Thursday, January 25, 2018

Deeply Butt Hurt; First Minister Nicola Sturgeon takes to twitter to deliver an epic rant as her bunker mentality is exposed, angry wee Nat Sturgeon is feeling the heat as her political career fades, and on the back of the awful SNP PPB, not even a staged managed broadcast can cover the fact she remains a horrible, cold and unattractive character

Dear All

If you ever take the time to listen to Holyrood’s FMQs, you can’t have failed to notice that a very angry and rattled Nicola Sturgeon losing the plot time after time. Such is the angry in Sturgeon that the SNP has run out a new policy to punish SNP cybernats, the ‘stormtroopers of hate’ in the independence movement. Of course, you can plainly see where the cybernats get their hate from; it comes from the top of the senior SNP.

The SNP leaders created the cybernats, nurtured their hatred and then let it loose on Scotland to shout down and smear opponents, the aim of the anti free speech hate mob was to tarnish others in pursuit of independence by any means. You have seen a long history of SNP abuse, coming from the top of the SNP, in the ranks of MPs, MSPs and Councillors, the plebs just got in on the act. Years ago, I blogged these people were the ‘Sons of Alex’, rent a mob, armed to the teeth with grievance and pettiness, on the prowl for victims!

The pettiness exhibited by the SNP leadership knows no bounds, even in the government of Scotland, but after demonstrating it, it seems that they are so stupid that they as the Scottish Government are demanding apology over Union flag row.

The SNP can demand whatever they want, but the reality is that an apology isn’t going to be made. The virtue signalling SNP has drastically reduced the occasions on which the Union flag can be flown from public buildings, so they are in a position to demand nothing.

Of course, as usual, the act of pettiness has caused an already angry wee Nat in the shape of Nicola Sturgeon to go on the defensive, in an epic twitter rant, presumably to try and get some sort of moral high ground, Sturgeon wrote:

“Since the truth doesn’t seem to matter very much to some, let me set out the facts on this ridiculous flag story”.

“There are two essential elements to the story. One, that the Scottish Government has recently changed its practice on what flags to fly from government buildings on Royal occasions; and two, that I ordered such a change. Both are wrong”.

“Since 2010, the Lion Rampant has been flown on Royal occasions – entirely appropriately. Since the Lion Rampant is the Royal Banner, it is not clear to me why anyone would object to that. However, the key point is that there has been no change to this since 2010”.

“Yes, the civil service recently decided to update the published guidance, but simply to ensure that it accurately reflected the long standing practice – the underlying policy has not changed. And why would it?”

“As for the claim that I ordered a change, I have issued no instructions, orders, authorisations – or even expressed an opinion – about changing flag policy. The update of the guidance was an administrative step – albeit a sensible one – and not done at my request”.

“Sadly, the truth will not matter to some in today’s media – and that’s part of a much bigger problem, I’m afraid. But I still believe (hope) it matters to most in the media – and certainly to the public”.

“Now I’ll leave those who are motivated to do so to argue about flags. I’ll get back to matters health, education, the economy and protecting Scotland’s interests.”

Of course, this isn’t an argument about flags, it isn’t an argument about flying of flags, no at its core, it is an argument about something human, it’s about respect. Oh, and I must mention Nicola Sturgeon’s dreadful sign off:

“Now I’ll leave those who are motivated to do so to argue about flags. I’ll get back to matters health, education, the economy and protecting Scotland’s interests.”

All the departments she has mentioned are in chaos, particularly health and education, and as we have seen time and time again, the SNP tries to confuse, the interests of Scotland with their own goals.

Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said:

"The First Minister's Trump-style Twitter denial by candlelight last night does nothing to change the facts”.

Just to be clear, facts are the basis of investigation but it rather looks like Nicola Sturgeon in her bunker mentality can only find the time for emotional and angry rants.

Murdo added:

"The SNP issued a dictat on January 10 ordering Union Flags to be flown on one day and one day only. She always stresses her civic nationalism is nothing to do with flags and banners. The events of the last 24 hours prove otherwise."

The flag incident comes on the back of Nicola Sturgeon’s disastrous party political election broadcast which was such a howler for her personally. At one stage when Nicola enters a room to bitch about SNP ‘achievements’, the entire room clears, where did the people run off too?

Obviously if you want someone to end a joyous event quickly, Nicola Sturgeon is the person to hire, that room empty in seconds. You could be uncharitable think this was merely just a vehicle for promoting Nicola Sturgeon, but the bit that I think was interesting was when the guy is sprayed with the can of lager, instead of getting a towel, Nicola Sturgeon stands there with a big smile on her face.

Think about that for a moment!

Finally, the only direction for Nicola Sturgeon is downwards politically, the retread party political election broadcast didn’t work this time, not because it was patently dreadful and unfunny, it didn’t reflect where Scotland is now mentally. So, we have a horrible, cold and unattractive character like Nicola Sturgeon trying to prop up her fading career, it is simply pitiful to watch her trying to stop the slide.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

"Of course, you can plainly see where the cybernats get their hate from; it comes from the top of the senior SNP."

Trump supporter Paul Joseph Watson may be a bit of a blowhard, but I remember him once saying that 'politics is upstream from culture' which is an interesting point. I think it's true here, it was the rise of the SNP that started the loud and frequently repeated chorus of "English cunts and English scum" or "Fuck off to England you English loving pricks" to anyone not a rabid Scots nat.

Al C said...

On another note, Happy Burns Night, George!

Aiberdeen loon said...

Well put George I can only hope that this first class exposition on this sour faced harridan gets maximum ventilation in the media.

Anonymous said...

Wee Hairy was a heid-the-baw when she was 20, she matured, now she's a bawbag. Happy Burns nicht, guys

Anonymous said...

When on the back foot, or,off-guard, she immediately loses her gravitas and comes out sounding like a wee nyaff in an old -fashioned back-court stand off from yesteryear......which, sadly, seems to be the default setting for the bulk of her fellow SNP parliamentarians.....sad and embarrassing in equal measure to the Scots who know how to behave.