Thursday, October 12, 2017

Remainers in denial: National crying session organised over Brexit headed up by third rate politicians and the politically dispossessed, this event is really an anti democracy event which shows how much contempt people views are held in, the British people voted to leave the EU

Dear All

The crying game is in full swing as supporters of the UK’s membership of the European Union will stage another pathetic rally in Edinburgh this weekend. The aim of this non event is to make UK Government to “think again” on Brexit. The event is titled ‘Rally for Europe’ but this is a con trick, the rally is actually for the European Union, a political organisation with 50,000 employees, one in five of whom earn more than a £100k plus expenses a year.

This rally is not for Europe.

It now seems likely that there will be no Brexit deal with Europe given the nonsense coming out of Brussels from people like Jeam Claude Junker and Guy Verhofstadt. These people think they can hold the United Kingdom to ransom, when or if the talks collapse, they will realise how much they miscalculated the will of the British people.

So, at the weekend, we will see speakers at the rally urge other Scottish local authorities to follow the City of Edinburgh Council’s lead by signing an open declaration to become “hubs of EU activity and connections”.

What does that mean?

It means nothing, Brexit isn’t about rebuilding a wall, it is about reclaiming sovereignty for the people. The connections with EU institutions in various forms will continue such as in academia and security but the relationship will change, in some cases this will relate to funding issues.

When people vote for Remain, they didn’t know what they were voting for, they were deceived into think the vote was a vote against the other 27 member states instead of the EU organisation. In a post Junker world, which will be coming soon enough, the EU organisation will have to change because other EU members will follow the UK lead and leave.

I have my money on Hungary or Poland, although Nigel Farage thinks Italy is the next big player to follow its tents and march out.  

Vanessa Glynn, chairwoman of the European Movement in Scotland, said:

“More than 15 fifteen months on from the Brexit vote, the current UK Government still has no clear idea of where it’s going”.

I would hazard a guess and say No deal is going on!

Glynn added:

“As groups rally up and down the country, information about disarray within the cabinet is trickling down. The clock is ticking with negotiations on Britain’s future relationship with EU still on the starting blocks, and yet we do not see any clarity about the relationship that will follow between the UK and the EU, nor between the constituent nations of the UK. One cannot help but wonder when the cabinet will hear the increasing concerns from the man or woman on the street”.

One million Scots in the EU referendum said no, and this was done on a shoestring budget, little resources, people or time. Glynn isn’t speaking for Scotland or anything like it.

Glynn added:

“We are taking this opportunity to urge Scotland’s cities to spearhead opposition to Brexit and to mitigate the damage to our country as this process takes place.”

Scotland’s cities, by this I assume she means councils, as if they speak for the people, people aren’t buying into this rubbish.

This event will be covered by the press but it is a load of rubbish because the line up of speakers is of the third rate variety; speakers include Tommy Sheppard of the SNP, Labour’s Ian Murray and Scottish Greens co-convenor Patrick Harvie.


I don’t do ‘demos’, never have never will, I don’t waste my time on rubbish like this, the refusal to accept the result of the act of direct democracy is very telling, these people don’t like the fact they have been told no!

Get it over it, the people have moved passed the EU and as this organisation gears up to suppress internal dissent by creating an EU army, we are well done with them.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

The entitled are not happy. These parasites don’t seem to get it 'no more cheap foreign labour' We have voted to leave Europe and leaving we are going to do. Oh, and I voted Yes in 2014 and I voted to leave Europe. I will never forgive Sturgeon or the SNP for their treachery.

Anonymous said...

Yet another gathering of mostly leftists expressing their hypocritical views, which typically take the form of......

"you dont agree with my point of view so fuck you & fuck everyone else who doesnt....this is a dare you not agree with my point of view!!!!"

Oh how the staggering level of hypocrisy of these nutjobs never fails to amaze me. As you rightly say George, a bunch of people who dont like being told NO!

Al C said...

I agree. I got over the fact that 'Remain' lost and just said 'what's done is done, get on with it', so it disgusts me to see people throw their weight into it now. Where was this passion before the referendum?

Also, what do we do if the EU says no deal? I have heard that 'no deal' is better than a 'bad deal' but I assume that we'll have to work harder to replace anything lost from the EU by gaining from the outside world?

Andrew said...

AL C we wont lose anything by leaving the eu, we are a net contributor to their fourth reich grand socialist plan. We should not convince ourselves that the final call is up to the eu, we are in the bargaining position, they want what we have, plus they want to destroy all soverign nations too, including the UK.We should be prdpared to walk if necessary and tell them to shove it, literally!

Al C said...

It looks like that's what's about to happen, Andrew. If our representatives and theirs can't come to an agreement, it seems we have no choice but to leg it. The politicians know this, while I voted and lost I accepted it, they didn't. They gambled and lost. In this situation, we need to show strength.