Monday, January 22, 2018

The Labour Party; when you join a political party, you expect certain standards, certain goals to be adhered to, what you don’t expect to do is ask what exactly does equality mean in the Labour Party, one standard should apply to all, if you can’t even do that can you be surprised so few people are willing to be activists?

Dear All

One thing you can count on in the Labour Party is diverse opinions, in the party you have all sorts, the extreme left and the extreme right in among the vast membership. At present, the leader of the Labour Party is Jeremy Corbyn, his election, then re-election was a response to having what some termed the extreme right dominating the party.

This crew are known by many names, the ‘Blair Faction’ or ‘Progress’, these are the middle class people who preach endlessly about their love for a fair society and wanting to end injustice and inequality for the poor and disadvantaged. At present, these people are railing against all kinds of government policy, conveniently for getting about the fact that some of the current policies were introduced by a Labour Government. Under the Labour Party, the poor found out the ‘joys’ of ATOS assessments and everyone’s all time favourite, the bedroom tax.

One thing, I see as a Labour member is a striking lack of people in the party as members who aren’t active for the party, this is the real legacy of the post Blair era. I love pictures because a picture tells you a story, if you know what you are looking at. So, to educate you on the health of the party, have a look at the picture which accompanies this post.

What do you see?

This is the people who turned out at Glasgow South West for the Labour Action day, sadly I wasn’t able to go as I had studying to do, planar tracking (don’t ask)! Most of the people in this picture are either elected or connected to the party, you might think that the 27 people seen there were Pollok CLP members, this wasn’t entirely the case.

It seems that the Labour Party has a lot of work to do to win back voters and their own members. Interestingly, the Times says 60% of people feel their views are not represented in British politics, something which the Labour Party needs to tap into on both sides of the border, if they want to form a government.

I notice some people in the Labour Party are saying ‘General election in 2018’ to the membership……….. bollocks!

I have to say, that I have never been a fan of Labour peer, Lord Mandelson, he was to me, everything which was wrong about the Blair era….. for the few, for the rich and his own personal agenda. I find it no surprise that Mandelson apparently wants to stab the people of the UK in the back with his alleged secret vow to help Brussels in Brexit talks.

It seems the Labour peer is more 'deeply committed' to the EU than his own countrymen, in a letter to Michel Barnier Mandelson, he is offered to brief him on current pressures facing the Europeans. Mandelson was a former EU commissioner. One thing we know is that the EU project is dying; it isn’t just the UK leaving but the disquiet of other people in member states.

The Hungarians have been in the forefront of being vocal about what has gone wrong in Europe.

Anyway, Barnier has said however that he didn't have time for a meeting but expressed his 'sincere thanks' for offer; Mandelson is in line for an annual pension of £35,000 from Brussels. European commissioners must remain loyal to Brussels to guarantee a generous pension. EU rules also state that they have to maintain a 'duty of loyalty to the Communities... both during and after their term of office'.

Annual pension of £35,000….. not enough for bought loyalty I would suggest!

The Labour Party has many issues to address and it better start soon, people like Mnadelson are sailing their own ship.

Personally, I would remove him as a Labour Peer; however the problems at ground level are even more important for the party, particularly in Scotland. Seats are won by hard graft and commitment on a week in and week out basis; so far I have seen polls saying support is falling, not a recipe that wins Westminster.

Finally, here is an example of bullshit in the Labour Party.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

This part struck me as relevant, Citizens Advice suggests that “Someone providing goods, facilities or services must not … provide any of these things on less favourable terms or conditions because of your race”, suggesting the Labour Party’s decision to financially penalise white people in Loughborough may well be illegal.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Al C said...

Mandleson is toxic. Even his own party members despised him. I know this because a few years ago I saw a play in Newcastle Upon Tyne, which was called 'A walk-on part' from the point of view of Labour backbencher Chris Hedges. Their description of him was colourful. "He never entered a room, you just got a sudden cold feeling and he'd materialise."

If Corbyn has any sense he'll ditch him as soon as possible. Besides, anyone who's not woken up and smelled (smelt?) the coffee should realise, we're leaving the EU, decision has been made and that's that.

And 'white people charged extra to see Corbyn'? Big mistake.

Anonymous said...

Lie@bour and their mirror image, the Scottish European Not Nationalist Party, Two cheeks one ass. There should be laws in a democracy to protect the people from fake politicians. Is it any wonder the Tories are winning seats in Scotland’s poorest areas.