Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Throbbergate: Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have to launch a sleaze probe after sexual harrassment claims are levelled at her politicians, how safe are the corridors in Holyrood for women, is this ‘can of worms’ the end of the SNP as a party of Government, two sexual harassment investigations underway

Dear All

When you think of sex scandals, you generally think of Westminster where there have been some biggies, but now we have a Scottish Parliament, it seems that the ‘shadow of the unwanted penis’ is allegedly hanging over the heads of some women who work there.

The SNP use a slogan ‘Stronger for Scotland’ as if they are some ‘white knights’ but the truth is the SNP is rather shabby, rather sordid and lacking in so many ways other than just the human aspects.

It seems as sex is the hot topic in the news, the Harvey Weinstein is huge, because Weinstein appears to be the goat sacrificed to attempt to cover up the wrongdoings and alleged wrongdoings of others.

Who in a million years would have thought that a story would emerge of Kevin Spacey. Kevin Spacey has apologized for alleged sex assault with a minor, someone called Anthony Rapp who is currently appearing in the new Star Trek Discovery series.

Closer to home, it seems that Nicola Sturgeon has a real problem, she appears to have her own goats to sacrifice because the SNP are said to be investigating two sexual harassment cases.

This raises the question, where is Police Scotland?

And have the SNP informed the proper authorities, let’s be clear the SNP are not the proper authority to investigate what would be criminal offences. They don’t have the training, the experience and having seen how the SNP operate regarding complaints, I don’t see how anyone can have faith in them, especially anyone who is an alleged victim.

Now that the floodgates are open, the SNP expects women to come forward with complaints against party’s members, so how many women are expected to come forward, hard to say but we should remember that during the Scottish Independence Referendum, it was common knowledge that male SNP members were specifically targeting women for filming.

What did Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon do about that?

Nothing, this begs the question, why is Nicola Sturgeon so concerned about women now?

As usual, and it is an old story, Nicola Sturgeon has said she knows nothing about nothing, which makes her the most ignorant woman operating in Scottish politics today.

So, she says she does know of any allegations against SNP MSPs or MPs so if there are complaints in the SNP why doesn’t her husband bring her up to speed?

Why doesn’t her husband bring her up to speed, now that is a question?

In the case of wife beater Bill Walker, her office staff knew but Nicola Sturgeon says they never told her, so who tells Nicola Sturgeon anything?

A spokesman for the SNP said:

“The SNP has had concerns of this nature raised by two different individuals. The individuals and their concerns are unconnected to each other. These will be fully investigated but enquiries remain at an early stage. We will do nothing to deter people from coming forward and, as such, we will not comment further while investigations are ongoing.”

Kezia Dugdale said:

"There are several male MSPs I have heard referenced in conversations about inappropriate sexual language and sexual harassment. You have to ask yourself, why aren't we hearing these names, why aren't women coming forward?”

When you see the word ‘several’ you have to ask how many is ‘several’ and how safe is it to work in the ‘Pretend Parliament’ if you are a woman know that there are potential sex sharks walking the corridors, lifts and committee rooms.

Now that the ‘can of worms’ has been opened, it seems that someone will have to be held up for possible SNP sacrifice, in the Bill Walker case, the parliament was quick to turn on him, but I am not so sure that this will be the case here, it depends on how much public pressure the SNP feel is on them.

And with the SNP vote collapsing, people might get to see a ‘goat’ staked out.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I can guarantee one thing 100%, I can’t see Krankie complaining.

Anonymous said...

Too true Anonymous but what about the SNP - MSP who used a married member of her staff to satisfy her sexual cravings. He was sacked on another matter but he also lost his wife and kids whilst nothing happened to the MSP who was also cleared of misusing public funds to keep her lover's wife sweet. The SNP don't do complaints and everyone knows they treat all who do not agree with them with contempt.
Perhaps Krankie will sack all the men and keep an all female government?

Anonymous said...

google Hollie Greig ....

Al C said...

Hollywood, Westminster, Scottish government, Operation Yewtree, it all indicates that scum floats to the top. Abusive men and women are good at gaining power, and using that power to fulfil their every desire, no matter how disgusting.

We should take caution though, that clearing out abusers from the "great and the good" of our societies doesn't transform into witch hunts, of course.

Smudge said...

This will be another BIG COVER UP.

Sherbie said...

Shower of corrupt leeches.

D. Stewart said...

The Nat position appears to be that Paedophilia and Sexual abuse could never happen in Scotland on account of Scots being fundamentally morally superior to the rest of humanity...........oh hang on.....