Anyway in the quest to try and look like Scottish independence is in some way making headway, he is off to see about economic opportunities in Scandinavia.

We are all Borgen now!

Yes, ever since Borgen enter the mindset of the SNP leadership, everything is Borgen Borgen Borgen!

There will be nirvana, everything will be peachy because Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is effect promising everyone everything and it all will be wonderful.

Richard Lochhead is off to Sweden and Denmark this week, his Nordic tour he hopes will help strengthen Scotland's links with Nordic nations.

It is a full whistle stop two day event.

That’s right two days, two whole days, 48 hours to strengthen Nordic relations.

Apparently, Sweden and Denmark supposed to be "great examples of smaller European nations which have thrived as independent countries".

Eh excuse me Mister Government Minister….. they are planning cuts.

Do you just love the continual SNP spin that implies we are all basket cases unable to think for ourselves? Not everyone is stuck in the provincial mindset; some of us actually look further afield.

Lochhead says these countries could "point the way to the successful future Scotland can enjoy with independence."

Scotland isn’t Sweden and Scotland isn’t Denmark, and to just such comparisons are meaningless drivel.

It isn’t like for like.

Lochhead said:
"Scotland has much in common with our Nordic neighbours and we are keen to strengthen Scotland's ties with Sweden and Denmark for our mutual benefit."

Really, like what?

He added:

"During my visit I will explore further economic opportunities for Scotland in Scandinavia. For example, we have identified this region as a very good target market for premium Scottish food and drink products such as Scotch beef and Scotch lamb. I am also interested in finding out more about Denmark's hugely successful organic food sector."

So, there you have it; people in Sweden and Denmark eat food!

Wow, a future Environment Secretary in waiting, hold on, wait a minute, he is already in that dead end job.

I wonder how money will be wasted in this junket?

Stop the presses, Richard Lochhead also wants to learn more about schemes such as Sweden's deposit refund recycling scheme where deposits are charged on drink cans and bottles.

How impressive, a “Ginger bottle” revival, the third Scottish ‘Oil Boom’ in soft drinks recycling!

Being from the sticks, Lochhead is "particularly looking forward" to meeting representatives from the rural movement. These ‘I’m from the Hills’ types are said to be responsible for organising the biennial Swedish Rural Parliament.

As if anyone cares!

And the real corker, the nugget, wait a minute, I need a quote from Alex Salmond here:

“My problem is that I have too many talented people and not enough Cabinet positions”.

Big drum please, because this shows the ‘talent’ of Salmond’s Cabinet, Lochhead wants to meet with Sweden's summer house movement to learn more about this long-standing Swedish tradition of hutting in Scotland.

Maybe the ‘talented’ Mr. Lochhead will try and twin the idea with people who keep pigeons; however, this hut idea is more of a Turkey!

Borgen Borgen Borgen Borgen.

And the answer to the question of Scottish Independence for the Yes Camp is a resounding No!

As in "No way dude this campaign sucks ass"!

We are all Borgen now! 

Well only the simple minded still listening to the drivel coming from Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

How will the snp convince voters to pay 70% tax on salary's in an independent Scotland?
This is the nonsense that's getting discussed at Cabinet level. Loadsa benefits for the workshy and loadsa taxes for the earners.