Monday, September 3, 2012

800,000 working class Scots freeze as 'Feeble' SNP are blamed as fuel poverty soars, Salmond and Sturgeon have no money problems, so weak action!

Dear All

One of the sickest jokes played on the working class Scots by Braveheart Alex Salmond is when he stands up in the Scottish Parliament says:

“his party's "primary loyalty was to the people of Scotland".

As an SNP member I bought into that but my experience of the Scottish National Party doesn’t reflect the statement made by him.

As a Scottish working class member of the SNP, I have been treated like dirt by the SNP, my rights as a member ignored and my legal rights ignored as well.

I see Alex Salmond as the First Minister for the rich, he doesn’t represent my views anymore and as we are seeing the views of Scotland, it’s just him and his little middle class clique.

And as much as the First Minister likes to smile as he does his phoney 'man of the people' act to the masses, they will be wiping the smile right off his face in 2014.

In case anyone has been asleep all the current polls show support for independence is collapsing.

As an aside, Kevin Pringle seen as a media wiz has transferred back to the SNP as their ‘director of strategic communications’, well he won’t be spinning them an independence win.

Independence is about substance.

Working class people aren’t buying the Salmond & Sturgeon vision.

And it isn't just the working class who are turning on the SNP, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, the Orange Order, Catholic Church, the Church of Scotland, lawyers et al all have an opinion of the current brand of un-inclusive nationalism on offer.

It stinks!

It now transpires, a new person has decided to be anti SNP Government, enter Dr Brenda Boardman who lets rip by saying the Salmond & Sturgeon Government is “feeble; inadequate and namby-pamby”.

2007, the SNP Government did well, 2011 with a majority, its awful, woeful and looking like the blind leading the blind.

And Dr Brenda Boardman isn’t going for half measures when she says the Government is failing to back up its "weasel words" with actions as 800,000 Scots families are now in fuel poverty.

800,000 working class Scots letdown by the SNP Government and everyone a potential voter.

Instead of tackling the big issues, the SNP Government is now bogged doing people’s personal agenda.

Over the next few years tens of thousands more are expected to be dragged into fuel poverty.

For many people, the real choice is ‘heat or eat’, as many households see more than of its income on energy bills.

In a recent statement the SNP Government has pledged to end poverty, a statement made as part of the independence campaign.

Such statements deserve scorn poured on them, clearly this isn’t going to happen, and we know it isn’t going to happen because there is no plan, much like there isn’t a plan for anything in the SNP.

NATO, EU, currency, defence et al, it’s all not in place.

Maybe the SNP should take Fuel poverty more seriously, but having said that is the money there to do something?

No, it's not and that's because public sector reform, the task of the second SNP term hasn't been started, abandoned in favour of chasing independence.

And lagging the loft won’t help Salmond at the ballot box.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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