Friday, August 23, 2013

Scottish independence: King Rat, the Bill Walker scandal shows how SNP treat complaints from working class people, Bill Walker is only the tip of the iceberg; Alex Salmond is running the SNP as a ‘rat ship’, no one will vote for independence, trust is completely gone

Dear All

In the last 24 hours, the Yes Scotland Campaign has had the equivalent of ‘political food poisoning’.

The effects have been quite severe as they are literally shitting themselves to political death.

Do you know why people can’t sell shit?

It isn’t because the advertising strategy is wrong; it is because the produce is literally shit in the public’s imagination.

Yesterday, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond was speaking about the alleged hacking of a Yes Scotland’s email account.

The information gleamed from that was Yes Scotland paid someone to write an article that ended up in a newspaper, The Herald.

What wasn’t disclosed to anyone who read the article was as I said it was paid for.

I have blogged continuously that there is a lack of talent in the Yes Scotland campaign, the reason is cronyism.

Far from being community based group, this organisation is effectively run, directed and funded by the Scottish National Party.

When Yes Scotland paid money to someone to write an article which ended up in a newspaper, they fatally undermined trust in the independence campaign.

It was a stupid idea, on a par with other stupid ideas that has seen the independence campaign completely stall.

I said before and I say it again, trust is a major issue that is like a huge roadblock for the Nationalists.

A fee was paid to Elliot Bulmer, of the Constitutional Commission, for an opinion piece on the importance of a written constitution.

Shortly after it was published it was quickly praised by SNP and Yes Scotland figures on Twitter.

This was not spontaneous; if you are even mildly observant you will see SNP people have a habit of verbatim repeating the latest diatribe to the letter.

Blair Jenkins, chief executive of the Yes campaign, described it as a “brilliant must read”, you must read what Yes Scotland paid for, that gave the appearance of being impartial but cash had changed hands.

Although the fee was only £100, it is the principle that counts, this was a no no!

When enquiries were made about Dr Bulmer last Wednesday, Yes Scotland declined to comment; the latest line now is that everything was above board, if that is the case why the silence?

Was Yes Scotland email hacked, well they are saying they were, and the police are investigating but it is too early to even speculate that was the source of the leaked information!

This also begs the question, how would someone know where to look?

A mystery, and of course you could ask, is everyone in Yes Scotland employment totally trustworthy or do they have loose lips that sink ships?

Blair McDougall, director of Better Together, said:

“How can we believe what they say if they are secretly paying supposedly impartial experts? The leadership of Yes Scotland must take responsibility for this and answer these accusations. Who else received payment? Who knew that this kind of payment was being authorised by the campaign’s chief executive? What other supposedly independent voices are being paid to say what the nationalists want? What else are they willing to do to deceive the people of Scotland? Coming so soon after the exposure of Labour for Independence as an SNP front, these new allegations just fuel the sense that these people will say and do anything to get people to vote to leave the UK.”

You can see by the interviews of Alex Salmond that he is clearly rattled as everything is falling apart; stupidity is a poor substitute for intelligence.

Smart mouth doesn’t equal smart brain!

A spokesman for the Scottish Labour Party, they must be loving this, said that if Yes Scotland secretly paid for an article to be written so that it appeared to be independent, rather than commissioned by them, it was a “serious breach of faith with the Scottish people”.

Quite so ma’am! (yes, this isn’t a typo)

He added:

“Blair Jenkins has called for the referendum to be an honest debate, yet his organisation appears to be guilty of deep dishonesty and deception. Perhaps one way of ensuring an honest debate would be if Blair Jenkins stepped down and removed himself from it.”

Let us stop for a moment and look at this Jenkins creature, much is said about how smart he is about broadcasting, however, he is patently out of his depth regarding how to win a referendum, no George Laird radical thinking, he is a pencil pusher. He is a man constructing molehills thinking that he is a mountaineer, in trying to spin, mystery and ‘attack on democracy’, there is a sense of anti climax which is heavy in the air.

Suits you Sir!

As well as the lame duck Yes Scotland debacle, enter Bill Walker, elected as a member for the Scottish Parliament on an SNP ticket, he has been done in a Court on multiple charges of wife beating, 23 plus a breach of the peace involving firearm, .22 air file.

Bill Walker apparently likes to shoot pigeons so the Birdman of Barlinnie or Saughton isn’t available as a nickname.

Given the vast number of charges, a spell at HMP Longpoke is seemly on the cards, and given the comments of the Sheriff, Walker better pack a toothbrush and jim jams and slippers, best take spare bog rolls, and a few pens and pencils, the people he was elected to serve may come a calling.

Alex Salmond says Bill Walker is unfit to be an elected representative, but he was passed by the SNP selection panel, and his behavior was reported to Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s Office.

A relative fully informed Sturgeon’s employee, Mhairi Hunter and says he provide documents. The complaint went to SNP HQ and Walker was still selected, Walker has a few pennies. When it comes to complaints as I have found, the husband of Nicola Sturgeon isn’t exactly Sherlock Holmes.

Operation protect Nicola Sturgeon is in full flood with the SNP MSPs calling for Bill Walker to resign so people are looking at him and not Sturgeon, Hunter and SNP HQ staff.

Too late suckers, damage done, I guess the wummins vote is gone bye bye.

Although Bill Walker has been outed effective as a ‘rat’, he isn’t the only ‘rat’ in the SNP, in no order of importance, check out on google SNP vote rigging, Joan McAlpine, named as the ‘other woman’ in a divorce case. The people who sat at Pollok SNP who all kept quiet while Shona McAlpine abused an Asian man, his crime, he wanted to be an SNP candidate.

How about Natalie McGarry who linked my blog to a fake account on twitter which calls me a paedophile, Gail Lythgoe who ran a smear campaign against Ian Davidson, Labour MP and deer hunter. Peter Murrell who refused to carry out a proper investigation into my complaints, Mark McLachlan who ran smear stories on his blog until he was outed, How about the SNP MSP who I gave a case to who just couldn’t be bothered to get off her arse despite being reminded of it.

Nicola Sturgeon who left many a Scottish women to die of cancer because she never ended the postcode health lottery and set up a cancer fund.

Finally, Alex Salmond, a man who will say anything to get a vote, who sucked up to Rupert Murdoch, who destroyed his own independence campaign, Salmond isn’t a statesman after all, he like the ones above, is a rat.

So, when he says Walker isn’t fit to be in Holyrood, maybe he should turn the same forensic scrutiny on all of the above.

Alex Salmond, King Rat, a man married to a woman old enough to be his mother, a man who is carrying his reputation round his waist!

Time for a quote by Alex Salmond:

“My problem is that I have too many talented people and not enough Cabinet positions”!

Oh really, given his stewardship of independence, that is a massive failure, if he is their best, the rest must be real dross.

When you run a ‘rat ship’ eventually the ‘rats’ all turn on each other!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

All the things the SNP accused Labour of are now coming to roost at their own door. Power has went to their head, they truly believe they are invincible. And like Labour of old they will not take any responsibility for anything.

Court documents, non-harassment orders, a Judges comments and newspaper clippings were all produced to SNP HQ and Wee Nik. Result? SNP say they didn't have the evidence to stop Walker going on their corrupt MSP list. A list specially designed for political cabbages and very much open to abuse. And now it's been proved.

Where does Wee Nik stand on the Wummins vote now? Is she still claiming she's the Wummins champion?
You're right Mr Laird, they'll say and do anything for a vote.

Anonymous said...

What's particularly disgusting is that eejit Jenkins claiming "dark forces" are at work. My money is on one of his loudmouth staff blabbing too much.

He's been caught out with a bung and now trying to deflect it onto some evil conspiracy.

As for Bulmer claiming neutrality in the Independence debate?
He must believe we're simple folks. Shucks.

Anonymous said...

So Nicola Sturgeon claims her Parliamentary Assistant and best friend Mhairi Hunter didn't mention Walker's lengthy and sustained domestic abuse, her husband who is SNP Chief Executive didn't either? They sat back and watched as you had photo shoots, campaigned on Walker's behalf?
Time to dump these folk Nicola, or tell the truth, you knew!

Anonymous said...