Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scottish independence: No head-to-head for David Cameron and Alex Salmond, Cameron’s team rightly assess, why bother wasting time talking to an self obsessed idiot when independence campaign has already ran out of steam

Dear All

In the spirit of no love lost, Downing Street has made it clear that David Cameron has no intention of engaging Alex Salmond in a head-to-head TV debate on Scottish independence.

George Laird right again!

It is entirely understandable that David Cameron should walk away, why pander to an idiot!

The arse has fallen out of the Scottish Independence campaign, it is dead, the SNP’s crony ridden enterprise has few brain cells and it shows.

Last week, Alex Salmond, the First Minister once again challenged the Prime Minister to a one-to-one debate in front of the cameras.

Salmond uttered:

"As First Minister of Scotland I should debate with the Prime Minister. We signed the Edinburgh Agreement”.

What a wean brain.

He added:

"So the first debate should be between the First Minister of Scotland who wants independence and the Prime Minister of the UK who's trying to stop Scotland getting independence, and then other debates will no doubt take place."

Salmond no doubt would adopt his trademark jolly fat man and use current events such as welfare reform to press the case for indy.

But indy isn’t about current issues that can be used to pick up votes , it is about trust, vision, planning and preparation.

Donald Trump says that Alex Salmond is “dishonest”, “untrustworthy” and “lacking in integrity”.

Alistair Darling, the former Chancellor who leads the No campaign has offered to debate with Mr Salmond but the FM has rejected this out of hand.

Cameron has similarly rejected Salmond’s offer out of hand, why give Salmond the gravitas of a head of state when he clearly isn’t.

Salmond isn’t even statesmanlike; he is an opportunist who is going to get his chain yanked hard by the Scottish people on the 18th Sept 2014.

Mr Cameron spokesman said:

"It's for people in Scotland to lead the debate on the Union."

That means Alistair Darling.

He added:

"The Prime Minister has remarked on a number of occasions why he feels it's both to the benefit of Scotland and to the wider UK that Scotland remains part of the Union."

Downing Street clearly recognises that the UK Government is in a no-win situation on the issue of a PM/FM head-to-head debate.

So, best to step back and Salmond is drowning anyway, he has lost the argument, people are walking away from him, activists won’t come out, donations are drying up for the SNP.

The less oxygen that Salmond gets, the worse the defeat will be when the vote comes crashing down around his ears.

19th September 2014, he will know what the price of cronyism in the SNP has cost him…. Independence.

As he looks around the deadbeats that suck up to him and Sturgeon, he will know that no one can help him out, it’s all gone now.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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