Thursday, September 27, 2012

Labour leader asks: ‘Is it fair that Sturgeon household on £200k a year gets free benefits?’, paid Nat reacts badly to the truth being made public at FMQs

Dear All

It seems that Johann Lamont has decided to attack the rich.

In this case; Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and, her husband Peter Murrell.

Ms Sturgeon enjoys a household income of more than £200,000, Johann Lamont told MSPs today.

To be fair that is only because the SNP has recently paid Ms. Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell an obscene 47% pay rise, reported by Tom Gordon of Herald Scotland who took the time to dig in the SNP accounts.

47% pay rise in a time of austerity, patently we are all in this together!

And of course both Ms. Sturgeon and her excessively wealthy husband enjoy a council tax freeze.   

The Labour leader then asked why wealthy people like this should get benefits like free prescription charges.

Well, that is just a bonus of trying to buy the electorate which parties do in their manifestos.

Labour pulled a similar trick in their council manifesto offering free wifi to Glaswegians.

Free wifi is a great carrot, and you would have to be mental not to vote for that!

Which Glaswegians did overwhelmingly!

A clearly rattled Ms Sturgeon fought back by saying during First Ministers Questions at Holyrood: 

“If Johann Lamont wants to make that the dividing line in Scottish politics, I only have one thing to say – bring it on.”

Do you remember the last person to do the “bring it on” line?

Wendy Alexander, after she uttered that, it was all downhill for her.

At the bottom of the hill was an exit from politics.

Ms Sturgeon of 200k a year household fame who is standing in for Alex Salmond on his latest freebie in the US at the Ryder Cup, said:

“There’s lots of things you can call that kind of approach from Labour – shambolic is the name that immediately springs to my mind. Let me tell Johann Lamont something for free – it’s not brave and it’s certainly not honest. This Government will put forward balanced Budgets”.

Actually her utterance wasn’t ‘free’ because she was doing it in Holyrood which she is paid for.

In continuing her attack Lamont said:

“Is it fair that the Sturgeon household on £200,000 a year gets universal benefits when families on average earnings pay more for childcare than they do for their mortgage?”

200k a year and Nicola Sturgeon and her husband get a council tax freeze and free prescriptions!

I don’t have a problem with Ms. Sturgeon and her husband grabbing as much as possible although it may open the eyes of those who do SNP activism for free.

They say if you can't have the popularity you might has well have the money, I think the numbers who publicly boo her may have an influx into their ranks.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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