Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Talking out his Ass, SNP MP Pete Wishart speaks at Nationalist fringe event on the horrors of Brexit citing Scots must board ‘lifeboat of independence’ before Brexit disaster, apparently the mantra independence solves everything is alive and well in SNP circles, SNP no longer relevant to a future Scotland

Dear All

How would you like to get off a sinking rat ship onto a lifeboat which is unseaworthy?

Does it appeal to you?

Pete Wishart, the SNP comedian has stated that Scots must board the ‘lifeboat of independence’ and row ‘as fast as possible’ away from the UK to avoid a potential economic downturn caused by Brexit.

If anyone is in need of a lifeboat, I would suggest that it is Pete Wishart, he won his seat by a mere 21 votes. It is possible at the next Westminster election, he will be unemployed and unemployable, of course busking remains an option. The issue of Brexit is a red herring used by the SNP to appear relevant; Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon lost the independence referendum in 2014 rather badly indeed. This led to Nicola Sturgeon grasping at any issue to claim this is a ‘trigger’ for indyref 2. At the present moment, it is unlikely that indyref 2 will happen for a long time. The SNP can’t do anything right; and the prospect of a hung parliament in 2021 looks for some a racing certainty.

The reason for this is the Scottish Conservatives upswing in terms of votes and seats; however, although a hung parliament seems on the cards, the SNP at present is set to have the largest amount of seats. The political flux is still continuing in Scotland, losing 21 seats at the General election was a wake up call for the SNP, so they are trying to buy the vote, it worked before, this time around early on we see the bribe of childcare.

There will of course be other trinkets, there will have to be, the SNP can’t win over people on their appalling record so they will have to use the public purse. The Brexit debate was won, the vote was won, and still the SNP can’t accept that the people made a decision.

Britain is leaving the European Union!

If, there is another referendum, and that is a big ‘if’, you are talking 2024 at the earliest as Theresa May will not make any decision until after the election in 2022, you can in the process of a Bill and other issues like talks, and 2024 comes in as a ‘maybe’. That being said if there is no majority for the SNP and Scottish Greens, then the SNP will not get a mandate out of Holyrood.

At that point the political career of Nicola Sturgeon is toast completely; she goes to make way for new blood. In fact, many senior nationalists are at the end of their political life, including Alex Salmond and Pete Wishart, it is time to take the pensions and run.

I just laugh at Pete Wishart’s claim that every household in Scotland faces a £10,000 hit over the next 20 years as a result of Britain leaving the European Union. It is fantasy based on scaremongering; Brexit opens up Britain to global trade unconfined by the European Union which is increasingly looking like an organisation which has no future.

Recently even a German MEP was tearing into the organisation over Brexit.

Oh and Pete Wishart says 8,000 jobs at risk north of the border, the one he needs to watch is his own. The crying over leaving the EU in Nationalist circles is based on the few profiting by treading down the many for personal advantage. At present the SNP wake or Conference is happening in Glasgow, the attempt to appear upbeat and jolly is stage managed at least in the main hall, but in the fringe events, we get the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) on the myths and opportunities of Scottish independence. Doom and gloom with a fairytale ending, independence solves everything, the same flawed message of 2014 which bombed with the public, the public wouldn’t be led, they won’t be tricked and they are now wiser to the SNP and their game now.

Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) is a London-based think tank has released a research paper arguing an ‘entirely federal solution’ is the most appropriate system of government for the UK. This is something which the public does not want; it is being pushed by several parties including some in the Labour Party in Scotland. Federalism does not solve the independence question and neither did the Scottish Parliament.

One think which I see when I look at Pete Wishart is someone who isn’t a deep thinker, so when he trots out that a new economic message - one that moved away from debates on currency and focused more on the opportunities available to an independent Scotland was required ahead of any second referendum, I think fairytale Part 2. The people of Scotland were lied to during the first independence referendum by the SNP and the phoney groups setup by their members to garner support from those who didn’t want to stand under the nationalist banner.

In an attempt to appear like a leader, Wishart said:

“We will be having another independence referendum, not because we want it but because the Scottish nation will be crying out for it as they start to experience the horrors of Brexit. They will be coming to the Scottish National Party saying ‘get us out of this mess’.”

I need to say bollocks at this point because he is talking bollocks.

He added that “being shackled to the United Kingdom as we approach Brexit is the worst possible place to be economically. We have the opportunity, there’s a lifeboat attached to the good ship UK that’s heading for that Brexit iceberg - it’s called Scottish independence. Let’s get on board that lifeboat, let’s row as fast as possible.”

Wishart’s ability to sell a message, otherwise known as spin is rather pitiful, let’s use a ship sinking and a lifeboat because the ‘wee people’ will get what I am saying! I don’t know about you but I am not so easily sold on any subject when someone comes out with rubbish like this, I don’t need someone to paint me a picture.

In his final pitch, Wishart said:

“We have to start thinking about it pretty soon because Brexit could collapse in two years time, he said. We could be leaving without any deal; the EU could just get thoroughly bored with the whining UK. How on earth did the Unionists get away with presenting the case substantially that economically rich Scotland, resource rich Scotland, Scotland that has so many fantastic economic opportunities would somehow fail as an independent country? “Somehow we have let the Unionists get away with this and we must never ever allow this to happen again. We must start to redesign and rechart our economic case for independence, which starts by saying what a wonderful country this is and how economically prosperous we are.”

In fact, Scotland is so rich that the SNP would impose cuts severe immediately if they ever tricked Scots into voting for their nonsense.

Economically rich Scotland, where is the nirvana then?

We spend more than we collect in taxes, economic reality escapes Pete Wishart.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


RMR said...

Another great analysis George, really enjoyed reading it. What is it with musicians from say Bob Geldof to the lowest end of the scale Pete Wishart and all the others in between thinking they know it all and make great politicians. The only thing you can guarantee when that lot get involved is that you are about to hear the biggest load of pie in the sky, naive, bollocks out there. I guess the adoration they get from their adoring fans, combined with their massive ego`s, goes straight to their heads and they get the Jesus syndrome.

Totally agree that the SNP are going to massively increase their already massive misuse of the public purse to buy votes as they can`t do it on merit alone. All of us who pay taxes are going to be hard hit, paying the highest taxes in the UK, much to the detriment of the already struggling Scottish economy and all of that extra extorted money will likely be used to prop up that useless shower.

G Laird said...


Thanks for the comment, I doubt Pete would like it tho.


Al C said...

In all honesty, this guy seems to be panicking. Cry me a bloody river.

Anonymous said...

Talking out his Ass and it's full of it! The whole lot of them,reeking of it. They are nothing but New Lie@bour with face paint. Makes me despair, the quality of our political representatives is an embarrassment to the good name of Scotland and its people.

Anonymous said...

This guys majority is 21 or something, yet still he bangs the indy drum. Gone next time methinks. How can anyone be so stupid?