Wednesday, September 5, 2012

‘No Country for Old Salmond’, tired old man Alex Salmond sees Scotland rally against him as hundreds and thousands of Scots volunteer to save UK

Dear All

It seems the popularity of Alex Salmond isn’t so much of an asset anymore, as the Campaign to stop him breaking up the UK steps up a gear.

The Better together Campaign has many offshoots, and one, Conservative Friends of the Union has attracted a mass influx of funding and support.

Alex Salmond finally united a country; trouble is it is against him and his middle class clique.

50,000 people have signed up to a Scottish Conservative drive to the save the Union, this is more than twice the entire membership of the Scottish National Party.

And it get worse from my experience only a tiny fraction of Salmond’s party are willing to do activism for him and Sturgeon.

It is increasingly looking like:

‘No Country for Old Salmond’.

Great title for a movie!

Scottish People are stepping up to volunteer in large numbers across the country since an initiative was launched in March.

As well as the human resources, members of the public have also donated almost £150,000.

And it’s the ordinary working class people who are chipping in the cash with sums ranging between £5 and £10.

For the Conservatives this is an overwhelmed response, and further illustrates my point that the Salmond/Sturgeon brand of un-inclusive nationalism is dying on its feet.

Ironically, the Consservatives are getting two two postbags of mail a day supporting the cause from people who are not members of the party.

Is a Conservative rise on the cards?

Well, that will be down to them playing a carefully crafted game, in other words they are to get more Scottish and more unique in policy.

So far the public have offered to knock on doors, deliver leaflets and set up stalls as part of a groundswell of opposition to separation.

The price of running a middle class clique really is coming home to roost for Salmond.

Many people will work with this group along with other organisations that share the same goal and they have a simple but effective message to people get involved in the anti-independence movement.

Ruth Davidson said:

"For 45,000 people to take the time to fill out a form to join Conservative Friends of the Union is staggering and shows that, like me, there are many Scots out there who are passionate about keeping Scotland within the UK.

"I have been overwhelmed by the offers of support and the thousands of small donations arriving in the post, with many people donating a few pounds to the campaign.

"The level of support generated by the CFU demonstrates support for the Conservative message.

"I have spent the summer travelling up and down the country from Gretna to Orkney and many places in between to show how passionate I am about keeping Scotland within the family of the Union.

"It's pleasing to see this is now starting to pay dividends with many people who have never supported the Conservatives coming forward offering to help in any way they can."

This leaves the SNP with a major problem, Salmond hasn’t a vision, just soundbytes; he can’t command the loyalty anymore of people like me who do have the ideas, the vision and the talent.

Every day he is looking more and more like a tired old man with nothing to say but the wrong thing at the wrong time.

What would I say to Salmond now?

Let’s see your backward clique dig you out of this hole now they don’t have people like me to pinch ideas off.

To use adapted quotes from Braveheart about people rallying:

‘word is spread, and people are coming down on their own.

Morrison: Aye, in droves of hundreds and thousands.

William: (shouting to all) Are you ready for a war?’

It’s you and your clique, and your hangers on Salmond.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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