Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scottish Independence: an independent Scotland would not automatically be a member of the EU, SNP Govt claims are utter nonsense

Dear All

It seems that the Scottish National Party claim that Scotland automatically after independence is an EU member has been dealt a major political blow of earthquake proportions.

A spokesman for the European Commission has indicated that an independent Scotland would not automatically be a member of the EU.

On the Big Debate on the BBC, Nicola Sturgeon was making allsorts of claims about Scotland’s membership.

When it came to the ‘acid test’, Ruth Davidson pulled out the ‘letter of destiny’ which showed that the SNP had never as a government or opposition ever written to the EU on the subject.

After being blown apart by the revelation, Nicola Sturgeon looked rather ordinary sitting in her chair banging the freedom drum.

An EU spokesman Olivier Bailly has said that a newly independent state would have to apply for membership.

The subject was broached as he answered questions on Catalonia as they fight for independence from Spain.

Down the road, the Scottish government remains firm in their beliefs that legally an independent Scotland would remain in the EU.

That believe is a pipedream, it is hugely vacuous and doesn’t merit serious consideration.

If Scotland leaves the UK, we also leave the EU, and of course we are not a member of NATO.

This is part of the problem of the Scottish National Party, eight decades wanting independence and no one could be bothered to do the work.

It also highlights poor leadership in leaving everything to the last minute and thinking that Salmond will carry enough weight to bounce Scotland into independence.

The SNP has many failings chiefly is the party is run as a middle class clique for the benefit of the few, come the day of the independence vote, the result will be no.

There are a lot of failings of the UK Government but the Salmond and Sturgeon poisonous brand of nationalism has a shelf life and a limited appeal.

Time is against them.

Cabinet minister Keith Brown told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme:

"It is simply our position, and it always has been, that Scotland will accede to the EU simply because we take on the same obligations and treaties that we currently have. There is no process for countries to secede from the EU, that is an established fact and nobody is saying otherwise."
Shit talk is all the rage in the Scottish Government at the moment, can you imagine a Cabinet minister heading out the door of their home telling their partner:

‘Just going down the parliament to do some shit talk will pick up milk on the way home’!

I Strasbourg, were the final decision rests, and to be clear it doesn’t rest with the Scottish Government, Mr Bailly was asked about the membership status of a possible independent Catalonia.

He responded by saying:

"There are two different steps; there is a secession process under international law and the request for accession to EU member state under the EU treaties. In the meantime, of course, the new treaty is not part of the EU as he has to make request for accession."

That means no contract, no contract means No membership, No membership means no EU grants and significantly no EU law between Scotland leaving the EU via leaving the UK and returning as a member if all members agree.

Is there a bill going through the Scottish parliament to deal with this problem?

Of course not, there is such a lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, they are incapable of such vision; I am talking about the middle class clique not ordinary members such as myself.

Right across the board it seems the SNP Government is looking increasingly like a big council that is the mentality exhibited by them.

The Scottish Government under Alex Salmond needs Westminster to wipe their political arse for them and to deal with the serious politics, thus allowing Mr. Salmond to do what he does best.

That is claim to be fighting for Scotland but actually fighting for his nasty poisonous little clique round the Holyrood trough, watching cartoons, blowing hundreds of thousands of pounds trying to be a statesman.

The mask has slipped on that bunny.

If Alex Salmond is wanting an independent Scotland then independence should be taken offline, Yes Scotland disbanded and he should throw all his cronies out the door.

Independence is off.

And how can you trust an SNP government when they ban the public from their right to know about whether they hold advice on EU membership status and what that advice actually is.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Iain ForbesPict said...

For Clarification:

"Mr Bailly has now said that his answer to a specific scenario was not an indication of commission thinking on a possible independent Scotland."