Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Handed his Political Ass, SNP MP Stewart McDonald feels the heat as Michelle Mone brands the Glasgow MP an 'SNP moron', there is no such thing as a smart SNP MP, they aren’t picked because they are the ‘best of the best’, they are picked because they are in the cult, has the ‘Hunter Virus’ infected Westminster?

Dear All

If you think the SNP select the ‘best of the best’ to be MPs, then you would be entirely wrong, you don’t get the bets, you don’t get the smartest, and you don’t get the representation.

David Cameron made Michelle Mone a peer using the honours list, this is something which PM on leaving office do, it didn’t set the heather on fire to be fair. The House of Lords is stuffed with people who do a great job in holding the government to account, and also some others who sometimes fall asleep on the benches.

If you know anything about Westminster, you will know that it is a matter of historical record accessible by the public on who votes and when. In fact, outside Westminster, you can also find external organisations which tracks all votes, all speeches, all written questions and answers, so there is no need to get something wrong on a person’s contribution.

It seems that Michelle Mone has publicly stated that Glasgow SNP MP Stewart McDonald is an 'SNP moron', apparently she reacted badly to being insulted by McDonald, in an angry and justified exchange on Twitter she let rip stating that she will be a 'baroness for life' and that Stewart McDonald would be kicked out of office “in no time”.

McDonald; represents Glasgow South and is the SNP Westminster spokesman for Defence, a joke appointment by the electorate and the SNP as defence spokesman. So, how did it all start, well, McDonald thinking he was a smart arse decided to have a pop about Mone’s commercial success of her designer jewellery firm and her voting record.

Mone stated:

“It’s official… I am now the No1 best selling designer jewellery brand on OVC!”

Hardly anything to be subject to an unprovoked attack!

In reply, Stewart McDonald said:

“How thrilling. Since becoming a Baroness and legislator ­ for which she is entitled to £300 per day – Ms Mone has submitted no questions to government and taken part in only two votes. Still, she’s sold some jewellery.”

Then came the good bit, and of course facts win out:

“What are u talking about u SNP MORON!I have voted over 78 times, not twice!I’m a Global entrepreneur with 9 biz interests not a full time MP like u!The difference is I’m a Baroness for life,whereas u will be out of ur MP job in no time...”

So, the smear, done as a casual remark to humiliate turned out rather badly for the SNP MP, 78 votes is more than 2 votes if memory serves, and this information is readily available to MPs and indeed anyone else who can do even the most casual research on the internet, its all there in black and white. At times like this, I am reminded of this quote:

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”

Charles William Eliot

It seems that McDonald needs to do more reading before engaging his fat gub below his little piggy eyes.

Of course when you stick the boot in, it is always best to keep going, so Michelle Mone stated that she donates her £300-a-day Lords allowance to charity and asked what Mr McDonald MP spent his £316 Commons salary on.

Mone then finished of by saying:

“Now off you trot and get on with your day job”.

There is no such thing as a smart SNP MP in my opinion, when the SNP descend on Westminster in 2015, they acted like gits, they still are although 2017 saw a clear out, there are 35 of them polluting the pond down there of which McDonald is one of them.

SNP Moron……. has a nice ring to it doesn’t, the thing is, if you shout this at a pack of them walking down the road, they all answer to it!

The ‘Hunter Virus’ strikes again, back a few years ago, I coined that expression to explain the stupidity that infects the SNP.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Charlie Russell said...

We’ll said George, he will get his comeuppance soon, and Michelle being a lady can keep on going, knowing just what an a**e he and his party are

Anonymous said...

Give the SNP moron a break, he’s insulting a big blonde, I suppose it’s different from calling for another European and Independence referendum.

Al C said...

Manners of a pig, so he has. She's worth 50 of him.

Anonymous said...

Since you're such a wonderful commentator on all things political, how did you not realise she was in breach of being a member? They're allowed just five "business interests"

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"Since you're such a wonderful commentator on all things political, how did you not realise she was in breach of being a member?"

I am not on the staff of Westminster!

"They're allowed just five "business interests".

No shit, have to remember that when I am made a peer!


Awaiting the Restoration said...

There was a time when Britain could boast great politicians: J.S. Mill (regarded as one of the world’s great political philosophers), Edmund Burke (similarly highly regarded), radicals like William Cobbett, PMs such as Pitts Elder and Younger, Canning, Peel, Palmerston, Salisbury, etc. Apart from Churchill, who have we had since that compares to such political titans?

Why did we get such capable politicians in the 18th and 19th Centuries? Why have they declined since? Since, in fact, we started paying them salaries in 1911? There is obviously more than one factor (such as the values of the society in which they were raised) but how a political calling has been transformed from a service to one’s country to an opportunity to dip one’s snout into the taxpayers’ trough must be seriously considered. Being unsalaried, MPs needed actual talent: to make money (as ex-Sergeant-Major Cobbett did, financing himself through his writing) or to convince a patron that they were worthy of their support (as Burke convinced Lord Verney and William Hamilton), or to have made their fortune before entering politics (such as successful naval officers, rich from prizes, like Sir Edward Pellew)—no complacently voting themselves pay rises at the taxpayers’ expense for them.

MPs once generally saw their job as simply steering Plato’s ‘Ship of State’ safely, taking in a reef here, setting full sail there, battening down the hatches and seeking safe harbour when necessary—not to be forever shouting ‘Look at me!’ while trying to rebuild the entire ship from the keel up, as our MPs do now, seeking headlines for their latest whim to radically restructure our country. For many, being an MP was part-time (and being unpaid, the public little minded them taking long holidays or concentrating on their businesses), with MPs such as John Norris, who combined representing Rye (1708–22, 1734–49) and Portsmouth (1722–34) with a Royal Naval career, commanding operational cruises to the Baltic; and Admiral Thomas Cochrane (the inspiration for C.S. Forester’s Hornblower and Patrick O’Brien’s Jack Aubrey—and Scottish to boot) who led daring expeditions against Bonaparte’s forces in the Med while representing Westminster constituency (1807–18). Now, our MPs constantly try to justify their jobs and ‘be seen to do something’, perpetually passing new laws and regulations to nag us with.

MPs needn’t all be successful in business as Baroness Mone is. With internet crowd-funding, if but 50% of an MP’s voters gave a mere £1 a month to their local MP, our highest-paid politician would be George Howarth (Labour, Knowsley) who could be raking in £284,106 p/a (and possibly considerably more, if more than 50% of those who voted for him donated and/or donated more than £12 a year); while our lowest paid MP would be Angus MacNeil (SNP, Na h-Eileanan an Iar) with a still respectable £36,078 p.a. If your local MP is any use, why wouldn’t you be willing to give them a measly quid a month—just £12 a year? Although I suspect many MPs are elected only as the lesser of evils—people will chuck a vote in their direction but they’ll have to work harder to persuade a decent number to part with even a paltry £12 a year.

(As it would not only be demeaning for MPs to seek recourse to sites such as Patreon but would make them hostage to the idiosyncratic, ideologically-driven interpretation of rules that such companies have, HMG would need to set up a dedicated site and server for this.)

Few politicians will entertain this idea though, it being easier for them to treat us as cattle, to be milked dry.