Friday, November 27, 2015

Bitter and twisted, nasty and vicious, spiteful and hateful, SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon makes unwarranted attack on Labour MSP at Holyrood as the Natalie McGarry financial scandal intensifies, Sturgeon personally endorsed McGarry, Sturgeon’s mask has slipped, she is still the hateful and spiteful hatemonger of old, this is SNP ‘civic Nationalism’

Dear All

Lots of people like reading this blog because it seems to get things ‘bang on the money’, for example, I have repeatedly said that SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is an angry wee Nat.

So, what happens?

Nicola Sturgeon goes out of her way to prove that…… George Laird right again.

At FMQ’s at Holyrood, Nicola Sturgeon resorted back to type; angry wee Nat of old, full of bile and bitterness, all twisted and spiteful, she decided to bad mouth Dr. Richard Simpson who is a Labour MSP, without realising she was speaking into an open mic.

It was a rather ugly affair which shows Sturgeon in her true light.

Has the Natalie McGarry scandal really rattled her that much?

Many people have listened to the now infamous audio several times and they have said to me that they thought that Nicola Sturgeon had called; Dr. Richard Simpson an ‘idiot’, the version that is coming from the SNP is that instead of ‘idiot’, Sturgeon said ‘ignorant’.

Listen to the audio online and judge for yourself.

I have several times; I haven’t heard once the word ‘ignorant’ said by Sturgeon. Like the Natalie McGarry scandal, we yet again have a mystery surrounding the ‘evidence’.

While looking at the video tape of the exchange, one thing stuck me, Ms. Sturgeon was looking rather ‘rough’ in my opinion, when looking at her clothes; I wondered did she buy her outfit straight out of a Caterers’ outfitters?

It was just horrible looking, no sense of style, no glamour, just hanging on her like a bag of spuds.

Has she decided that it is time to ‘let things go’ physically?

Do, you remember those recent dreadful TV interviews that Sturgeon did on the Natalie McGarry scandal, which just keeps going from bad to worse, as more revelations make it into the public domain. There was Sturgeon hopping about from one foot to the other, face screwed up and trying to defend herself for her inactions. If you stand back, you could see the Sturgeon mask slipping as the angry wee Nat fought to control her nasty wee temper. The fake insincerity act for the cameras was cracking wide open; the look of anger was plain to see in my opinion.

What a bitter woman she has become of late, people keep pointing out that she is a loser. We all make mistakes, we are only human, but for some of us, we don’t try to make a career out of it!

Refusing to act on McGarry was a major fail in terms of leadership and trying to hide behind due process; it was shallow and common, as Sturgeon attempted to save her protégé out of her nasty vile Southside clique.

Nicola Sturgeon just looked and sounded ridiculous; then came the revelation that the SNP had known for weeks about the WFI situation. Yet again, it was the standard SNP line; ‘Nicola knows nothing’, yet again making her, the most ignorant woman in Scottish politics.

£30,000 is the figure which appears to raise some concern.  

Does Dr. Richard Simpson deserve an apology?

I would say so.

Let’s look at a few things which have happened just recently.

Firstly Tommy Ball connected to her southside SNP gang pleds guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court, Natalie McGarry named in my criminal witness statement along with Shona McAlpine, office manager to Muslim list MSP Humza Yousaf, and Jonathan Mackie, office manager to Chris Stephens.

SNP MP Natalie McGarry promoted a twitter account which had the theme of sexual intercourse with children and filming of little girls in a state of dress. She might have deleted her tweets, but I kept a digital record, handy thing on a computer, ‘save as’.

Next we get the Natalie McGarry financial scandal which shines the spotlight directly on Nicola Sturgeon herself, not only did Sturgeon endorse McGarry, which was a mistake, she also said McGarry was a ‘good pal’ of hers.

Nicola Sturgeon among her other failings as a decent human being is a hypocrite, during the referendum, she constantly interrupted people speaking and talked over the top of them to get noticed and the camera to focus on her.

As we now know the entire white paper was a load of rubbish pushed by Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon. I feel therefore that Sturgeon had no right to take exception to the behaviour of Dr Richard Simpson. His later intervention as she answered a query on abuse in care homes was also legitimate; he at least is a health professional unlike her.

After presiding officer Tricia Marwick (Natalie McGarry’s auntie) called an end to the session, Sturgeon was heard to say what sounded like "Richard Simpson is an idiot" before her microphone cut off.

If we accept her version of Simpson being ‘ignorant’, then she can only also conclude that she is an ignorant woman for her behaviour, not just at Holyrood but elsewhere. It seems the pressure is getting to her; the fairytale looks rather threadbare of the SNP being the answer to Scotland’s problems.

To add to her tale of woe, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond deserted the key Commons debate on Syrian air strikes to unveiled a portrait of himself in Edinburgh. His ego and vanity got the better of him; is him standing next to a painting more important that representing his constituents?

Seems that way to me!

Clearly this is another example that Nicola Sturgeon isn’t really in charge of the SNP, but is looking more and more like a Salmond proxy. I wonder how much enjoyment Salmond is getting at Sturgeon struggling, some people in the SNP don’t believe that Sturgeon is capable of leadership.

So, expect more bile and bitterness from Nicola Sturgeon, she is losing control of the SNP and is looking remarkably like yesterday’s woman who is clinging on for the ‘pay packet’. If the Natalie McGarry scandal gets much worse, it could be that Sturgeon will drop the fake act of sincerity altogether, as the press pursue her and McGarry like hunted animals.

‘Community Justice’ Nicola?

When you hand someone power who is not capable of leadership, you have to expect these types of problems to happen. Sturgeon spent years building grudge, grievance and malcontent at the microphone at SNP Conferences blaming everyone but herself for her own failings.

It is ironic that a tool she used in the past seems to be her possible undoing; I suppose that the SNP will be getting a series of engagements hastily planned so Sturgeon can hug kids. I would suggest it is a bit too late for that now, someone said to me recently that the SNP is a house of cards, and that the pack will be falling shortly.

Nicola Sturgeon has absolutely no class, the shop soiled white hope from Dreghorn isn’t suited to leadership; she can’t make the right decisions. Her career is littered by failure to achieve, the health service was her flagship, what a disaster that is at present, ran into the ground, underfunded and understaffed.

We all heard Nicola Sturgeon say she didn’t have enough information to suspend Natalie McGarry from the SNP, now we find out that the SNP knew for weeks. As the McGarry financial scandal intensifies, it could be the defining moment for Nicola Sturgeon and the wider independence movement.

One thing we know for certain, the act of a ‘caring human being’ has been swept away, and instead we are seeing the real Nicola Sturgeon, bitter and twisted, full of bile and hatred.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


@graeme_from_IT said...

"McGarry promoted a twitter account which had the theme..."

WHOA - whats this about then? - didn't see/read/hear about any of that

Anonymous said...

Well Said.

G Laird said...

Hi graeme

It is about this:

and here is some additional information:

Note the date of the article.


Freddy said...

Keep at it George she was rattled yesterday fell back on that old chestnut talking Scotland down or similar. One of these days she won't be able to fully dodge a question.

Tam said...

Brilliant article George, keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

superlative again Georgieboy

Anonymous said...

Sent a link to my friends to read this post as I feel it needs to get wider coverage. I enjoy the blog and this post gets a big thumbs up from me.

Anonymous said...

George, I think the Daily Record should publish the twitter messages, provided of course it wouldn't cause any legal issues.

Salmond is definitely engineering Sturgeon's downfall, so it will give him an excuse to ride to the rescue once more. The problem is, he is now considered yesterday's man.

Whether she said "idiot" or "ignorant" isn't the real issue. If she is allowing her emotions to get the better of her during a debate, what will she be like if there is a real crisis?

If she was a strong leader, then she would not allow personal friendships to take priority. The country is her primary concern. She should remember that.

Sherbie. said...

Hahahaha,, Sturgeon makes me laugh so much when I see her "wee headie" going this way and that way,trying to defend the indefencable. She knows she's in the shit over this. McGarry is only an MP because she's a friend of Noddin Nick, ohh, and her Auntie is Tricia Marwick SNP MSP,, just a clique as you said George, but underneath, rotten to the core!!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work George

Anonymous said...

I think we will see Alex Salmond attempt to make a comeback, I wonder if the SNP members will plot to oust Sturgeon pre Holyrood George. I never saw her as right for leader, now everyone gets to see it up close. Natalie McGarry story is so toxic, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of losers.

Ken Fairley said...

The law of averages will soon come into play, the SNP hierarchy cannot continue to get away with blatant lies and denigrating political opposition parties, their lack of talent will prove their downfall. The deceipt that Nicola and Alex have coined on the electorate will be uncovered by the opposition parties during the forthcoming election campaign, there is too much for them to hide.

@graeme_from_IT said...

Thanks for the info George... - btw - loved your comments about her appearance...

While looking at the video tape of the exchange, one thing stuck me, Ms. Sturgeon was looking rather ‘rough’ in my opinion, when looking at her clothes; I wondered did she buy her outfit straight out of a Caterers’ outfitters?

It was just horrible looking, no sense of style, no glamour, just hanging on her like a bag of spuds.

Has she decided that it is time to ‘let things go’ physically?

It reminded my "inner geek" about an episode of Doctor Who, were He was disgusted at the Prime Minister for doing something horrific, and used six little words, which in the end, forced her out of office...

"Don't You Think She Looks Tired" ( the gif is at )

LOL - keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

If Sturgeon doesn't secure a majority in the Holyrood elections, then she is toast.

Much depends on how the opposition plans its strategy. It needs to focus on areas where the SNP have failed, primarily Education and Health over and above everything else. The fiasco of the Maths higher this year cannot be ignored. Nor can the fact that literacy and numeracy standards have dropped.

The MCGarry issue will have an impact. If something does come out, then Sturgeon will be linked directly to her. And the fact that McGarry's aunt is the Presiding Officer needs to be exploited.

Anonymous said...

I hear that a new indy group has started up because some of the yessers are unsatisfied with the SNP.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

I know of someone who believes in indy and wants to start a new centre right party in Scotland to challenge the SNP cult.