Saturday, November 21, 2015

Touchy touchy, angry Nationalist accuses George Laird of running an SNP Hate Blog after read my blood and soil post on Nicola Sturgeon’s attempt to go from ‘fanny pad’ campaigner to ‘war leader’, never had a complaint on the blog from a ‘fanny pad’ stormtrooper before, his shame must have got the better of him, grown man campaigning on ‘fanny pads’ get some self-respect!

Dear Anon

"You are nothing but a keyboard warrior time you gave all your SNP hate a rest".

Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to post to the blog.

As to your allegation that I am a 'keyboard warrior', I find that to be totally incorrect.

Did you by chance read this story in the press?

I put my money where my mouth is, and took Tommy Ball all the way to the Sheriff Court and won, he has pled guilty, another coward who likes to hide behind an anonymous account.

This case shows I am not 'keyboard warrior' by my actions, been called a 'legend' don't you know!

I have also been as guest on BBC 5 live, 'keyboard warriors' don’t really do that, do they?

I have attended many BBC debates and spoken as a member of the audience.

I don’t hide behind a fake account, another hallmark of the 'keyboard warrior'.

And the press, in various guises including the BBC in London drop by regularly to read my blog and it speaks for Scotland.

I don’t run an SNP hate blog, you can also find articles of me criticising other parties for their short comings, why should the SNP be exempt?

Don’t they deserve the same examination of them in Government and as a party?

No one from any other party apparent from the SNP has stopped by to complain, and how can you complain about the truth anyway?

No, I will keep writing the truth, isn’t the real reason that you are one of those guys who got sucked into Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘tampax’ campaign and now feel less than a man?

A grown man campaigning on ‘fanny pads’ what happened to having self-respect?

I don’t campaign on ‘fanny pads’ like Nicola Sturgeon. 

Finally, trying having the personal courage to post under your real name when making complaints, you might find that empowering instead of sneaking about like secret squirrel.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

Lol George he could at least have left his real moniker :)

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

I think this guy is a just lost soul.


Sherbie. said...

He will be if he follows the Rat Ship and Sturgeon.

Anonymous said...

Well done Georgieboy shows that the TRUTH is hurting them.

Horrible destructive sectarian scum


Anonymous said...

Lovely retort, George.

To support what George has said, I've followed this blog for a few years. It's informative, and yes, there are times when I don't always agree with what is said. But a strong argument is put forward each time. It's critical of all parties - perhaps the complainant should read over the past month.

To avoid sounding like a hypocrite, I post anonymously due to constant abuse for daring to criticise the SNP. I don't run my own blog, but commented freely on others. Only on the nationalist sites did I get abuse, even when raising relevant questions about SNP policies.

If this blog was truly abusive towards the SNP, you can bet the lawyer's letters would have arrived by now.

If you have an issue, then post an argument. It will get posted.

Tam said...

If this guy has got his tampon in a twist surely he would challenge you on facts, present evidence and sort it out. I don't see anything to suggest that he has an argument other than the classic I don't like what you write stuff. I am sure he can at anytime challenge you and we can all see where that goes. Can you tell me, as I don't know, what army did Nicola Sturgeon serve in as a soldier, I know that Mhairi Black served in a fish and chip shop but I don't think that would qualify her as 'fisherman'.

Anonymous said...

It seems some of the cybernatty community have invented a new word.

Quizmaster. Which in fact has replaced "Quisling".

Reliable sources (ie voices in my head) have suggested that due the extreme paranoia that afflicts cybernats, in that they are being monitored by MI5, MI6 and the BBC, a decision was made to mislead the oppressive authorities. (These comment is more suited for Agdinnaeken).

More seriously, it seems that a few of the more deluded individuals are now suggesting that the Paris attacks were actually a plot by the French Government, to allow them to implement a state of emergency.

Many of these commentators are members of the SNP. If Sturgeon wants to stamp her authority, she needs to get them identified, out them and kick them out of the party. But this won't happen, as some of them are starting to turn against her. My suspicions are that Salmond is gradually working himself back to the leadership.

Oh, and Quizmaster really has been used.

Anonymous said...

What a horrible woman Nicola Sturgeon is, grandstanding on the back of tragic events.

Anonymous said...

brill comeback Geo

Anonymous said...

I love this blog mate, it is the business.

Anonymous said...


If they cant win an argument then they come out with being unpatriotic or being picked upon , and try to shut opponents up with threats and abuse.

Carry on printing the truth and expose these hypocrites

One of the best blogs on the net.