Tuesday, January 30, 2018

What's past is prologue, deluded Nicola Sturgeon says case for hard Brexit "dead in water", Sturgeon is a woman with no future living in the past defeats of old battles lost, Brexit is about sovereignty and a decision by the people has been made, there is only forward for the UK

Dear All

If there is anything that is "dead in water", it is Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP’s attempt to stop Brexit, Brexit is a battle lost, it was lost well before the 23 rd June 2016, and here we are 2018, and still denial of fact.

If you watch the circus that is politics, you can help feeling disappointed, disappointed in the lack of choice, the lack of talent and the lack of vision, in the past in this country, we had great politicians, now we have for the most part a collection of dross.

After WW2; we have seen the greatest achievements in this country in terms of social reforms, like the creation of the NHS and the Welfare. Pretty much at every election, this is celebrated as part of what it means to be British. The question in recent years is what does it mean to be British, there are several constructs, the various parties have political views; the public have different view which I would argue is based on community.

What was Brexit about?

Brexit at its heart about sovereignty, we as a sovereign people making our own choices, electing our own leaders, and importantly holding them to account, and the need to hold politicians to account by the public is more vital than ever. The SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has seized on a leaked UK Government analysis concluded Britain would be worse off whatever deal is struck with Brussels.

So, what is a leaked UK Government analysis means, it is an opinion, and everyone has an opinion, a question you need to ask, what price is freedom? People through-out history have paid the highest price with their lives, we in the UK by gaining our freedom are being off cheap.

Europe is heading for dictatorship, the unelected few will attempt to control the many, the threat is greater than the Cold Curtain in my opinion because the threat that European people face is betrayal by their own elected politicians who have sold them out, sold out the people, sold out their country and sold out their heritage.

Europe’s childless leaders which Nicola Sturgeon is one have no reason to worry about the future much like Angela Merkel, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the French president Emmanuel Macron, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Luxembourg's Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.

German philosopher Rüdiger Safranski wrote:

"for the childless, thinking in terms of the generations to come loses relevance. Therefore, they behave more and more as if they were the last and see themselves as standing at the end of the chain".

For someone like Nicola Sturgeon, she is trying to be a footnote in history, what she doesn’t realise yet, she is already irrelevant, history has moved passed her. There is no “watershed moment” in the Brexit process because of one simple inescapable fact, that fact is money.

Money makes the world go round, and billions command people’s attentions especially when rich people feel that their prospects are threatened. So, there will be a Brexit deal that everyone can live with in the short term, Sturgeon declaring:

“Time is running out and the chaos in Downing Street must end. Theresa May must face down the hard Brexiteers around her and put jobs and living standards front and centre of the Brexit negotiations by remaining in the single market and customs union.”

The single market and customs union are not in the national and economic security interests of the UK, this has been stated time and time again; there will be no EU membership by the back door. If there was chaos as Sturgeon describes, then it is highly unlikely that the PM would be fly out on a three-day trade mission to China. If the chaos is Boris Johnson’s attempt to be PM, then he is in for a long and unfruitful wait.

If there is a transition period via the membership of the European Economic Area for tactical reasons then hard Brexiteers need to think very carefully about what they are doing, economic stability is vital to the UK, country before party must prevail. Whether people like it or not Brexit is going to happen, the price is worth paying for our freedom, when chaos erupts in Europe, we will be as we have always been an island fortress.

Iain Duncan Smith, the former Conservative leader, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme:

"The timing in this is highly suspicious in the sense that suddenly in the midst of all this conversation about the European Union we have a leaked document. But,I would observe that almost every single forecast coming from Government, and most of the international organisations, has been completely wrong. We should take this with a pinch of salt,"

The UK will have a successful Brexit because in the end, the men in the grey suits, the money men want continuity in the markets something which Nicola Sturgeon cannot achieve within Scotland as the country slides under her failed leadership.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Sadly I don't see the fact she's not a mother has anything very much to do with her actions.

We've witnessed any number of despots who are only interested in staying in power who have many children. The guy in South Africa, that chap in Zimbabwe, Libya, Iraq. The list is endless.

Yes Hitler was sprogless, but so too was Heath and now May.

Nope I can't give that as an excuse for her obvious intent to cling to power with all the trappings that entails, nor of her clear intent to wish for more.

What we think of her and her party is completely irrelevant to Ms. Sturgeon. She has no serious threat internally and despite her woeful incompetence as a constituency MP, she will most likely still be reelected by them.

If she had any real morals, she'd have passed the baton at the last GE. She didn't and it's very likely she won't at the next Assembly ones.

You're correct in every other sense George, but on the child issue, that's giving her an excuse that's not deserved.

She was before and she is now a very determined and ambitious individual. And self serving to her core.

Louis Scott.

Al C said...

"To bed, to bed. There's knocking at the gate. Come, come, come, come. Give me your hand. What's done cannot be undone.—To bed, to bed, to bed!"

Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, Act 5 Scene 3.

Anonymous said...

Sturgeon reminds me of a haemorrhoid; ‘who will rid us of this troublesome lump’