Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Alex Salmond’s meltdown continues as his speech in America to the Brookings Institution in Washington DC bombs, Salmond knows it’s over, add to it independent Scotland would have to apply for membership of NATO ….. with conditions attached

Dear All

Sad and pathetic little man Alex Salmond has gone to America to sell Scottish independence, but if you happen to catch any of his speeches, you can see clearly in his face.

The Jig’s up!

If he thought that he would get a hero’s welcome it appears he is very much mistaken.

Although our American chums are saying they are neutral, the bottom line is that they are behind the scenes backing the UK.

Looking less happy is Alex Salmond these days, when he has to face an audience who aren’t sycophants, it is really is an uphill struggle.  

The Scottish independence campaign is going nowhere, support has collapsed and it is one more day to his political death at the ballot box on the 18th September 2014.

His recent speech on NATO was a disaster, we will be in NATO but ban nuclear weapons went down like a lead balloon.

The SNP anti nuclear stance is bollocks, its student politics, it sein fein lite republican politics tied up with anti British rhetroic.

 Although the SNP went NATO at one of its recent Conferences, it is clear; the change is pure about trying to win indy, as such post defeat I expect it to change back. Rather than dealing once and for all with its disastrous, ill-judged, ill-thought-out policy, it limped into a halfway house.

NATO but no nuclear…… cranks!

To add to Salmond’s woes of ‘we will automatically join NATO’, there now appears to be a hitch, Scotland would have to apply for membership of nuclear defence alliance if independent.

A Nato spokesman said:

"It appears widely agreed that, as a matter of law, a Scotland which has declared its independence and thereby established its separate statehood would be viewed as a new state."


"In the Nato context, the definitive determination on this question would be made by the member states, acting in the North Atlantic Council. A new state would not be a party to the North Atlantic Treaty, and thus not a member of Nato. If it were to choose to apply for Nato membership, its application would be subject to the normal procedure, as outlined in Article 10 of the Treaty."

Salmond’s talk to an American audience yesterday, was a dud at public policy organisation the Brookings Institution in Washington DC.

It was a speech of a loser who knows his time is running out.

As for the Partnership for Peace that is a load of wank!

Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, former secretary general of Nato and chairman of the North Atlantic Council, said:

"Acceptance of the nuclear role in Nato is a fundamental part of Nato's strategy and no country can be a member of Nato without accepting that responsibility”.

So, it is clear that Salmond and Sturgeon’s NATO conversion is in fact just a sham for the vote.

Robertson added:

"Either the SNP accept the central nuclear role of Nato and show that they will shed any principle to buy votes for separatism, or they reject the nuclear role of Nato and ensure that a separate Scottish state stays out of the world's most successful defence alliance."

Labour MP Jim Murphy, the Shadow Defence Secretary, said:

"The SNP's defence policy is now in a total mess. This is yet another fact that the SNP wanted to keep Scotland in the dark about."

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said:

"The SNP's chaotic approach to Nato, and the wider issue of defence, is simply to stick its fingers in its ears and hope the assertions repeatedly made will eventually come true."

The SNP had the chance to fix its 30 year mistake, and yet again, the genuine lack of talent shows why the Scottish National Party is unfit to lead Scotland to independence.

In a nutshell, they are too stupid, too provincial minded and lacking in key areas.

All that Alex Salmond has done by spending a week in the USA is burn time, money and resources and for which he is getting nowhere.

Pro NATO and Pro Nuclear, I said at the BBC, blogged on it, and never believed the SNP policy was right and I have been proven right yet again.

Personally if I was in America, I would have arranged to go on the roller coasters, after the ‘work’ was done, the politics bit is really easy especially if you aren’t thick!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

What an infantile rant. "Melt down"? Do you not know anyone who works in the tourist industry? I can't think of any other country that has the equivalent of Better Together critising anyone who dares mention the word "Scotland" abroad, even when trying to raise the profile of the country in one of our largest markets.

Anonymous said...

It really is embarrasing to hear Salmond repeatedly claim E.U. membership, NATO membership and all the other stupid claims, this is in the face of the facts and the statements from these Organisations that Scotland would have to apply as a new member state. Is the Right Wing Scottish Government going to bully there way in?
The Monarchy, the Pound etc etc. So at what point is there Independance?
Answers on the back of a Postage Stamp please.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon @4.51PM

The only thing that Salmond stands for is the rich, he will say anything using the Scottish banner as a shield.

He is a pathetic individual and I have met him several times personally.

I admit he is good at hoodwinking people but I remember Donald Trump's assessment of him 'dishonest', 'untrustworthy' and 'lacking in integrity'.

Seems fine to me but I would add, Salmond is a rat!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University