Wednesday, January 10, 2018

SNP Childish Pointless Games; Nicola Sturgeon left looking like a complete fool as most Scots want to curb EU immigration and not be part of the single market after Brexit, the SNP myth is blown apart as the majority of Scots don’t subscribe to her views, the downward spiral of her political decline has taken firm root now

Dear All

One of the problems in politics which is major in my opinion is the complete disregard for public opinion. Politicians are elected to ‘serve the public’, but because of the fractionalisation of politics in this country, and the rise of ‘vested minorities’ who operate to their own agenda, the public have been disenfranchised and more or less shut out of the political discourse.

In politics, the political elite tread their own path while preaching they are acting in your best interests, it is a lie which has been sold to the people time and time again, which is why we have the unhealthy see saw politics, we kick one set of people out of public office only to get rid of them to allow the others back in, whether that be through election bribes or us being plain sick of what the incumbents have been doing with our democracy and money.

Scots are in the main socially conservatives, which means they value community, social cohesion, fair play and a just society. Society by its very nature must work for all citizens or that will lead to the breakdown of community. Over the last few decades, we have seen the disastrous consequences of ‘social engineering’ that have been inflicted on the UK, we are told this is a good thing, but the reality is very different depending on which level of society you find yourself at.

I was heavily involved in the Brexit campaign back in 2016, my reason for joining the campaign was based on the fact that the people of the UK needed to reclaim their sovereignty back from the EU which is spiralling out of control. To me, the sovereignty argument was crucial because although we are told how ‘great’ the EU, as events in Europe have shown, the continent is heading towards a dark place.   

In a recent poll, information has come forward that the majority of Scots want to curb EU immigration after Brexit.

This is because most Scots whatever shade their political beliefs take understand that social cohesion and community is a priority for them, people want to believe that everyone in society should get the opportunity to progress, but sadly we know otherwise. If you walk by any street in a major city, you see our citizens sleeping rough in the streets…….

Our citizens failed by our politicians in our society.

A survey by the National Centre for Social Research shows that most Scots agree with the George Laird view that we should leave the European single market and restrict immigration for EU citizens after Brexit. It is time to rebuild our society, fix our problems; help our citizens and those who have been granted the legal right to stay here.

An aspect of the survey which is bound to anger the SNP; is that Scottish voters believe powers on immigration and trade should remain UK-wide and controlled by Whitehall, a staggering 63 and 67 per cent respectively. The news also kills the SNP narrative that more liberal attitude towards the European Union and freedom of movement than residents in England. If you live in Liverpool, Manchester or Glasgow, chances are you have the same social outlook as anywhere else in the UK, shared common experiences.

Another nail in the coffin of Nicola Sturgeon who leads the SNP has been the chaotic way that she has systematically destroyed the support for the party since she took the reins of power from Alex Salmond, her incompetence both on domestic issues and external matters has caused a “swing against independence”. The less then serious attitude to major problems, disregard for the views of ordinary people and just plain bad judgement have started the rot which is truly spectacular, all through self harm!

One thing in the survey which, I have strongly advocated for years is an end to freedom of movement, the EU while smaller could cope with such a measure as most countries in the block were of similar economic status, now the EU is 28 members States; the policy is no longer feasible or desirable.

In a previous post on EU reform, I advocated that there should be an EU internal immigration policy for EU citizens, a policy which is sorely needed within the block. The EU is in crisis which is why “majority of people in Scotland would prefer to see an end to freedom of movement with the EU”, by getting out of the block, we have been sensible which in due time will be common knowledge. I think immigration is a good thing, I have always said so publicly, there are various reasons why such as transfer or knowledge, skills and of course diversity, but the problem arises when we don’t get the balance right.

When we don’t get balance right we end up with ghettos such as Govanhill in Glasgow!

59 per cent of voters in Scotland thought potential EU migrants to the UK should have to apply to come here, this should be the policy through-out the EU if someone wishes to transfer to another member country, not having this measure is a mistake.      

Sir John, Professor of Politics at Strathclyde University, said:

“Our results suggest that both the UK and the Scottish Government may need to do some rethinking of their plans for post-Brexit Scotland. The UK Government’s proposal that EU responsibilities for devolved areas such as fishing and farming should in the first instance at least be given to Westminster appears to be out of tune with the public mood north of the border. But equally, the Scottish Government appears to have made little headway in persuading voters that Scotland should have a closer relationship with the EU post-Brexit. Most still think the rules on EU trade and immigration should be the same in Scotland as in the rest of the UK.”

I see no problem in allowing farming to be transfer, however, I am not convinced and I think this hasn’t been fully explain the ramifications of transferring fishing to the Scottish Government, I think this should remain a reserved matter because under the SNP I can see this being problematic.

Finally, although the findings are extremely bad news for the SNP, they are still clinging to this research showing people in Scotland believe decisions on all devolved issues should continue to be made here in Scotland. What they are failng to grasp is that the movement away from them in terms of support is showing that their grasp on power is ebbing away, each and every day.

Although you might not realise, the 6 May 2021 is going to be the most important date in Scottish electoral history since Holyrood opened its doors!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

She has turned the SNP into New-Lie@bour Mark II. The SNP, now a party detested by 40% of Scottish Nationalist. Reduced Alex Salmond from hero to zero. I don’t know if this lady was good at arithmetic at school, maybe she’s unaware what 40% is. She has treated her core voters in Scotland with contempt.

Anonymous said...

I watched Fam today and I don't understand why she is not being asked pertinent questions by the opposition. I'm beginning to think Holyrood is a complete waste of taxpayers money. It's just a load of chatter and Nicola is never held truly accountable for anything. Scotland is a disaster and not one person, media or opposition, is doing anything constructive about it. A vote of NO CONFIDENCE IS NEEDED ASAP.

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous

Well, the Holyrood opposition are very happy Nicola is the FM. They don’t want her to go. She is basically the opposition’s best asset. The Tories, Lie@bour, Liberals and Greens can’t believe their luck. At the next Holyrood election they won’t have to spend much money on doorstep leafleting or high street posters. Unless she changes, I can see the SNP being wiped out. Not only in Holyrood but in Westminster.

JF said...

Close it down as a failed experiment and get the MSP's to do community service to pay back their debt to society. Nothing but a gravy train.

Anonymous said...

New Scot's eh? Financed,housed,pampered by charities and local government,money to set up businesses, language and other classes,informed of the equality act in order to play the discrimination card at a future date.
My daughter/family have banned ourselves from a local business due to Rotherham lite shenanigans. No point in calling PC PC plod,just shut of the money supply.Indigenous Scot.

Anonymous said...

Promised so much but has failed in every aspect since becoming leader and FM.
Even without the grandstanding which she seems to crave and fails at consistently, her own constituents think she's a ghost and regard her with contempt.
Can't even get the dayjob right for scotland.
Think this was one promotion too far.....time to get off the bandwagon if you really do care for the scottish people........but as with all politicians, soundbites only now and in it for you and you alone.....

Anonymous said...

Immigration on the level western Europe is experiencing it currently is genocide, the slow - or not so slow - erasure of everything that made a people distinctive. Look at school photos or pictures of crowds from different decades. We are being replaced: the Great Replacement as the French writer Renaud Camus calls it.

The totalitarian leftist consensus in Scotland reminds me of Sweden. There is a country that has been completely destroyed by its ruling class within a few decades: 20% of the population first generation immigrants, rape capital of Europe, Swedes will be an ethnic minority within a few decades. 100 years from now the Sweden of blue-eyed blondes will exist only as a historical memory.

This is what they would do to Scotland if they got the chance. Not just Sturgeon or the SNP. There is no opposition. Even the "Conservatives" are pro-immigration. It's more about elite virtue-signalling than the wishes or interests of the people.