Thursday, January 11, 2018

City Destruction Tutorial by the incredibly talented Andrew Kramer, if you ever wondered how do the professionals do that, this tutorial will open your eyes

Dear All

As a long time movie buff, I was always knocked out by special effects in movies, the skills you see exhibited today are truly mind blowing. Today instead of a politics post, I would like to highlight a company called Video Copilot which makes products for motion graphics.

What makes this company a market leader is that as well as selling top quality products, they create tutorials which give people ideas how to use their products. Of course Video Copilot isn't the only company to do this but Andrew Kramer, who owns it is generally regarded as a 'rock star' of the After Effects community and each year he does a presentation for Adobe at the NAB show.

Andrew Kramer passes on knowledge which has helped many people learn cgi, and what is incredible is that he was self taught. Self taught and he ended up doing the titles for the revamped first Star Trek movie starring Chris Pine.

Anyway, the tutorial I selected is called City Destruction, it is a step by step indepth tutorial which combines several elements of motion graphics such as 3d tracking, and creating an illusion of looking inside a destroyed building when in fact you are looking at 2D pictures.

I hope you will watch this tutorial, I have many times, it is truly excellent in terms of quality and teaching.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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