Thursday, September 20, 2012

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon seem to be looking for indy exit strategy using Westminster as fall guys at London talks, ‘Mind the Gap’!

Dear All

It seems that First Minister of ‘Skintland’ has got on his high horse after Iain Duncan Smith claimed that if Scotland broke away from Britain it would not be able to afford its welfare bill.

The claim led to an exhibition of ‘anger’ as Salmond and Sturgeon sought to reassure poor working class people that the SNP can be trusted on welfare.

My opinion is that I don’t trust Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon on welfare; this is because they showed utter contempt for me as a working class member of the Scottish National Party.

I see both these people as opportunists willing to say anything to secure independence.

Where are the SNP’s detailed plans on welfare?

Where are the SNP’s guarantees?

They don’t exist!

The claim by Iain Duncan Smith has led Salmond to warn that "nonsensical" comments could derail talks between Westminster and Holyrood on the independence referendum.

Are Salmond and Sturgeon running scared and looking for any excuse to cancel?

Looks that way to me, poll after poll shows that Salmond and his middle class clique are being rejected by ordinary working class Scots when the issue of leaving the UK is brought up! Salmond and Sturgeon are looking increasingly desperate, their middle class clique are a dry hole for solutions and the Yes Scotland crowd, well they are just flapping about trying to justify their existence.

The pair where in London for talks with Prime Minister David Cameron and Michael Moore, the Scottish Secretary, the meeting was part spent on economic matters as Salmond and Sturgeon want extra money for ‘shovel ready’ projects to boost their independence campaign and create the image that Nicola Sturgeon is driving independence forward.

The latest poll after her appointment was a disaster, no momentum and no popular surge after her securing the post as ‘independence minister’.

Across the other side of the table, Cameron and Moore aren’t so stupid to not understand what is going on. There then followed 15 minutes on the independence referendum, which amounted to the ‘forward and making progress’ routine which incidentally is getting pretty old now.

The independence referendum isn’t moving forward and any ‘progress’, is limited to going backwards as poll after poll demonstrates. It seems that the independence vehicle has more reserve gears than forward. Alex Salmond said the talks were positive and good-natured as he tried to play the statesman role as a potential world leader.

Didn’t he look remarkably uncomfortable and unconvincing getting interviewed later, you could see it in his face as he was interviewed by the press.

Salmond said:

"We could still be blown off course, of that there is no doubt, but we're hoping for a positive conclusion in the next few weeks."

One question then!

Margaret Curran, the Shadow Scottish Secretary, said:

"Alex Salmond seems to be looking for any excuse not to have the referendum. For months we've heard he's been waiting to meet the Prime Minister to hammer out an agreement. Now he had that chance and still nothing is agreed."

Alex Salmond better start trying to live within his means once his First Minister ‘giro’ payments stop, maybe he will wangle a top up allowance via the House of Lords.

Where is the beef on welfare?

We haven’t had anything on the table, and when people have mouths to feed they look around and ask themselves who do they trust?

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are going to win the trust of the poor and disadvantaged, sorry I just can’t get there anymore after the way I have been treated, people will see right through them as they did with Wendy Alexander.

I don’t trust Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon; my personal experiences show that when their help is needed they are found to be wanting at every level.

It really is a sick joke Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon standing there with their 'concern' about the poor, it turns my stomach, where was their concern about my rights as an SNP member, where was their concern about my legal rights about my DSAR?

Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words, and I have already seen what Salmond and Sturgeon are capable of, they are capable of allowing discrimination, they are capable of doing nothing about smearing, they are capable of doing nothing about bullying of poor working class members.

Different story it seems when one of their middle class clique seeks help, then it is a different standard of service entirely.

Dr Whiteford SNP MP all help in a matter of hours, George Laird no help at all, which one is the poor person?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Goodness me, a big boy said something and now wee eck is no playing with anybody.
This guy gets weirder by the day, or as you say George, the panic is setting in.
I agree with your other comment ,
show us the beef on welfare payments.
Salmond has probably enough dosh for a liftime, whereas most folk don't have enough to see them through to the weekend, if that.

Anonymous said...

The SNP and Scottish independence: It'll take more than one or shifty spivs and their following of automatons and numpties to run an independent Scotland. They haven't identified the basic issues yet, let alone come up with any solutions. Obviously the reason that you have been "blackballed" by the SNP, George, is that intellectuals are not required.

In a wider context, the Scottish Raj didn't do such a great job running the UK during the period 1997 - 2010. "Prudence" Brown et al bankrupted the nation for generations to come. (It is unlikely that Oily would do any better.) Meanwhile two and a half more spivs in Westminster are building upon Brown's "success."