Friday, November 13, 2015

Fortress Europe; Prime Minister David Cameron finds his European adventure in serious trouble, EU leaders not wanting his reforms, his backbenchers in revolt, African countries refusing to take back their failed asylum seekers, Schengen is dead and Europe's open borders are on the brink of total collapse, 53% of the British public to leave EU

Dear All

It can’t have escaped your notice that Prime Minister David Cameron is not having a great time in Europe at the moment, member states don’t want to play ball with his demands for reform; he has hostile backbenchers sitting on the green benches behind who are rather unhappy. And to top off a miserable week, the migrant summit in erupted into chaos as African countries refused to take back Europe's failed asylum seekers.

In effect these African countries have washed their hands of their own countrymen.

I was going to say they were callous, but the reality is that they are merely indifferent to their countrymen’s fate. Perhaps they have learned the European political trick of shoving your problems onto someone else and allow them to deal with it.

Such an attitude is ridiculous given that the European Union members have given extensive grant aid to African countries over decades in terms of international aid. We are now faced in Europe with an inescapable choice, we have to create ‘Fortress Europe’; this is now needed because the national and economic security of every EU country is at risk. We are heading towards as I keep saying the risk of the far right in Europe; you can’t have helped notice that across Europe people are marching in protest to the actions of their government in relation to migrants.

Although marches in Germany have been widely publicised in the press and online, a march in Poland caught my eye, it had a simple message, Poland for Poles. It is a similar theme to what is happening in France, Germany and other European countries, and it is dangerous. We are seeing marches, we will be seeing violent protests and then the real problem will happen as it always does in history, victory at the ballot box.

Europe as we know it will be a lesser place.

The entire European project may see countries demand an end to freedom of movement, among other restrictions, just as the Schengen agreement was quickly removed, this crisis needs firm action.

You might remember that I suggested solutions awhile ago online:

1/ EU Border Force

2/ EU internal immigration policy for EU citizens

3/ intervention and mobilisation of the military in member states

4/ New EU wide ID card scheme

5/ No non EU economic migrant processed from this crisis and allowed to remain within an EU country which has accept them can travel to any other EU member state. Everyone should be completely documented, if a breach occurred; the person or group will be returned to the EU country they were settled and registered in.

The urgency for these measures has increased ten fold due to the migrant summit being thrown into chaos as African countries refusing to take back Europe's failed asylum seekers. The summit in Valletta, Malta has descended into total farce after the Africans rejected the EU plan to expel those who do not qualify for asylum. The idea was for them to be issued with special papers, these papers called the ‘laissez passer’ travel documents would allow Africans without identification to return back to countries they left or travelled through.

Many people arrived in Europe without identity papers with some falsely claiming to be Syrians or Iraqis in order to increase their chances of being granted asylum, these people come from a variety of places including Afghanistan and Pakistan, it is a free for fall. To attempt to win over the public, the MSM has focused on kids, along with politicians; the majority of the economic migrants are young fit men who are not fleeing persecution but poverty. 

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor didn’t create the migrant crisis but she has done incredible damage to Europe by her stupidity. Her countrymen and women are up in arms, the change in German opinion can be seen online, youtube is a good resource as many reports from various news channels have been posted, what is interesting is the strength of feeling by ordinary people. Ordinary people who have taken to the streets, not radicals, not people who want to change the world, just the neighbour down the street. Housewives, kids, old men and women, professional people, this range of opinion for action cuts right across party political lines, it is something which might remind people of other periods in history.

The European Union has offered more than £1billion in aid to African countries so that in return, they would have to take back thousands of illegal migrants, this was a mistake. I personally never felt that this move wouldn’t have the effect that the EU desired, and it was bad politics.

The EU can’t buy its way out of this problem.

It needs to end the stream of migrants by cutting off land and sea routes, hunting down traffickers, destroying their means of transportation and seizing their assets. Money should be used to create the EU Border Force and secure the borders using a combination of civil and military authorities.

No one should be offered housing, money or freedom of movement; everyone should be held in camps and processed. Humanitarian support for the economic migrants should be available, but only those from Syria should be processed for entry into the EU. Once it becomes clear that no one will be allowed to roam the streets, get jobs, benefits or accommodation, the flow should drop dramatically. Illegal Camps must be closed down and everyone arrested and processed, held in detention for shipment to their country of origin.

A new law needs to pass in the UK Parliament that anyone caught entering Britain illegally will be returned back to the place they travelled from; there will be no claims for asylum allowed, if the person travelled from another EU country.

When returned these people get put into camps, people in Europe are fearful, to that end they are buying firearms, in Germany and Austria sales of shotguns have gone up dramatically. People fear being robbed, they fear home invasion and they fear for the safety of the family members.

Do you remember the old saying ‘you don’t buy condoms unless you want to fuck?’

Well, you don’t buy shotguns and shot to wound, these weapons shred a target, at close range you can expect multiple organ failure from a blast. When Police and military fire their weapons at a target, they tend to put two shots into the torso, the reason for this is that a second hit can cause the body to start to shutdown. In movies, you see this all the time, two hits then a head shot with a pistol. Again if weapons are your thing, youtube is a great resource, countless videos on shooting, military tactics and deployment.

Britain spends a lot of taxpayer cash on international aid and development, but we cannot employ the whole world, we cannot create Britain in Afghanistan or any of the other countries, they have their own governments.

If African countries don’t take back their countrymen, then international aid should be withdrawn from them, along with a travel ban on the members of their government and extended families, that means no xmas shopping at Harrods.

If they continue to be a problem then we should also look at seizing and freezing their assets in banks and other financial institutions. Their donations will be gratefully received to pay for their countrymen’s stay.    

Those who wish to continue to get our help should get additional funds and special treatment, the department of international development should be expanded and help African countries cope with economic pressures, along with education on governance to make the countries function better, there are plenty of people who would benefit from this type of new venture.       

A No10 source said:

“The Prime Minister will be emphasising to the Africans that they have got to work with us on returns. We welcome the co-operation they have shown so far but it’s very important that we develop the situation where we are able to return illegal migrants who arrive in the Mediterranean.”

A brave face on the deck of a sinking ship, it has been a bad week for David Cameron on the international stage; I would say he is struggling to cope with an increasingly bad situation which is heading towards getting worse. I would also say it looks like he is reacting to events and not chartering a course making headway.

Cameron vowed the UK will play a ‘huge and historic role’ in helping to tackle the migration crisis, as part of that strategy he wants to step up efforts to ‘smash’ gangs of human traffickers. And he rightly points out that this crisis is the ‘the biggest problem facing Europe today’, since the end of the Second World War.

The trouble is although he ‘gets it’, in relation to the scale of the problem, the actions which are coming forth don’t match the requirements of what is needed to be done. It would be helpful possibly if David Cameron took a harder view such as has been done by the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. He surprised me by his approached, not that it was wrong, but that he did what was needed to be done.

I have mentioned this incident before; I recently watch a video online of a migrant mob in Kos attacking what appeared to be a Greek woman. They were trying to smash her face in by raining blows into her as she was pinned against a car. The normal forces of law and order are struggling to cope; we need Europe to recognise that the military must be used.

Secure the borders first; then deal with the problems inside, if this can’t be done then Europe isn’t going to be a safe place for anyone, this stream of migrants isn’t going to stop, and there will be a breaking point and a backlash.

The European project is in danger, the danger is real, imminent and requires drastic action, trouble is too many politicians live in fear, fear of being labelled and branded racist, fearful to do their job that they were expected to do by the people who put them in power.

Viktor Orban said:

“We represent the position of what the Americans call "first things first. As long as we are unable to defend Europe's external borders, it makes no sense to talk about the fate of the immigrants.”

I am sure that there will be many people who that statement will resonant with right across Europe.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Sherbie. said...

Angela Merkel is now the CURSE of Europe. We are seeing the beginning of the end of the "hated, un-elected EU dictatorship,,,, hoooorrraaayyyyyy,,, bring it on.

Freddy said...

In light of what is happening in Paris George it needs to be sooner rather than later .

Anonymous said...

The horrific attack in Paris tragically illustrates how accurate you are, George.

About time the gloves came off and we start dealing with these fuckers in a way they understand.

Wonder what Corbyn thinks now?