Monday, October 23, 2017

Winds of Change or Winds of War, people power see the ushering in of anti immigration parties right across Europe, Austria, Germany and Czech Republic see gains for alt right parties, Czech Republic could have a Eurosceptic billionaire as new Czech PM, the failing EU project is looking increasingly like an organisation which is out of touch led by a smug elite who care little for Europe’s people

Dear All

It seems that people power is on the march in Europe, the reason for this lies in the failure of the current political elite to act in the best interests of the people. People in Europe have stopped listening to the very people who have brought Europe to the brink, they have found new voices. As one commentator aptly put it now is the ‘autumn of Europe's discontent’.

In many ways, you say that Brexit was a response to the damage that has been self inflicted in Europe as a result of the migrant crisis, but that would be too short term, the destruction of Europe began long before this event was thrust into the public domain.

The migrant crisis has destroyed social cohesion in Europe.

Due to the aftermath caused by Merkel’s stupidity, there is now a strong anti-immigration stance which is growing right across the continent which continues to grow and flourish and develop. In places like Austria, we see people forming groups such as the Identitarian Movement led by people like Martin Sellner.

When this group was formed in Austria, they talked about the ‘great replacement’, the Identitarian Movement represents an entirely new phenomenon in contemporary European radical right. They have gained visible support both outside anti-system movements typically referred to as protest movements. Simply put, the Identitarian Movement represents a stream whose aim is to draw attention to the threat of the Islamization of Europe. These people seek to renew the identity of European nations which is why each Identitarian Movement differs from other in European countries.

Even in Scotland, this movement has found roots:

These groups are getting more organised, which in part is a response to people like Antifa which use violent protest for political ends. If you listen to the guy in this video, he talks openly about breaking the law.

In Glasgow, the Identitarian Movement held a meeting in a pub:

In Europe, we are seeing people willing to vote for an anti-immigration Eurosceptic billionaire who apparently is set to be the new Czech PM. What this signifies is that across Europe, voters are rejecting everything the EU in Brussels stands for. The stranglehold of their politics is slowing coming apart. You can’t have missed the recent election results in Germany and Austria, which have seen a surge in support for far-Right nationalist and Eurosceptic parties. I said to an Austrian that the last Dutch, French and Austrian elections it wasn’t the time for the ‘alt right’ to win power, they weren’t organised and the timing was wrong.

I proved to be right.

It is now the turn of the tiny Czech Republic to rail against Brussels, the Czechs have been at the forefront of dealing with the migrant crisis. I said that we might see Europe on the road to civil war if manners aren’t taken in hand.

If the ‘Czech Donald Trump’ whose real name is Andrej Babis gets in it is a continuation of the work of Viktor Obron, his party is bluntly named Action for Dissatisfied Citizens, although not catchy it is effective. In the election, he won 29.6 per cent of the vote which translates to 78 out of 200 seats in the lower house, firmly shifting his nation to the Right. The political elite view him as a danger to democracy because of his authoritarian leadership style but we are living in dangerous times, and we have seen how the ‘myth of democracy’ has been used for the personal agendas of political parties and individuals for their own self interest.

The EU; a self serving elite is losing support from member states, this is good news, members must reclaim the sovereignty, this is a key issue for other EU member states which cannot go unchecked. We have a smug Euro-elite out of touch with the people they represent, one in five of whom earn over £100k a year, shop in private supermarkets, and have other perks which are quite frankly obscene.   

In September, Germany’s Angela Merkel had a bad election which saw her emerged weakened and put a far-Right, nationalist party, the Alternative for Germany (AfD), into the Bundestag for the first time.

This is history, because it is an expression of direct democracy, people power against the 'establishment’, we have many angry people in Germany who are frustrated with the euro project, now getting a proper return for their savings, continual bailouts for countries such as Greece. You add in the migration issue and terrorism and you can see why Merkel is still struggling to form a coalition.

Angela Merkel’s time has come and gone, she is in the way of a new Europe where economic security for it’s citizens will be a dominating feature along with national security.

Finally, Sebastian Kurz of the Austrian People’s Party is poised to form a coalition with the far-right Freedom Party. Although coalitions are nothing new in politics, some of the members of that party campaign wearing the insignia of a blue cornflower, the secret symbol associated with the Nazi Party.

It seems we are heading towards uncharted waters, when will the EU fail, who can say but change will certainly have to happen in this organisation which is looking increasingly like the new Politburo.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Al C said...

In other words, no use trying to save the EU or stop Brexit, it's over.

Am I correct in this assessment?

Anonymous said...

I’m 59 and in my life time the only real government we have had was under Thatcher. She lied about our industry needing updated to compete; she just made sure virtually everything closed, without replacement and the manufacturing jobs have still not been replaced. Since Thatcher we have had one idiot after the other. In Scotland we have Sturgeon and the SNP. They use the mask of leftardism but in reality they are no better than Thatcher or New Labour. They only got the votes because folks had enough of Lie@bour. I thought New Labour was bad but that SNP have taken us Scots for granted. Sturgeon doesn’t seem to care about anything. She’s one of them, another fake. We have 200.000 Scottish children living in poverty, zero hour contracts, food banks and literally thousands having their benefit sanctioned. She ignores the real unemployment figures and because of the cruelty of the benefit system ‘how many unemployed don’t even bother signing on’ she ignores the poverty, deprivation, drug addictions, crime. Everything under the SNP is so nice and sweet. Scotland is booming there is no unemployment so she demands more immigrants. The woman is a mental case. If I’m lucky I have 16 years left and I can honestly say our political class are nothing but unadulterated scum.

G Laird said...

Hi Al C

You are correct, its over, and the PM when she said no second vote made it plainly clearly.

We are out!

Now, Labour and everyone else best get on board and protect our economic security, because that is the issue now.


G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"our political class are nothing but unadulterated scum".

Basically, they are self serving and have nothing to offer.