Thursday, October 5, 2017

From ‘FM’ to ‘FO’, Blood, Soil and Tampon campaigner Nicola Sturgeon is publicly humiliated by Prime Minister Theresa May as UK Government blanked the ‘Letter of Edinburgh’ calling for power to hold second independence poll, the decline of Nicola Sturgeon’s status continues unabated, her moment has….. Gone!

Dear All

At some time you may have experienced personal humiliation, it can be quite cutting especially if done publicly. In politics the Scottish National Party has a track record of trying to humiliate or belittle people in the British Government.

If you watch politics, the classic example was Nicola Sturgeon doing a photo op with Theresa May in Bute House and having only the Scottish flag on display. This was done to belittle Prime Minister Theresa May as other non Scottish politicians get the flag of their country situated behind them during their photo shoots.

The act by the SNP was petty and undignified, but in politics what goes around comes  around as they say, and now it is revealed that Theresa May has snubbed Nicola Sturgeon by not responding to when Sturgeon wrote her ‘Letter of Edinburgh’ calling for power to hold second independence poll.

You might remember the incident, the photographers where brought into Bute House to see Nicola Sturgeon penning a letter while having her feet up on government furniture trying to create an impression of warmth and homeliness. The letter was to ask for another Section 30 order to have a second referendum. In the 2014 referendum, Nicola Sturgeon was the ‘face’ of the campaign and led the operation as a Yes board member. Yes Scotland was seen as the SNP front along with other phoney Yes Groups setup to try and create the impression that it was Scotland against the Tories.

We even had Labour for Independence which was a sham that the Scottish Labour Party should have stamped out but in their stupidity allowed to continue, Labour for Independence didn’t have much support, and even had pictures of stalls being run by SNP Councillors. That organisation was headed up by Allan Grogan.

Grogan was said by some sources not to be an active Labour Party member and his bio above certainly doesn’t credit him with much but then he is like much of the party in that respect.

Now that senior Whitehall insiders have said that the Prime Minister has never formally responded to Ms Sturgeon’s letter, the humiliation is delicious, Nicola Sturgeon’s crew are now not available for comment. For to comment only adds fuel to the fire of Sturgeon’s humiliation, and they don’t want to draw attention to the fact that their ‘leader’ from Dreghorn, the shop soiled white hope isn’t a statesman.

The Sturgeon’s letter followed a vote in the Scottish Parliament which no one really takes seriously as the parliament which is 20 years old has achieved very little other than line the pockets of third rate politicians in a second rate parliament.

At the time; Sturgeon who hadn’t a people’s mandate decided to use a Scottish Parliament mandate which the SNP with Green support managed to get a winning vote. Sturgeon said:

“This is simply about giving the people in Scotland a choice. We agree that now is not the right time for that choice. But that choice should be available to the people of Scotland when the terms of Brexit are clear. So, I look forward to discussion in the weeks ahead.”

In the weeks that followed there was no discussion simply a quick one liner from Prime Minister Theresa May:

“now is not the time”.

This little sentence ended any hope of a vote between vote between autumn 2018 and spring 2019, and fast moving events have seen the SNP abandon all hope till 2021, at that Holyrood election, it is likely the SNP will be a minority and there is a chance even with Green support that the SNP couldn’t win enough votes to get a second Section 30 order.

The 2021 Holyrood election will be a very important election in the history of Scotland, watch this space.

Prime Minister Theresa May has no intention of agreeing to another vote this side of the 2022 General Election, she believes that Scottish independence has ‘gone away’, well the longer there is no second vote the less chance of the SNP support gaining, SNP incompetence in Government isn’t just killing their election chances, it is enforcing the SNP has been rejected as a prospective independent government for Scotland.

Let’s face facts, Nicola Sturgeon isn’t a statesman, never will be, she is what they call in the movies, trailer park trash.

One person who has got his knickers in a twist over the humiliation is Pete Wishart, he is upset, he said:

 “If this is true, it would be truly astonishing as it is only courtesy and good grace to respond to the First Minister. It simply confirms the contempt shown by Whitehall towards the Scottish Government on constitutional issues. The UK Government really needs to get its act together and respond to such an important issue in a timely fashion.”

Love the fact the Scottish Government was asked for a comment but declined to give one because having to explain why others think you are ‘clowns’ is a tricky pr spin at the best of times.

I wonder how Nicola Sturgeon enjoys the public humiliation, the UK Government ignoring her shows that everyone is moving past the SNP, we have seen peak SNP; we are starting to see the decline.

The date and place to watch is 2021…. Holyrood….. Scotland!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Auld Jock said...

Hello George

An inspirational blog. Comforting to those of us who are sick to death of the shambolic behaviour exhibited by the Scottish government on a daily basis. Petty, stupid and representative of only the very worst of Scottish politics. You just hit so many nails squarely on thne head.

I am delighted to see your assessment of the snp's prospects at the next Holyrood election. You have the track record to back up your predictions.

I am sure I'm not the only person aching to see the snp fall. The sooner the ballot boxes come out to play the better.

Again, a great blog.

Auld Jock

Al C said...

Too bad for her. I remember 'Labour for Yes' - that was embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

back with a vengeance Georgie boy

Anonymous said...

Dear english bastard……..i wee Krankie on behoff o the Scottish inturnationalist nationalist party n Queen aw Scotland. I demand another referendrum, am no kidding. Ma demans are thus.Another referendrum, mare immigrants and aa want tae bide wi Europe cause a ken that yon Merkel lassie is min fuehrer eck bin nein ye ken. Aye, n aw the folk love me tae. So gee me ma referendrum or else.

G Laird said...

Hi Anon

"back with a vengeance Georgie boy"

Hope this means you enjoy the post.


Anonymous said...

yes always are a legend


S said...

Useless cocky shit.