Friday, October 6, 2017

Failed politician Nicola Sturgeon’s Brexit quest, Sturgeon goes to Dublin to seek allies for a war that she already has lost over Brexit, on the home front, Ex-SNP leader Jim Sillars calls on independence movement to sever ties with SNP, its game over, who is the next SNP leader?

Dear All

Nicola Sturgeon went to Ireland for an Irish wake, and like Frankstein, she was trying to put life into a dead body that is the EU Membership held by the United Kingdom. In her misjudgement, she wants allies, so she thinks teaming up with Ireland solves her problems. Sturgeon told an audience of about 1,500 business figures that staying in the European single market and the customs union is the obvious answer to the negotiations.

Punting a line that will not happen, there will be no membership of the single market by the United Kingdom.

In her quest to try and look like a statesman and failing yet again, she is embarking on a meaningless campaign which she can’t win, has no power to influence and is a waste of time.

And in classic deception mode, Sturgeon uttered the myth:

“The fact that the UK Government is committed to leaving the EU means that Scotland – like Ireland, and like Northern Ireland – now faces a dilemma which is not of our choosing. We want to remain a full member of the EU but face being taken out against our will.”

Scotland didn’t vote to remain in the EU, this is a fact that Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t want to acknowledge, the UK held a vote on EU membership and decided to leave, rightly in my opinion. Nicola Sturgeon is using the line that the SNP speak for Scotland, they don’t; the leader of the Scottish people is Theresa May.

Theresa May is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

One thing which you will have noticed in the recent German elections is that Germans are starting to have pride in being Germans again over being European. Angela Merkel has hung onto power but the rise of the AFD at the elections is going to continue.

Sturgeon also took the opportunity to spread fear by saying:

“Leaving the single market will be deeply damaging for Scotland’s businesses, universities, trade and jobs”.

Giving her failed judgment, you might think she had offered proof?

No, not a shred, people buy British goods because of the quality, universities will continue to work together although funding arrangements will probably change, trade will continue because big business wouldn’t allow that to be endangered and as to jobs, it is time that Sturgeon put Scottish people first rather than flooding the country with cheap labour causing social decline.

If you want to graphically see European integration via Sturgeon’s own constituency, you can look dispassionately at that place and without any academic training come to the conclusion…… what a shithole.

Dublin didn’t advance Sturgeon’s case for independence because Sturgeon doesn’t want independence; she is willing to sell out Scotland to the EU. One person who has a handle on events is former SNP leader Jim Sillars, he has stated that the independence movement must break its ‘deadly tie’ to the SNP. Jim Sillars has repeatedly condemned the ‘monumental political misjudgment’ that tied a second independence referendum to the issue of Brexit. Sturgeon thought wrongly that she could win over unionists who were pro EU.

That concept is whack.

Why is it whack, well look at the language of Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, she is talking about independent sovereign nation, she is talking about economic security and she is talking about a global perspective. Sturgeon on the other hand is talking rubbish, 23rd June 2016, the people of the United Kingdom said no to EU membership.

It’s game over, the people made a decision.

And as we all know, Nicola Sturgeon’s stupidity in March to call an independence vote in 2019 was seen as the main reason the party lost 21 MPs and half a million votes in the general election in June, you can add in bad government, the longer the SNP remain in government, the more support they will lose.

Jim Sillars was one of the few prominent nationalists to declare himself in the Leave camp, I staged an event in Glasgow for him to speak, I was one of the people selected to be a Glasgow spokesperson during Brexit which saw me appear on the Gordon Brewer radio show. Jim Sillars gave a brilliant talk not just on the overall picture but how continued EU membership would strip workers of rights and by default their jobs.

He explained how freedom of movement was damaging citing the ‘viking case’, how workers from one country were replaced by workers from another, and the EU rules didn’t protect the workers.

Jim Sillars is rightly attacking Nicola Sturgeon, he said those who want an independent Scotland should distance themselves from the SNP, and he is correct, it isn’t just that the SNP have peaked, they have become toxic under Nicola Sturgeon.

In the vote that took place in Scotland, a million people said no to the EU, Jim Sillars argued that the SNP’s ‘sucking up to Brussels’ will only serve to scupper any chance of an independent Scotland.

Why voted for independence when the people selling it to you have no intention of allowing your country to be an independent sovereign state?

Jim Sillars also said:

“In sucking up to Brussels, the SNP may hope to end EU resistance to independence. It won’t. While the SNP think they are using Brussels against Westminster, it’s the other way round. Naive Scots serve Brussels’ purpose just now but we will get the same answer next time as in 2014: ‘You can join, but wait in the queue.’ As long as the EU are there, denying Scots membership, we have fatal uncertainty injected into our debate.

He added:

“The movement must no longer be seen as an adjunct of the SNP, a deadly tie that makes independence hostage to their electoral fate. The movement won’t win independence until it is itself truly independent.”

The SNP party faithful head to Glasgow for this weekend’s conference for their stage managed display of unity, and to cry for independence, which is a con trick they are trying to foster on Scotland.

Expect to see children pushed into the arms of Nicola Sturgeon to give the impression she is loved, expect to see her surrounded women, another narrative the SNP is pushing at present, and expect to see people cheering about how little this SNP Government has achieved.

In fact, why waste your time…… its all bollocks, why give up your weekend unless you get pleasure seeing defeated SNP MPs walking about licking their wounds from the General Election.

Some of these idiots wouldn’t be seeing public office ever again!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Jim Sillers is correct. Under Kranky, if you are a Scottish nationalist, you are now classed as a xenophobe, racist, fascist, homophobe and islamophobe. She is the destroyer of Scottish nationalism.

Anonymous said...

hope they keep the crank cow


Al C said...

Useless, isn't she?

Anonymous said...

After 18 years of neo Thatcherism, 13 years of Lie@bour Thatcherism < supported almost 100% by the so-called trade unions. We end up with Mrs Krankie, ‘once reported in the MSM, to be the most popular politician in the UK. The helicopter traveling weirdo who hates the name of the party she leads, who lost 500.000 votes and 21MPs but don’t mention the last election. Apart from more restrictive and suppression laws. I don’t know anything the SNP have done since gaining the majority in Holyrood. I don’t know anything the 56 Mps we sent to Westminster achieved. Why do we put up with this nonsense?