Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Destructor of Western Civilisation, Angela Merkel has destroyed the social fabric of Europe with EU help, the political elite have given up any pretence of listening to people as they advance their own political agendas, it could be that road to civil war in Europe has already taken its first steps, the backlash is coming, of that I have no doubt

Dear All

Angela Merkel has inflicted on Europe, the biggest social crisis that it has ever faced since WW2, Europe is heading towards civil war, we have already seen the graphic detail of what has transpired already which is documented, but this will be remembered as the good old days.

Because much worse is going to happen, the timescale of when civil war will break out properly has been judged to be about 30 years if you believe the military, it may be sooner. In countries we are seeing the rise of people power against their politicians, and we have seen in EU countries like Poland and Hungary the unwillingness to bend to German oppression.

We have been here before in history where a minority has seized political control and used it to follow its own agenda not in line with the people’s wishes, politics has been used as a Blitzkrieg to marginalise people and remove from them their voice; specific people have used political office to conquer territory then establish their own fiefdoms.

Under the guise of human rights, kindness and concern politicians have ridden roughshod over its people with the EU providing support and propaganda, the EU has been successful in buying off potential dissent by use of money. Vast sections of our society which under normal circumstances would be protesting are strangely quiet, money can do that sort of thing and it is relatively cheap.

What I want to focus on is the trial that has begun for an Afghan failed asylum seeker accused of killing an Afghan Christian convert woman in front of her children.


The 30-year-old Afghan stabbed a woman who converted to Christianity, the killing occurred last year in April outside of a supermarket in the German municipality of Prien am Chiemsee in Bavaria. The Afghan man approached the mother of four and then used a knife to cut and stab her 16 times in front of two of her underage children.

When this goes to trial, he will be convicted, but the fact is this individual should never have been allowed to set foot on German soil or the soil of any other member states. What is needed is detention camps, and camps in Africa to remove these people to. The murder of this innocent woman is the fault of people like Angela Merkel, just as the explosion in migrant crime of rape, robbery and terrorism can be laid at her door.

I see Angela Merkel as a criminal who should be tried, sentenced and should spend the rest of her life behind bars.  

Despite an ambulance and police arriving on the scene a short time later but the woman succumbed to her wounds on the way to the hospital, 16 stab wounds is a lot, the blood loss would have sent her into shock and from there her body shut down. Although the rejected asylum seeker admitted to the murder, he claims that he had done so because he was frustrated regarding his failed asylum application. After his lengthy prison sentence, this guy should be deported back to Afghanistan. This isn’t an isolated case, in Sweden a failed asylum seeker from Eritrea entered an Ikea store, took a knife from the kitchen section, and stabbed a woman and her son to death. He was unhappy after being told his asylum claim had been rejected and wanted revenge so he was quite happy to murder two people.

Although politicians right these cases off by claiming isolated incidents, there is a pattern; part of the deceit of the migrant nightmare is that politicians find an educated migrant usually with a university degree and use this to paint a false image, and of course use this to paint people as racist when they speak out.

The trial of the Afghan migrant is expected to end on February 9th, it will be interesting to see what in terms of a sentence he will receive, if that doesn’t include deportation then the German justice system has failed not just the victim but the German people.

Violence against Christian converts by Muslims has been an issue for German authorities throughout the migrant crisis. It is said that 40,000 Christians were being persecuted in Germany by Muslims, intimidation and violence causing them to flee asylum centres.

If you head over to Belgium, you can experience similar problems to what is going on in Germany, Belgian police shot an Afghan migrant at Ghent station after the man approached officers, threatening to attack them, and ignored orders to drop a knife.

Europe needs to setup detention camps; camps that are a staging post to return failed asylum seekers back to their home country, deportation should mean a life time ban from entry to any EU member state.

Belgian Flemish newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws reports that rumours the man quoted verses of the Quran during the attack, two shots were fired by the officers after the man failed to respond to orders to drop a knife. He lives, but like the criminal in Germany, he should be deported after he has served time in prison, what is needed here is zero tolerance, not compassion, not empathy but process.

Finally, another interesting titbit from Sweden, the rape capital of the world is that Number of ‘Asylum Seeker’ War Criminals discovered in Sweden has doubled in two years. This bit will certainly make you think, nine in ten ‘Underage’ Moroccans in Sweden were caught lying about their age, this came to light as Swedes managed to access the Moroccan police fingerprint database. Asylum seekers are often rejected for asylum status for being bogus, and many end up living homeless or getting involved in organised crime.

And stupidity the West lets them live among us to rob, murder and rape.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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