Saturday, August 31, 2013

Scottish independence: Alastair Darling tells voters: don't buy Salmond's 'indy-lite ad gimmick' as angry indy supporters try to disrupt Glasgow launch of Better Together, George Laird called a ‘quisling’ and I wasn’t at the event, Nationalist hate flows

Dear All

Do you know about the word ‘disgrace’?

Well that’s exactly how Yes Scotland supporters and the SNP have acted today at the Mitchell Library.

Outside, SNP Cllr David Turner was part of a mob, one of which was using a bull horn,  people were berated coming into the Library at the launch of Better Together in Glasgow.

SNP Cllr David Turner stood at the back of the mob, wearing black shoes, dark trousers, a blue T shirt and a rather less fetching cream coloured jacket.

I felt sorry for him; around his neck he had a rather nice camera to possibly take people’s pictures.

I was called a ‘quisling’ even although I wasn’t at the event by a fool who looked in need of an education.

The hate was on show as angry Nationalists were left standing outside in the Sun abusing people, I can’t imagine that I was the only person to get such treatment.

A 'Soldier of Sturgeon' screaming like a little girl gatecrashed the event launch, as he passed me he mumbled something, his big protest was nothing more than a ‘mumble in the jungle’ as he said 'see you later'.

He had to be escorted out the venue, dressed like someone in need of a style makeover, he left rather sheepishly.

Baa baa and of course baa!

As a protest, the entire thing shows how amateurish the Scottish National Party actually is, SNP Cllr David Turner was there, he isn’t an intellectual giant. I need to say that again, SNP Cllr David Turner isn’t an intellectual giant.

Wait a minute that is only twice, best stick in a third, SNP Cllr David Turner isn’t an intellectual giant.

The hate pouring out; is one of the reasons why campaigners fighting to keep Scotland in the UK "cannot afford to be complacent for one moment."

Former chancellor Alistair Darling will warn people of the dangers of the Yes Scotland Campaign because someone certainly needs to do so.

He says that with just over a year to go till the vote, Scotland is entering a "crucial phase" in the referendum campaign.

Poll after poll however shows that the SNP, and in particular Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon haven’t won the support of working class Scots.

Mr Darling, chair of the cross-party Better Together campaign was at the launch of the group's Glasgow branch at the Mitchell theatre.

As well Darling attending the event, he was joined by the leaders of the three main pro-union parties.

Big event attracts big names.

Darling is also today sending a message to First Minister Alex Salmond that Scotland cannot expect to leave the UK and still "enjoy the benefits of membership".

The Labour MP will say:

"Think about things we value about the UK: the crucial home-market of 60 million customers, the strength of the UK pound, the protection of the UK armed forces, the quality and range of BBC programming. On all these things Alex Salmond pretends that we can walk away from the UK but take these things with us. Voters understand that you cannot leave a club and still expect to enjoy the benefits of membership."

The trick being used by Salmond and Sturgeon is that Scotland can leave the UK without any consequences that cannot be true.

The indy lite strategy is a desperate attempt to try and fix a self created problem.

But let’s return to the hate directed at me, the word ‘quisling’; even although I wasn’t attending the event, clearly others outside knew me.

Where were these people when I was getting treated badly in the SNP?

Later on I had a decent chat with Glasgow Labour Councillor Stephen Curran, this contrasted sharply with the abuse of the Nationalist side.

The Scottish National Party has a lot to learn about politics and a Library of Congress to learn about decency.

The use of ‘bams’, badly dressed ‘bams’ to disrupt other people’s events by Nationalists is really rather common.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University   


Anonymous said...

First it was Farage now decent law abiding citizens. All because they don't agree with these thugs. People are entitled to hold their own views without threats of violence.

Anonymous said...

Poor old George.

Couldn't get into the Unionist event, so hanging about outside, desperately hoping to be thought part of the Unionist extravaganza.

Even Better Together don't want you, George. You're an embarrassment to them.

G Laird said...

Dear Sad ex 90 minute Nationalist

“Poor old George”.

Quite so ma’am!

“Couldn't get into the Unionist event, so hanging about outside, desperately hoping to be thought part of the Unionist extravaganza”.

I didn’t know it was on fool, I was just using the Library, however several senior BT people did stop and talk to me, including the head of Better Together and their director of research Gordon Aikman.

“Even Better Together don't want you, George. You're an embarrassment to them”.

I didn’t ask and I didn’t offer, you poor sad fool, I laughed at the recent photo taken by Tommy Ball of the SSP campaigning, 3 people, truly pathetic, best laugh in ages.

I guess he was the ‘general’ in charge, the strategic thinker.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

"just happened to be using the library".

Course you were. You didn't go along at all to try desperately to be part of a campaign.

You've no life. Nobody wants you. So you go along to these things and scream "I've switched to the No campaign" at people so that they'll stop and talk to you, patronise you as 'a good, clever boy', then forget all about you.

For them it's Saturday and they've spent a couple of moments talking to a random bloke hanging about outside their event.

For you it's one of the best days of your life. It's credibility for you. Someone's noticed you.

You can name drop.

You can name drop and play the victim all on the same day.

George is happy.