Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond reverts to grudge, grievance and malcontent as he scaremongers over the EU, there are two SNP MEP’s, if they never turned up for work no one would notice or care in Europe, SNP irrelevant in big international debates

Dear All

Alex Salmond will say anything to get your vote; recently his mutterings have been all crap, all drivel, and all irrelevant nonsense.

Salmond’s latest attempt to kick start his failed Scottish independence campaign is to scaremonger on Europe.

16 months ago, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sat in the BBC trying to con Scots on the EU membership status of Scotland, then Ruth Davidson pulled out the ‘letter of destiny’, the lie of automatic membership without applying was completely blown away as it was revealed that the SNP had never sought EU advice as either a government or as an opposition…… ever!

The rest of the evening was spent by Ms. Sturgeon ‘banging the freedom drum’, at the ‘Hell in the Pacific’ event, Ruth Davidson had a good night, Anas Sarwar had a good night, Patrick Harvie in my opinion had an excellent night, Ms. Sturgeon came last.

The woman who had ‘fought’ for independence was shown to be less than able once taken out of her comfort zone.

Alex Salmond says Scotland would have more of a say in Europe if it were independent. That is subjective opinion; Scotland not being part of the UK would have little influence on EU direction.

Can you name the SNP MEP’s?

And can you remember anything of significance that they have done?

For the majority of Scots the answer would be no on both issues.

During a speech in Hawick, Salmond tried to drum up fear that Scotland's voice in Europe could be silenced if the UK were to sleepwalk out of the EU.

Would you notice?

The issue of Britain’s membership is a thorny issue, the reasons are complex, the EU is an excellent idea, and the application leaves a lot to be desired.

I am still a fan of Europe, it can be fixed, but its major reform, the Euro is unstable, the situation in the South in countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain is a disgrace.

Who would think that in a country such as Greece that old age pensioners would be scavenging for food in bins? A temporary solution to the Euro is to spilt the currency into Euro North and Euro South, and then write off national debts in part. Any reform however involves pain, and pain and more pain. In Greece, the country has seen its assets stripped out and austerity imposed which has crippled them. It is a desperate situation which will get worse further down the line, and the ripples from that will spread throught-out Europe.

The Conservatives have pledged to hold a referendum on membership of the European Union sometime in the future because their backbenchers have never really signed up to Europe.

People are unhappy because they have been presented with emotional arguments such as foreign criminals escaping justice because of the Human Rights Act and then there is the issue of immigration.

The problems of both of them may convince the public that out is better than in. But it isn’t the whole picture, the European Convention on Human Rights needs rewritten, I have always believed this, poor judgments in British Courts emphasis this problem is long overdue for review.

As to immigration, the EU needs a 27 country agreement on an internal EU immigration policy, the idea is new; each country sets criteria if a member from another member state wishes to take up residence for the purposes of work. If a person wishes to live and not work then they would be required to show that they have sufficient means. It is a broad brush, but the concept is sound, it just needs someone to sell it in the right fashion.

Salmond’s pitch to the public:

"Without independence, Scotland's influence in Europe could diminish further. After 2017, our voice might not just be sidelined; it could be silenced altogether if the UK were to sleepwalk out of the European Union If we don't become independent we won't have control over what happens. It's an all-too-real example of why it will be better for all of us if decisions about Scotland are taken by the people who care most about Scotland - those who live and work here."

To get it right, Salmond isn’t saying Scotland run by the Scots, he is just implying it because some people are gullible enough to still think he is ‘standing up for Scotland’.

That is a joke that has well worn out its welcome.

The Scottish National Party haven’t contributed anything to European debate, they just babble about the ‘price of fish’ and whine about fisheries policy.

If Britain votes to leave the European Union that would be the will of the people, what Salmond is proposing is to not allow Scots the right to decide their future in Europe whether that be in or out.

So, where is the democracy in that?

There is said to be a majority of Britain and Scotland who are willing to consider leaving the EU. I think they are wrong, logically being part of Europe makes perfect sense, however, when people see injustice and losing control of sovereignty they rightly become ill at ease, there is a strong case for a new Europe, the SNP aren’t part of that debate, their MEP’s haven’t achieved anything of note as far as I am concerned.

Remember the crap about the ‘positive’ campaign from the SNP and Yes Salmond, well it never existed, he’s out of time, out of his depth, out of resources, out of manpower and out of funds.

His spring offensive set for March 2014 won’t be a push to capture either Brussels or in the ‘Arden’ of Glasgow.

His battalions are deserting by the droves, as the German’s say Mein Gott!

And whose stupid idea was it to put Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon in charge of land forces?

Presumably she will also be in charge of the surrender to British land forces, the working class people of Scotland.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

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