Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Open Letter to Nicola Sturgeon; ‘as you sow so shall you reap’, SNP MP Natalie McGarry has crossed her rubicon, you and Alex Salmond created a ‘rat ship’, given information already in the public domain re Natalie McGarry, she should be suspended from the SNP, it’s now a question of your personal integrity Nicola Sturgeon, do you have any left?

Dear Nicola

Well here we are again, SNP scandal which involves another one of your Southside Gang in Glasgow. You have surrounded yourself with the most despicable scum in Scottish politics, I am sure there must be a reason.

Is it a case of like attracts like?

I am sure that many people in the SNP read this:

At present the Labour Party are demanding that you suspend the rat that is SNP MP Natalie McGarry.

Labour don’t really know you as I do, I know that you are a rat, and I know that you know I know, perhaps that is why on ‘white paper day’ at Holyrood when you saw me you put your eyes to the ground.

Was it guilt?

Natalie McGarry using her own twitter account promoted a hate account on twitter the theme was sexual intercourse with children. 

If you won’t suspend Natalie McGarry for promoting a hate account all about discrimination, smears, and defamation, why would people think you would suspend Natalie McGarry for the latest scandal to emerge?

McGarry apparently has described you, Nicola Sturgeon as a role model.

I think she is right, you are a role model, a model on how to be shallow hollow inept and entirely vacuous leader devoid of principles and integrity. 

You, Nicola Sturgeon did nothing about the abuse directed against me, but your Southside gang which includes Jonathan Mackie, Natalie McGarry and Shona McAlpine, all supported the hate account on Twitter, along with the official account of Anniesland SNP.

They loved Thomas Ball’s account, and more than that they continued to socialise with him while he was doing it. 

Thomas Ball pled guilty on the 29th October 2015, you do remember Thomas Ball, remember when I took his photo with you and SNP MP Chris Stephens just up from the Southern General as the SNP organiser was late?  

The allegations about missing donations to Women for Independence (WFI) are very concerning as Jackie Baillie stated. Apparently it is also reported in the press that Natalie McGarry allegedly had the only access to the paypal account.

You can read that here:


As a commentator to my blog remarked:


Based on this, you have no option but to suspend Natalie McGarry from the Scottish National Party, you along with Alex Salmond created a ‘rat ship’, and instead of a crew charting a course to possible independence you allowed the ‘rats’ to run the ship.

Natalie McGarry is a rat.

During the Cowdenbeath by-election you described Natalie McGarry as a good pal, if you don’t suspend Natalie McGarry now; the dirt will also stick to you.

I personally don’t think you are capable of doing the right thing, you are a horrible nasty vile little woman who has clawed her way to the top using hate as a vehicle, you are no statesman, you have limited abilities; you are small, so small that Scotland will one day see you as you really are.

It doesn’t matter how many kids you hug, what acts of ‘kindness’ you do, it’s all an act, and it’s done to garner votes. 

Natalie McGarry is a rat and rats don’t deserve consideration, she got herself into this mess, and she should be abandoned until she gets herself out of it.

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie asks:

“Can you confirm when SNP officials, representatives or candidates at any level were first made aware of the allegations surrounding Natalie McGarry? Reports today confirm that seven of the WFI committee members who reported these allegations to the police are SNP candidates. Can you confirm when any of these people first became aware of the allegations? Can you confirm what discussions have taken place between SNP officials or senior elected members and these WFI national committee members about these allegations?”

I would also want to know the answers to these questions, and if anyone gave an answer I didn’t like, their ass would be removed as a candidate with immediate effect.

Natalie McGarry has crossed her rubicon, she is politically toxic, she should be gone by the end of the week, there is nothing to think about.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

Well it would be churlish of me not to admit to having a little bit of schadenfreude about this George . A sum of money around 30k is more than many of her constituents earn in a year but no matter I'm sure it will all come out in the wash bearing in mind that PayPal will be able to identify where the money went.

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

As people know, I named SNP MP Natalie McGarry in the my criminal witness statement regarding my case.

The SNP read my blog, and as far back as Dec 2013, I was telling people that McGarry promoted the hate account set up by Thomas Ball.

The SNP did nothing, carried out no investigation.

It's a cult.


Anonymous said...

I forgot about the links with the court case. Be nice if the media could highlight this point. I'm sure there are more effective and talented individuals within the SNP ranks who could replace her.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding Georgieboy. Legend again.crookie. laird for 16

Freddy said...

We know it's a cult George but of more interest is where the money went and what was it spent on ? Now lots of prospective candidates knew the dosh was away as you said who did they tell and when? The answers to questions such as this are of great interest to the general public at large, they might need to swear to answer questions such as this.

Anonymous said...

Again and again the SNP policy of promoting women is shown up for what it is.
3 ministers...useless.....2 MPs...... no morals and hordes of them clawing each others eyes out for a position of power.

Anonymous said...

And she's just resigned the whip,

Which translates as "resign the whip to avoid us further embarrassment......."

Must pop over to cybernatland to see how they are dealing with this. Must be MI5 again.

Anonymous said...

Shona McAlpine claiming Natalie is being bullied by 7 women from WFI.
As said above.
Clawing each others eyes out.

Sherbie. said...

Good to see that Natalie McGarry has been suspened,, scandalous carry on, or should that be, "scandalous McGarry on" lol. What a "rat ship" this really is George. I was listening to Brendan O'Hara on the radio today. What a load of bollicks. This idiot is the SNP's defence minister. What the fuck does he know about defence? GET A GRIP SCOTLAND BECAUSE STURGEON AND HER UN-TRUSTWORTHY CLIQUE ARE MAKING US ALL A HUGE LAUGHING STOCK.

G Laird said...

Hi Sherbie

Natalie McGarry resigned the whip which is slightly different.

Nicola Sturgeon's bottle crashed on doing the right thing as I knew she would.

George Laird right again.


Freddy said...

Bullied by 7 women lol, hopefully there is a trial and the women can answer the questions after swearing the oath. As for Mr O'Hara he knows as much about defence as me i seen him giving it moral indignation.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, George. I utterly hate all of these people. Every single one of them. I have never so much resented paying taxes as I do now, knowing that my hard, back-breaking work goes towards funding the cushy lifestyles of these vile cretins.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

There can be few, if any, amongst us who could have imagined what we have witnessed from the snp in recent years. They lie and steal, they are grotesquely incompetent, they are willing to trash both Scotland and the UK. We all know that politicians have long got bad press, but the snp are so fucking awful that, until recently, I would not have believed that a political party could behave as they do and remain at liberty let alone in office. Indeed, if I had been potholing throughout this insanity, came home and had someone tell me what had gone on, I would have been quite unable to believe it. The reason they continue to get away with it is because they are precisely as you have often and correctly described them. If it were not so, they would have been long gone. In addition to the insanity we have endured so far, the Scottish Police Federation informed us tonight that the Scottish Police do not have the training or resources to counter a Paris style attack by IS. That is clearly the fault of what passes for a Scottish government. This makes us the softest terrorist target in Western Europe. We are left to rely, for our salvation, on the hope that IS don't watch snptv (STV) or read any reports of what the Police Federation said in the press.

The snp are a bubble which can't burst soon enough.

Anonymous said...

ITS A CULT all right Georgieboy

Anonymous said...

You're right about Sturgeon having no bottle.

Any allegations on impropriety and you immediately suspend the member concerned. That is not a presumption of guilt, but it allows the investigative process to be carried out fairly. We all know that, and no doubt Sturgeon is aware of this But she's too reluctant to act.

Sherbie,the SNP have never understood Defence. They only changed tact on NATO membership to win votes. But given the fragile situation between Turkey and Russia, I'm keen to hear the views from the SNP leadership.

Anonymous said...

George /

Once again the SNP selection process has been shown up as inept. The Sturgeon/ SNP
"women in politics policy" has been shown up as a complete failure. With inadequate background checks and useless candidates. How many more of these bungling Sturgeon cronies will cause the party embarrassment in the future.

Christmas has come early for labour.