Thursday, April 11, 2013

What does it say about Scottish society that hundreds of Scots want to attend a new wave of Thatcher death parties, party planned for George Square is a disgrace and shows how nasty, vile and callous some people can be

Dear All

Hundreds of revellers are expected to attend parties across Scotland this weekend to celebrate the death of Baroness Thatcher.

You have to wonder at the mentality of the people who want to celebrate the death of another individual.

What does it say about them as people?

Possibly that they are callous and mean spirited.

Social media sites have advertised Thatcher death parties to be held at Glasgow’s George Square, the Mound in Edinburgh, and the Counting House and the Glenlivit Bar in Dundee on Saturday, April 13.

I won’t be going myself, I would hope that my fellow Glaswegians will not attend either; there is nothing to celebrate here.

I am not and never have been a fan of Margaret Thatcher, in her time in public office, she done incredible harm to some communities, and at the same time, credit where credit is due, she done some good things.

However, people in Scotland will remember the bad.

During the House of Commons speeches, MPs told personal stories of how Margaret Thatcher did acts of kindness and generosity of spirit.

If you have the time read Hansard.

Like most people, she had two sides, just as any person is capable of great kindness; they are also capable of great evil, even if by default; everyone can be complex.

So far, 44 parties are to be held worldwide to mark her death, as far as, Denver, Colorado, Oslo and New Zealand.

One happy and misguided camper said on a Facebook page for the George Square event:

"That witch done nothing for Scotland. The death of mining industry, the introduction of the poll tax to Scotland first and not to forget Maggie Thatcher the milk snatcher. Tramp the dirt down right enough. She should have been burnt at the stake years ago."

There is a case to answer for her mistakes, but this isn’t the time, Margaret Thatcher once said that there was no such thing as society, she was wrong, there is and always must be, it is people that make a country not land.

Too often politicians forget that as they sell out their own people in search for their own personal advantage.

When the party happens in George Square, you can expect to see a lot of young people, some of whom will be students and not even born when she held power, they will be doing their ‘student rebellion’ act of socialist ‘brother and sisters’ before they go get a plumy middle class job.

One thing I have learned in politics is that there are a lot of fake people about, and you will see them on display if you pass by George Square when the ‘festivities’ are in full swing, but they will be the show to be laughed at.

They just outed themselves as wretched and despicable human beings.    

Margaret Thatcher was a significant politician of her age, her legacy will poured over in due course, but at present, the dead deserve dignity in death and so do her family.

There is nothing to celebrate here.

 Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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