Friday, November 6, 2015

The myth of Nicola Sturgeon ‘cares’ suffers another body blow as the ‘Axeman' cometh, Shona Robison is said to be going to close a popular children’s ward, what happened to the sham of ‘Mother of the Nation’ gag Nicola, has that run its course now, the sick joke of the SNP 'standing up for Scotland' needs emergency medical tretament

Dear All

Suffer little children!

Yes, you got it, suffer, it seems that the kiddies in Scotland are important to angry Nicola Sturgeon, they are her ‘stage props’ for photo opportunities, so she can look like she is the ‘Mother of the Nation’.

Get a crowd together, and a little kiddie is thrust into her arms with photographers strategically placed to capture the ‘happy event’.

All fake, all insincere, and all Sturgeon!

As people know, I have been seriously ill; I have been in and out of hospital getting treatment, at times I didn’t know if I was going to make it. In December 2014, things came to ahead and I nearly died, I was emergency admitted to hospital in unbelievable pain which I have never experienced in life.

Who would have thought when I was campaigning in the Pollok Constituency to save the NHS from being destroyed if Scotland had voted for independence that I would be having to rely on it, in such a dramatic fashion.

When it comes to issues to do with kids and their health, the public is funny, they don’t want to hear stories, they don’t want to hear excuses; they want and demand the best.

An independent report is apparently doing to permanently downgrade or close a popular children's ward, but the kicker is that Nicola Sturgeon’s NHS are trying to keep it secret till after the Holyrood 2016 election.

One wonders, is that done out of fear of the SNP?

Closure of a children’s ward will be a hot potato because people will wonder what the hell Nicola Sturgeon is playing at, putting kid’s lives in danger. In medicine, time is important, as I wrote above; I was maybe a day or even hours away from dying when my problem hit me. The review group into paediatric services at St John's Hospital in Livingston want 24 hour children's ward closed with inpatients instead diverted to Edinburgh.

Where is caring Nicola Sturgeon’s concern now?

It doesn’t exist; you know it doesn’t exist, because she put her pal Shona Robison in to be Health Secretary.

What are Shona Robison’s credentials for the post?

MA in Social Sciences at Glasgow University, so pretty much sweet FA!

The SNP Government like to centralise everything, this is because they are a cult, and they can’t trust the idiots they put into elected positions below them, the Braveheart brigade aren’t really thinkers.

Opposition MSPs ready to stand up for Scotland’s kids have accused the health board and ministers of colluding together. They know that the health board keeping the public in the dark until after the election helps SNP cabinet members Angela Constance and Fiona Hyslop. And the closure plans will prove to be deeply unpopular, especially with the women voters.

Labour MSP Neil Findlay said:

"This delay stinks”.

He is right, it does stink, it seems bad, looks bad and it is bad, it shows contempt for voters, but it keeps those doing the closure safe because they covered up for Nicola Sturgeon’s Ministers.

Findlay added:

“People in West Lothian should be able to make an informed choice at the next election and our local SNP representatives should be judged on their record, and that of the Government. This is an outrageous situation that looks very much as if this review has been politically manipulated by ministers and the health board to hide it from the voters."

Yes, it will seem to voters that this is the situation; political trust in Scotland is a valuable commodity which so few people seem to have, Nicola Sturgeon runs a squalid little government.

Scottish Conservative health spokesman Jackson Carlaw said:

"When Nicola Sturgeon was health secretary she gave her word to a room full of local people that the Scottish Government was committed to St John's. Many didn't believe her then, and they certainly won't now. Instead of sitting on this until after the election, the SNP should come clean and tell the people of West Lothian exactly what it intends to do with an extremely valued and crucial local facility?"

Given the SNP have managed to get the report kicked into the long grass, it seems that Nicola Sturgeon won’t have to do one of her famous U turns because the spotlight of publicity will be on her.

Sturgeon’s ‘axeman’ Shona Robison will probably be delivering the killer blow to the popular Children’s ward in June 2016, unless the voters rally in Dundee and drop her like a bad habit.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

yes the health service is safe in their hands it's a bit like the snake in Jungle book singing trust in me. It's a pity someone doesn't leak the report.

Stuart 64W said...

I see a patient died on a trolley in Glasgow's new 'Super Hospital' after waiting 6 hours to be seen.....

The SNP really have not got a clue about actually governing and running things properly.

Though being married to Dozy Hosie, and being best pals with Nicola, will surely see her through this latest tragedy in patient 'care'....

Shona Robison's job will be safe, despite avoidable deaths on her watch.

Anonymous said...

Two reasons Shona Robson got that job.
1). She's female.
2). She's Stuart Hosie's wife.
And that's it.

Smudge said...

EXACTLY Anonymous, 4:05PM. That's just what it is,, CRONYISM,,, shocking really. Imagine what the combined salaries of Dozy (useless);Hosie, and utter FAILURE Rubbish Robison is. We need a coup to chuck this lot out,, they're destroying Scotland as well as the UK.

Anonymous said...

Everything is turning to shit under the SNP's governance. Or more accurately, lack of governance.

The new hospital is a shambles, Lanarkshire out-of-hours GP service a joke and now this revelation.

I recall during the General Election campaign, Sturgeon wittering on about how SNP MPs would vote on policies which directly affect the NHS in England, in order to "save" it. Maybe she's taking lessons from Jeremy Hunt.......

Anonymous said...

SCUM Georgieboy

Anonymous said...

George, this is completely off topic so not worth publishing. But I've been reading Craig Murray's blog (don't agree with much he says but interesting anyway), and it seems there maybe more dissent within SNP ranks than expected.

Bob Costello's post which is fairly near the top of the comments is very enlightening.

Anonymous said...


Nicola sturgeon does care but only about herself and her cronies.