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Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon’s close personal friend and Nationalist MSP Bill Walker found guilty of 23 charges of assault against ex-wives and step-daughter, SNP knew about Walker, cover up shows SNP run as a ‘rat ship’ under Alex Salmond

Dear All

“They may take our lives but they will never take our Freedom”!

Braveheart, 1995, Mel Gibson, brilliant movie!


Now that I have got that out of my system, fast forward to 2013!

Are you there yet?

Bill Walker, the Nationalist MSP and close colleague of Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been convicted of 23 separate charges of assault and one breach of the peace.

The tally is over three decades, that’s 30 years to my SNP readers who regular come to the blog.

Trust me, it’s 30 years, a decade is 10 years, times 3 equals 30.

When the allegations of wife beating were brought to the door of Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon rather than 'stand up for women', Ms. Sturgeon failed spectacularly yet again to ensure that this matter was properly investigated.

Bill Walker was allowed to continue on his merry way.

Well, let’s face it; Bill Walker has a few quid.  

When convicted, a sheriff told Walker the evidence showed him to be “controlling, domineering, demeaning and belittling” towards his former wives.

There is a documented history in the Scottish National Party of bullying which the leadership of Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell turn a blind eye to.

These people who claim to stand for fairness, equality and social justice certain failed to act in the Walker case and in my own case as well. When you are standing up for Scotland, people, the little people's rights don't matter, except when a camera crew is standing in front of them.

Next month, Bill Walker will get sentenced the maximum sentence he could face is a year in jail.

Depending on the sentence, under the Representation of the People Act, an MSP would have to be jailed for more than one year to be disqualified from membership of the Scottish Parliament.

Presumably the SNP will be hoping that Walker gets more than a year in order to try and fight a by-election, Bill Walker, elected as an SNP MSP will then be brushed off their history as the Nationalist attempt to con the voters again.

Bill Walker’s conviction raises questions about what Nicola Sturgeon, and her husband, Peter Murrell knew about his violent past given the SNP is run as a party within a party.

The SNP was warned about his violence against his wives as early as 2008.

Sheriff Katherine Mackie, at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, said she found all the Crown witnesses, and in particular his ex-wives, “credible and reliable”.

Bless her cotton socks, I know a Sheriff myself in passing, she doesn’t have a horse, but she puts people in the nick!

Mackie added:

"I did not find the accused a credible witness. I reject his contention that the complainers had fabricated their evidence."


In the 1970’s martial arts action films included Fist of Fury, Hi Ya!

Bill Walker had two fists, and he lived in the East… of Scotland, although not the Far East, they have cinemas over there!

One of Walker’s victims was punched in the face two weeks before their wedding day in January 1967.

He gave her a black eye.

Another thing which would seem like madness to me is that Walker would "approve or disapprove" of the clothes his wife was intending to buy.

Personally I am terrible at fashion, and any reasonable guy would just nod and say that looks great honey, and hope she likes it.

Globetrotting Walker also lived in France.

Vive La France!

During his stay there, he told one of his wives that her “place was in the kitchen”.

If I was married I am sure my partner would say that my place was not in the kitchen except to do dishes because my cooking is shit!

Returning to Scotland, his wife confronted him about her suspicions he was having an affair.

It seems the Scottish National Party tradition of ‘fucking another woman behind the wife’s back’ isn’t just a limited affair.

Recently publicly unelectable SNP MSP Joan McAlpine was named in a divorce as the adulteress who destroyed a 29 year old marriage; Joan McAlpine now works for Alex Salmond.

Alex Salmond is running a ‘rat ship’; now another ‘rat’ has been public brought to book!

Walker’s second wife Anne Gruber, 71, racked up an astonishing tally of 15 assaults at various addresses in Edinburgh and Midlothian between 1978 and 1984.

As to the breach of the peace, this related to him brandishing an air rifle!

Bill Walker was never a paratrooper or commando, just some fat guy who jumped a fence, I mean; it was .22 and not a 44 Magnum, regarded as ‘the big boy in the black’.

On the night of the birth of one of his children, it was said that Walker was with another woman, apparently during child birth you are expected to be there holding your wife’s hand as she screams.

Personally, I think I would wait outside drinking coffee, too much noise!  

One of the interesting assaults by Bill Walker was on Mrs Gruber's daughter Anne Louise Paterson.

This happened when she was 16, and he repeatedly struck her on the head with a saucepan in 1978. 

First there was ‘Fists of Fury’ and now ‘Pan of Fury’!

That relationship with his daughter never really panned out after that assault!

Bill Walker became the SNP MSP for Dunfermline in 2011, the Scottish National Party knew about the allegations against him and done nothing, when the allegations went public, then and only then did the SNP act.

So another friend of Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been 'outed', Bill Walker wasn’t the first and certainly not the last rat to emerge in the spotlight.

As I said the Scottish National Party is run as a vile nasty little clique, George Laird right again!

I wonder if Nicola Sturgeon will visit Bill Walker in prison?

Two 'special' people as the picture shows, happy times for Nicola with her arm round Bill's neck, what a nice gesture of a deep friendship.

You are known by the company you keep! 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  

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