Friday, November 20, 2015

Blood and Soil; ‘Tampax Campaigner’ Nicola Sturgeon has ‘serious questions’ about backing military airstrikes in Syria, as her Westminster chimps embarrass themselves again, France has declared a three month state of national emergency, now Sturgeon wants to play ‘War Leader’, sit down you shallow hollow inept and entirely vacuous attention seeker, this isn’t a photo op

Dear All

One thing which doesn’t really need saying is that SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is pathetic, in the past I have accused her of being a shallow hollow inept women devoid of principles.

U turn Sturgeon!

Sturgeon craves attention, and the SNP actively go out to seek it for her, the staged managed photographs are vomit-inducing, the most laughable pitch she makes, involves her use of hugging kids to appear likeable.

It is a joke that failed and wasn’t funny the first time when she did it.

If you caught her exchange at FMQs recently you would have seen the real Nicola Sturgeon, not the passionate campaigner, but the angry wee Nat, completely out of her depth and common with it.

Nicola Sturgeon has the look on her face of someone who knows she has been caught out as a fake, no way back for her tho.

When the migrant crisis was running at full steam, the SNP and in particular Sturgeon jumped on that bandwagon, free publicity all round as politicians vied with each other on who was the most caring. If you checked back to my posts, I didn’t join the bandwagon; I didn’t hold up any signs, I didn’t attend any events.


Because there was a wider picture to consider, namely national security, not just of Britain but also of our European neighbours. We are in a European Union, we have responsibilities and those responsibilities cannot be simply ignored for what is a substance lite campaign of #Refugeeswelcome.

People in politics aren’t social workers, they supposed to be working for the common good and the benefit of the country; we have social workers to do social work. So, Sturgeon hitched her star to the migrant crisis and the rest of the donkeys in the SNP duly followed suit, supporting the concept that they are ‘caring people’ and that their cult leader Nicola was possessed by a ‘special’ understanding of the situation.

Then cometh the Paris attacks!

The Paris attacks shocked the world, circa 130 people dead and nearly as many seriously injured. It was a horrific attack on innocent people, and that is the key word, innocent.

Through-out the migrant crisis, I made suggestions, some of those we are seeing coming to life in Europe, yesterday the Dutch pitched in with an inner Schengen area and two of my ideas, camps and no migrant processed can travel to other European countries. As I wrote yesterday, there isn’t the political will yet to do what is needed; however, Paris will not be the last attack. The Police have killed someone who was thought to be the mastermind of the attacks in a violent and fierce shoot out in Saint Denis in France. Across Europe there has been a backlash against Muslim people, even in Scotland, a Muslim cultural centre was damaged in an arson attack, a woman was attacked and injured by a man wielding a Stanley knife.

The French Government along with other Governments including the UK have decided to press ahead with military air strikes, something else I supported ages ago. The SNP in Westminster decided to call for a United Nations mandate, and fake Scot Angus Robertson and the Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond gave us their pearls of wisdom on the situation.

The wrong tact and the wrong decision, better to keep your ‘fat gub’ shut applies, subject to terms and conditions, poor Angus, another failure, trying to be a statesman and comes across as a roaster yet again. David Cameron shot down Angus Robertson who is clearly out of his depth by saying the safety of this country to protect itself will not be subject to a Russian veto.

Cameron 1 Fake Scot Robertson 0!

After hitching her star to #refugeeswelcome, we now have Nicola Sturgeon looking for the next bandwagon of free publicity, she says she is now 'prepared to listen' to the case for bombing ISIS in Syria in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.

So, what can Nicola Sturgeon do militarily?

Not a fucking thing!

Apparently David Cameron isn’t seeking her advice, but she says the SNP has serious questions about the 'efficacy' of airstrikes. One has to wonder if Sturgeon has accepted the offer of Peter Dow who threw his hat into the ring to offer his services as a ‘national security adviser’. I assume he would want a huge salary like the rest of Sturgeon’s ‘band of brothers’.

Oh. before I forget, there is an interesting cybernat story floating about regarding ‘Claire Robertson’ who after an investigation turns out allegedly to be one Mark Robertson who is parked in the East end of Glasgow. Given he wasn’t able to cover his tracks much like Tommy Ball who recently plead guilty in Glasgow Sheriff Court, these two people can be ruled out as ‘covert operatives’ if Sturgeon is setting up an ‘intelligence agency’.

David Cameron has decided to extending RAF missions from Iraq across the border into Syria, two years ago, I said this was wrong, if these missions now are to strike at Isis, I think this could get support.

I do not believe we should be using military strikes against the Assad regime, I reckon David Cameron can win support for this action, if he defines the objectives as purely Isis. It would and should require a future vote to strike at the Syrian Government, and let’s be clear, no one will be accepting collateral damage to the people of Syrian.

A new ComRes poll for the Mail shows six out of ten Britons want the RAF to bomb following the Paris massacres. These same people I feel will not back strikes out with the Isis group.

I would also say that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn needs to ensure that he and the Labour Party MPs are supporting the military campaign but put in the codicil regarding the scope of the mission, keep it limited, keep it focused.

Will the SNP decide this time not to be out of step?

Given the rubbish spouted by Angus Robertson who can tell, and to be honest who really cares, this is a matter which needs to see a united front by both Labour and Conservatives MPs, anyone else who wants to tag along so much the better. Should the SNP get behind these airstrikes, given their MPs are sheep, they will probably be whipped for this vote, but the simple answer is Yes!

In times like this, it is better to be on the right side of history instead of sniping at the sidelines and looking ridiculous.

If Nicola Sturgeon follows the George Laird view, then the shop soiled white hope of Dreghorn will still get her PR hit and the Nationalists will fall all over themselves as they cite this as evidence of Sturgeon’s ability of the world stage.

But the truth is, Nicola Sturgeon has to be led to the correct decision having had so little experience getting it right during her miserable and declining career. I assume the Scottish public will be treated to her inner conflict and angst regarding military airstrikes by a “source”; personally I wouldn’t give it a second thought, and neither should anyone else.

This isn’t about revenge, it’s about national security, but for some it’s about milking it for political gain for Holyrood 2016.

France has just declared a three month state of national emergency, I think all the ‘serious questions’ have been answered for Nicola Sturgeon; we are at a state of war, still a ‘tampax’ campaigner may come in handy!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

Corbyn needs to wise up quickly allow the Labour mp's a free vote on this anything else makes him look weak. Principles are all fine and dandy but if you want to be Prime Minister you must be able to take difficult decisions for the good of the country. All he will do is look even further isolated from reality when the debate in the commons happens. As for the Nats a united front will make them look even more ridiculous as they pontificate.

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

I think Corbyn should be leading on this one, and back the rest of the international community.

This I feel would be in the interests of the country and party.


Anonymous said...

In 'Lord of the rings; The Two Towers', King Theoden tells his court and his allies that "I will not risk open war"

Aragorn quickly points out: "Open war is upon you, whether you would risk it or not"

A lesson for the present.

Anonymous said...

STUNNING Georgieboy Laird for 2016

Anonymous said...

You are nothing but a keyboard warrior time you gave all your SNP hate a rest

Sherbie. said...

Georgeie, do you know anything about the SNP in a "Votes for Cash" row. I just saw a headline in a newspaper. It's related to the Hunting Ban. The headline was on the front page of the Scottish Daily Mail, but I never managed to read the story. Money is involved anyway, so I wondered if you could investigate,,, sounds serious.

Tam said...

super post George

Smudge said...

Anonymous at 9.48pm,, go and read the article on Alex Bell, Alex Salmond's co-author of the SNP's white paper. Scotland dodged a bullet big time but blinkered idiots like you can't see that.

Anonymous said...

can someone ask Nicola Sturgeon if a tampon can be used to plug bullet wounds George.

Peter Dow said...

"One has to wonder if Sturgeon has accepted the offer of Peter Dow who threw his hat into the ring to offer his services as a ‘national security adviser’."

Not yet.

"I assume he would want a huge salary like the rest of Sturgeon’s ‘band of brothers’."

Salary? Oh it's a long time since I had one of those. I'm not in politics for the money, George. I have too many principles to get rich.

I'd begin my job as Scottish NSA by pointing out that the biggest threat to the security of Scots is incompetent leadership of the police state by "brothers" like Chief Constable Sir Stephen House and Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland and the biggest waste of public money is their salaries.

It is often possible to secure our property and liberty against common criminals but when the police state want our property or our liberty they are unstoppable and therefore when they run amok the police state is the biggest threat to us.

Peter Dow is a Scottish scientist and a republican socialist whose legal human rights are cruelly violated by the police and courts in Aberdeen, where he lives.

Peter Dow's political defence blog publishes the truth about the wrongful and unjust royalist arrests, prosecutions, convictions and punishments he endures.