Friday, January 5, 2018

Brexit to Flexcit: We voted for Brexit, but we could be seeing Flexcit as a staging post for a later bespoke EU/UK deal, the Swiss took 16 years to get sorted out due to the complex nature of government for their bilateral agreement, the EEA ticks a lot of boxes for the UK and crucially it also brings stability

Dear All

I have found this video which I would like you to watch, it is on Brexit by Dr. Richard North, as the talks progress towards our exit of EU membership, the case for a staged transition seems to becoming more viable as an option.

The problem with the talks is that because of the complex nature of government, and time taken to get bilateral agreements, and the Swiss/EU deals is an example, it could be that we end up in the EEA.

The Swiss took 16 years to get something they were 'happy' with, wheels grind slow!

If we do end up in EEA, that isn't the end of the journey, rather it would be a staging post for a bespoke deal which would follow later. I think as well, this move would also get public support on-board and deal with the continual fear and scaremongering that dominates in the Remain camp thinking.

Anyway, have a watch of this, and be of an open mind to what is being said.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign fort Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Here is what the EU will have in Store for Scotland if Wee Nippy ever gets her way: