Monday, September 17, 2012

Scottish independence, Alex Salmond publicly booed by thousands of Scots in Glasgow, Scots youth lead the protest against right wing government leader

Dear All

I have been commenting on the decline of the Scottish National Party during the leadership of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

The latest outburst of public disapproval was the public booing of Alex Salmond in Glasgow at the Olympic celebrations.

This was Scotland making its voice heard, as thousands of people spontaneously booed the First Minster.

The SNP were seen to less than enthusiastic about the Olympics, SNP ministers it has been said have been models of gripe and grievance, complaining of a lack of contracts going to Scottish companies, of Scotland missing out on lottery funding and of too much being spent on London and the South East.

Then there was the truly awful Scolympians episode and a video by SNP Ministers wishing only Scottish athletes success, ill-judged, ill-timed and seen by many as utterly appalling and petty.

The trouble is they thought what they had done was alright, but the people of Scotland didn’t, this was a time for Alex Salmond and the SNP Cabinet to be statesmanlike and they just couldn’t rise to the occasion.

There was the ‘Scottish London Embassy’ fiasco were Alex Salmond held court, trouble was it seemed no one wanted to attend it and reports say no deals were signed.

Dover House was offered for free but instead Alex Salmond’s Government opted for spending £400k of taxpayer’s money.

When people went to George Square to celebrate the achievements of the athletes, it should have been a time of joy, but as Alex Salmond’s name was announced, it was met with a loud “boo”.

Just five minutes later, the First Minister was invited on to the stage to address the crowd – and was once again met with a chorus of boos.

The people of Scotland have turned away from the SNP and the series of mistakes they are committing as a government is alienating more people with each passing day, latest poll on independence, another disaster for the SNP and Yes Scotland.

Alex Salmond is good at show and good at spin, however, his record of lack of substance and ill-will, will be the SNP’s downfall.

As news spread of Alex Salmond’s treatment, it became the talk of Twitter, with one user writing:

“Maybe Alex Salmond should stop appearing at every media event in Scotland. Too much glory bathing causes booing. Give the smile a rest Eck.”

After the landslide of 2011, the SNP effectively abandoned the consensus style of government that had served them so well and acted as a break. 2012 was supposed to see the SNP sweep in and do the same with the councils. But it all has gone wrong for Salmond and Sturgeon with them even turning on people who helped secured their victory such as me.

It seems that the SNP policy of fairness, equality and social justice is just a lie spun to get votes, my personal experience and treatment led me to step back and withdraw after the disgusting treatment I received from supposedly 'decent' people.

Glasgow along with other major cities refused to fall into SNP hands as people thought better, Glasgow was a key target and the people returned a Labour Council and that showed that what Team Sturgeon put up as candidates and as a manifesto was unappealing.

Being booed is unpleasant especially in public office at a public event, but it is a wakeup call for Salmond, his government is in decline, he can’t motivate people such as myself anymore, his party is run as a nasty vile poisonous little clique were people’s legal rights aren’t respected and the law is not observed.

The public humiliation of Alex Salmond is a game changer but the signs were plain to see and were forewarned when Nicola Sturgeon was publicly booed. If you caught a look at the photos and footage of the event in Renfrew, it showed SNP Ministers looking very uncomfortable in their chairs.

Glasgow still remains the most Labour city in Scotland and also the most anti-SNP city in Scotland as well.

The First Minister does not command universal popularity in Scotland far from it, in fact, and with poll after poll saying no to independence, it is looking increasingly likely we are witnessing political death by a thousand cuts of him and his government.

Two years to the vote and no one to work for him and Nicola Sturgeon, Yes Scotland seen as an SNP front, bad government decisions, no ideas, no vision and time pressured.

The public booing of SNP Ministers is the start of a trend of public anger which is set to grow as this un-listening and unintelligent government goes face first into the deck.

Scotland turned up to boo Alex Salmond, and they will do so again.

We saw a moment that truly was a real game changer in Glasgow.

If the SNP is interested in my help, I want the resignation of William Henderson as SNP National Sec and a full public apology on the website.

Then I'll listen to your offer, and you should think quickly, your campaign is sinking and is on its arse as the latest poll shows.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

This Salmond led SNP Government is the most right wing collection of nonenities Scotland has ever seen.
They remind me of the beginnings of Germany in the thirties.
Plenty sugar, then nothing but bile.
I'm glad people are booing him openly, I've been for Independemce since my teens but this load of clowns running the country should get rid of the poison they spread. i.e. "scolympians" how childish can he get? or petty?
Fuck off Alex, your showing yourself now.

Anonymous said...

SNP right wing? some mistake surely!! most political commentators paint them as hard lefties! although racist might be a better description, a lot of English people I know feel quite
uncomfortable with the rhetoric coming out of the SNP, does this stand for Scottish National Politburo? they could give North Korea a run for their money.

Anonymous said...

You have no idea about the surprised hurt that the English people feel about the campaign to break up the UK. Before this damage started, the English had no clue about the hatred targeted against them by Scottish people. Thanks to Mr Salmond and his crew, they have no wish to holiday here.

Other damage that has been done is that nobody wants to invest in Scotland until this referendum is decided. Mr Salmond also treated Mr Donald Trump in an appalling way and reneged on his promises so now anybody who was thinking of investing with Scotland is now not going to or certainly holding off.

Mr Salmond is also an appalling bully. He spits his dummy out when anyone disagrees with him. He also has not done his homework with regard to the Pound, NATO, the EU, nor come up with any workable post Independence plan. It's patently clear that the man should just go. He's ruined Scotland.

Anonymous said...

To the previous posters, you are all idiots who deserve a slap for the rubbish you are spouting, such as the SNP being similar to Nazis, and playing the old 'anti-English' racism card.
To the person who wrote the article, you can shut up as you don't speak for the people of this country. As soon as you referred to 'the people of Scotland' that just ruined the whole lot.

Richard Kent said...

Am I the only one who saw that idiot Salmond get out the Scottish flag when Murry won at Wimbledon? Who the hell does he think he is, any chance to get some publicity for his cause! What a moron.

Anonymous said...

The Two most dangerous people in Scotland by a long way, I have every faith that right thinking people will give them their marching orders come the vote.