Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The reinvention of Tommy Sheridan, Tommy receives Bachelor of Law degree at University of Strathclyde, a day of celebration with the family, another degree, the bandwagon rolls on, one slight problem, he has burnt his political bridges with the public, some people need to grasp that the endgame of his political life has passed

Dear All

Sitting down, tea down?

How do you fancy Tommy Sheridan as head of the Crown Office in Scotland?

In an alternate universe that could have happened.

Tommy Sheridan has graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Strathclyde.

He now plans to do his Diploma in Professional Legal Practice which means there he could work as someone’s lawyer defending them in Court.

Would you want Sheridan as your lawyer?

And with his history?

In the past Tommy has spent much time behind bars, the longest sentence was the News of the World scandal where he tried to say he was the victim of a terrible smear campaign. However, despite winning the first round, and punching his fist in the air, round two was a bit of a problem for him.

Round two was a criminal trial, Tommy Sheridan defended himself, at the time, I said he need a trial lawyer, he went with his ability to tell a story. His case was rather handicapped by the fact that he had over a dozen witnesses against him, and a videotape of him confessing to someone called George McNeilage.

Done back to rights!

Watch this video, some intrepid local reporter done this piece.

For Sheridan to get off he would need the end of the world to have happened just before the verdict, that didn’t happen, where's Armageddon when you need it, took the day off. The comments by a 'penal expert' on the issue of a 3 stretch are most amusing as are his comments on Sheridan getting a single cell and TV etc.

Sheridan's legend grew as he was stuffed into HMP Barlinnie, the Birdman of Barlinnie was born, he didn’t manage to 'flew the coup' as the bars were too thick and also no tunnel equipment was allowed for prisoners.

Sheridan has already been to University before, where he received an undergraduate degree in Politics and Economics, as well as that, he is a former Scottish Socialist Party leader and two-term Glasgow MSP.

Sounds really good for CV, pity is that his ego over rules his judgment. If he gets through the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, he, I would suggest might find it incredibly difficult to get a legal firm to take him on as a trainee.

He tried to wander off with £200,000 in damages from the NOTW which he wasn’t entitled to as the second court case, this time criminal aptly showed.

Sheridan appears to be living in a bubble, he says he is innocent, and the jury says he is guilty; he is trying to rebuild his career to go back to Holyrood which has a slight comic value given his previous behaviour.

But, today is a day of celebration, the past forgotten as Sheridan enjoys his moment with his family.

Apparently he is considering changing the name of his party to as "Hope Over Fear" in the forthcoming Holyrood election but a name change cannot fix the past, he needs to say sorry, and he can’t do that. Sheridan’s ego is too big, he expects people to forgive him and give him a clean slate.

Tommy Sheridan has a load of degrees, and even a Masters, but he isn’t master of his political fate, that decision remains with the public.

And he has burnt his political bridges with them.

So much education and can’t see it, or chooses not to, patently he needs to go back and relearn ethics!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

I'm sure all the people he deluded with the poll tax campaign are pleased for him George. Everybody else sees someone filled with a sense of their own self importance who lied in court and done the honest politician thing and roped his wife in as well. More power to his hope over fear thing the more he postures the more it puts people off.

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

I have met Sheridan years ago when he was a councillor, quite chatty he was down at the then Pollok Centre.

Personally I have no ill will towards him, his time is over, and like many who rise to the top, he engineered his own downfall. As I keep saying in politics you have to play it straight down the line.

He needs to say sorry, that is should be his first step, but I doubt he will take it.

Good speaker I grant you but ego holds him back.


Sherbie said...

Tommy Sheridan? just another useless tewrp. A good days work would kill him. Who'd want to give "that" a job.

Anonymous said...

Will Tommy now reveal how he enjoyed the showering facilities at Low Moss , soap on a rope Georgieboy

Anonymous said...

The words "chocolate" and "fireguard" spring to mind, George.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"Will Tommy now reveal how he enjoyed the showering facilities at Low Moss , soap on a rope Georgieboy".

I was under the impression that Tommy Sheridan was banged up in Barlinnie, and I would imagine that soap doesn't come on a rope but is just a plain old bar.

Everyone loves a wash in so far as my understanding of life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Georgieboy his first stint in the showers was for his poll tax can pay won't paynonsence

Anonymous said...

That was at low moss I think