Saturday, September 29, 2012

Scottish independence: Yes Scotland is looking like an SNP crony ridden pit as another member of the Salmond/ Sturgeon clique gets a job, how many now Alex?

Dear All

It seems that another member of the Alex Salmond/ Nicola Sturgeon middle class clique has climbed aboard the Yes Scotland campaign or as I prefer to call it the SNP’s ATM.

Colin Pyle, a special adviser to Alex Salmond has been appointed to a key role.

Pyle has been advising Alex Salmond on economics and business for the last year, he couldn’t have been doing a very good job because there isn’t any real public sector reform happening in local government.

His new role is head of development; this means he is tasked with developing and communicating the economic case for independence to business.

Pyle said:

“I am delighted to be taking up this position as we enter an extremely exciting and vitally important period in Scotland’s future. I have greatly enjoyed my time working for the Scottish Government and the First Minister and now I am looking forward with great enthusiasm to the challenge that lies ahead.”

Yes Scotland is looking increasingly like an ATM machine for the Salmond/Sturgeon middle class clique to draw an ‘earner’

Yes Scotland chief executive Blair Jenkins who looks just like a front man and a patsy, he said: 

“To have been able to attract someone of his calibre, experience and know-how is a tremendous boost.”

Yes Scotland is becoming more and more like a sick joke, many think it is just an SNP vehicle, the chief executive Blair Jenkins can’t or won’t answer questions; the board is filled with cronies attached to the SNP or in the SNP.

The last time I saw a story of such cronyism it was the Scottish Islamic Foundation set up by SNP members under SNP PPC Osama Saeed.

That was a spectacular failure as I recall.

I think Yes Scotland should drop the name and what many see as a charade and just go with the Yes SNP name instead, Jenkins is effectively taking orders from Salmond and Sturgeon anyway.

How many people attached to the SNP does it come to now making money out of this 'impartial' cross party campaign?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

why do we need another talk shop up here
we have one in London it is all about
job for the boys shower of bent bastards get rid of them

Jason said...

The more the merrier George, after Alex Salmond loses the independence vote hope he steps down quickly and takes the odious Sturegon with him. You are right and not the only person to observe what is going on. I voted SNP, I will not be casting my vote to them in 2014.

Keep Calm, Salmond's lost the plot said...

well spotted Georgie boy, I think you will find it is quiet a few now, if I was you I wouldn't have anything to do with this, let them sink in their own pus. Love this blog, straight talking and no nonsense. You should join another party and make them successful.

Anonymous said...


Spot on again, These people operate as a cartel.

I have been a SNP voter for years but they have lost the plot,party
with no talent.

They need to listen to the party rank and file to bring in inventive ideas.

Davie Tait said...

did you expect something better from these people? You will wise up, these characters are all about delivering Scotland into the hands of their pals. Vote no to independence George

Anonymous said...

I hope you are well rested after your short break.
Keep up the good work George.