Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The ‘Big Lie’ of Scottish Nationalism, Alex Bell, Salmond’s top policy adviser says SNP case for independence is dead, John Swinney is ‘unfit’ to hold his post if he can’t grasp the situation, and Nicola Sturgeon is running a "morally dubious" government, there is a genuine lack of talent in the SNP ranks, there would be no milk and honey after indy, just pain and suffering for working class Scots

Dear All

Back in 2012, I wrote a post that Scottish independence was dead, as we near the end of 2015; Alex Salmond’s former head of policy has also said the SNP case for independence is dead.

Most of my regular readers know that eventually everyone more or less comes around to the George Laird view. In the migrant crisis, I said that border controls need to be put back into operation. Through-out Europe this is now happening with Belgium being the latest EU to do so. Just as Scottish independence is dead, so is the Schengen agreement within the EU. I would say given my previous suggestions on ‘fixes’ for the migrant crisis, that we also need a mechanism so that when one EU country by circumstance has to operate controls that neighbouring countries should also be required to do so.

This would act as a buffer to contain problems; this is my sixth suggestion for securing Europe and regulating movement so that citizens have some degree of peace of mind that countries are being pro-active rather than reactive.

Back to indy, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond set great store in the wisdom of Alex Bell, his gig was to run a new social model for an independent Scotland; if you read the white paper which Joan McAlpine tried to give the same status as the American Declaration of Independence.

Scotland’s ‘Declaration of Independence’ was a load of utter rubbish that ran to about 650 pages. I pity the poor academics who read that pile of junk which was so lightweight in substance, that Alex Bell said it was based on wishful thinking is correct. He makes a valid point that it is deluded to continue to promote it because it is time has come and gone.

There is no land of milk and honey under the Scottish National Party, there is no nirvana, the dirty poor masses would woken up to cuts; cuts and more cuts. Scotland would have been devastated, Scotland would see capital flight and investment put on hold or nosedive, the markets would have taken the news of independence badly. If Scotland tried to sell bonds on the open market, they would have to offer a high return.

No second oil boom, no Saudi Arabia of renewables, we would be facing a situation much like Greece unable to function as we do now.


Because Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon thought that people would bet their future on the back of hot air and jolly fat man grin as Salmond tried to make out he was your best pal. The Scotland that you live in now would be gone, our council services already in trouble would be badly damaged, services would curtailed; some would even have to go to the wall.

If you think the health service is in trouble, try to imagine it without proper funding, waiting times would be through the roof, people would suffer and people would die. The story of the OAP who died on a trolley just recently which made the press shocked people, post indy, many more would be added to that growing list of problems.

When it’s your family, you don’t except excuses, so why should the Nationalists accept the leadership putting their relatives in danger. It’s because they don’t think, no true Scottish nationalist would accept the poison pill offered by Nicola Sturgeon, at present, they don’t think, they don’t ask questions, and they don’t care either.

If you do politics, you already know that the Scottish independence bid was totally bogus, all of it was crap; one of my favourite pieces of tripe was the fake guarantee that Soldiers could have jobs for life. Soldiers have a shelf life on the front line, how many 65 year olds do you see as front line soldiers?

Sheer nonsense!

One of the things which I also agree with Alex Bell on is that the SNP lead a “morally dubious” government which opposed Tory cuts without any credible alternative. Other than the infamous ‘tampax’ campaign to save pennies when Nicola Sturgeon should be saving pounds, what progress as Sturgeon made to make the lives of poor working class Scots better?

She had destroyed the chances of a poor working class Scots getting a fair crack of the whip regards further and higher education, the health services is falling apart because Sturgeon put her pal in charge, law and order needs overhauled, Police Scotland was set up wrong and has suffered ever since, the Police can’t even get their VAT back for FFS!

The SNP said its continuing case for “self-government for Scotland” is being backed by a growing number of Scots who are “angry” that the UK Government “has not delivered on their vow of more powers”.


Those poor dears, can you imagine them all sitting in a room with a solitary candle, scarves warp round the necks silently weeping to be shafted by Nicola Sturgeon as she rams their taxes up and makes their lives worse. But taking comfort in the fact they are being screwed by someone in a big house with an equally big salary who stays down the road in an affluent Scottish area. Do you remember the clown who said she looks forward to the “wisdom” of Nicola Sturgeon when she feels down, that would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic!

Everything that Nicola Sturgeon touches turns to shit!    

In what must be an eye opener even for the most jaded of the Nationalists, Mr. Bell trotted out this piece of advice:

“The SNP’s model of independence is broken beyond repair. The party should either build a new one or stop offering it as an alternative to Tory cuts. The campaign towards the 2014 vote, and the economic information since, has kicked the old model to death. The idea that you could have a Scotland with high public spending, low taxes, a stable economy and reasonable government debt was wishful a year ago - now it is deluded.”

In case some people on welfare don’t understand that information, allow me to explain, it means you were going to get your benefits cut, less money would be in the economy so those who rely on foodbanks might also find the local one has shut as cash dries up. Oh, and I have to say this, remember that mortgage you are struggling to pay?

That just got higher!

When the bubble bursts on the housing market, you might find the SNP elected MP Michelle Thomson at your door to buy your house at knock down prices before the bank sells it out from under you.

Freedom……… to live in a tent!!!!!!!

Bell added:

“The fact is a gap exists - Scotland does not earn enough to pay for its current level of spending. Once you accept that, you acknowledge that the SNP’s model is broken.”

And the bit which really sticks the boot was when Bell clearly stated Scotland’s long-serving Finance Secretary John Swinney would be “unfit for the job”.

Unfit for the job and he was supposed to be the SNP’s most prized asset, the man who was ‘competent’ with the nation’s finances. 

And to echo my comments about how the SNP had a genuine lack of talent and how they don’t give a toss about the poor, which I have repeated till I was blue in the face, he said:

“Posing as the defender of the poor against Tories when you have no credible alternative and don’t bother to research one is arguably immoral. More so when there is an explicit party policy not to reverse all cuts upon independence. The SNP’s ill-prepared version of independence does not plausibly offer any real alternative.”

Remember, I said that Nicola Sturgeon is a shallow hollow inept and entirely vacuous woman?

What do you think now; did I get it right as far back as 2012 on the blog?

Scottish Labour’s public services spokeswoman Jackie Baillie said:

“This is an extraordinary intervention from the man who was at the heart of the SNP’s campaign for separation. Alex Bell is absolutely right to say that it is wrong for the SNP to claim they oppose Tory cuts but offer no alternative.”

Scottish Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw said:
“This is more confirmation that the SNP is merely a propaganda machine which hopes it can trick people into thinking it is a competent government. But looking at the failures in all the main devolved areas such as health, education and justice - it’s clear it is anything but that.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said:

“Immoral fools with no credible alternative is a powerful condemnation from someone who knows the SNP leadership well.”

Finally, as I keep saying, the truth hurts, and Nicola Sturgeon isn’t taking Scotland forward, she is dragging it into the gutter, this country isn’t united, that is another social model that is broken, but unlike any new indy plan, this is one task that Sturgeon can’t repair.

Would you trust her with you future, because she is already robbing you and your kids of it!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Stuart 64W said...

Alex Bells article is full of lethal observations;

"SNP fine print makes it crystal clear that it will not reverse the dastardly Tory cuts on independence. It will not reverse the privatisations or the anti-union legislation of Thatcher and nor will it repair the cuts of Cameron and Osborne."

So much for the 'left wing and progressive' SNP then!

"That is not the same as being able to say the Scottish economy could afford British levels of spending, which was a significant plank of the Yes promise. That debatable point could be obscured by lots of noise, and the SNP is accomplished at shouting"

As we know!

"The idea that you could have a Scotland with high public spending, low taxes, a stable economy and reasonable government debt was wishful a year ago – now it is deluded."

Tell us something we don't know!

Full article here, and well worth a read!


G Laird said...

Hi Stuart

As I keep saying, everyone comes around to the George Laird view, it takes some people just a bit longer.

Did you notice that Labour MSP Graeme Pearson is calling for a new Holyrood committe for the Police, if people go through my back posts on Police Scotland, they will see that specific suggestion way before the Pearson review.


Anonymous said...



Freddy said...

It's nothing we didn't know George " but all the polls are high for independence " morons and poltroons not an original thought between the lot of them but their time will come eventually.

Sherbie. said...

Heard on the news tonight that the first plane load of "refugees/maybe terrorists are landing in Scotland. After the shocking, murderous events in Paris last week, this folly is un-beleiveable. This plane load should be turned back. Other countries can now see the massive dangers posed by accepting these people. WE DON'T KNOW EHO THEY ARE, AND WE NEVER EILL UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE. Learn the lessons Sturgeon!!!!!!!!!!!, we hold YOU responsible.

Anonymous said...

From someone who knows.

bucksboy said...

Quality - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sherbie, they will blame Westminster.

Go a read some of the comments at Wings. Alex Bell is now a nobody, nonperson, traitor, ill-informed etc etc. Yet this is the man praised as an "expert" when he was on their side. It shows the mindset of these people, and some have access to the very top of the SNP.

As to Police Scotland, a certain academic - best known for counting how many times Scotland is mentioned on the BBC - tears into the recent audit. I never knew he was an ex-senior police officer himself.

Alex Bell speaks the truth. Something Salmond never has and never will.

Any time the merest criticism of the SNP is voiced, the accusations fly. There are some who seriously, absolutely seriously, believe that the Referendum was fixed by the BBC and MI5.

The SNP is a propaganda machine. Most political parties are, and they all follow the model set up by Goebbels, who apart from being a murderous bastard, was also a genius at manipulating the media.

In a way, the SNP remind me of the Greens in Brighton. Very good at winning the votes to get into power, but then find themselves totally unsuited for government.

Health, Police and Education have all suffered under the SNP. As you point out George, can you imagine what things would have been like with a Yes vote?

We'll probably have to suffer them for another period of Government. But even the most extreme nationalists have openly said that they must win independence before 2020, because by then the SNP will be kicked out of power, as everything will have turned to shit.

Anonymous said...

Hi geo top article yet again, best read on the nats in scotland

Stuart 64W said...

Just a thought, but if Alex Bell knew it was all a sham, then what does that say for the likes of Salmond's 'Fiscal Commission' and Joe Stiglitz?

Let alone all the others on the Independence bandwagon...?

G Laird said...

Hi stuart

it does raises interesting questions how much others suck into this did regarding research.


Auld Jock said...

Hello George

I am not going to attempt to call the result of next year's Holyrood election. The snp may get a majority and they may not. They certainly don't deserve one. However, they should bear in mind that no political party can avoid the judgement of the people indefinitely. The Labour Party was hugely popular in Scotland for many decades. It took them a very long time to disconnect from the voters. The snp have enjoyed popularity for a much shorter period. When they fall, as they must and will, they will fall much more quickly and comprehensively than Labour. Wee nikky and her mates are living on borrowed time.

Terry Summers said...

I am amazed that the Bell revelations haven't led to the national and interntional media camped out on Sturgeon, Swinney, Hosie and Salmond's doorstep asking for answers. This is seismic, evidence that they tried and are stil trying to con an electorate into separation from the Union. I just hope theother parties hammer them at FMQ's