Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ray Winstone branded Scots ‘Tramps’ as a chief export of the Scottish economy under Alex Salmond and SNP leadership, sparking outrage, sadly some people are now playing the ‘race card’, it’s a comedy show get over it!

Dear All

Actor Ray Winstone has hosted the hit BBC programme Have I got News For You.

The programme takes pot shots at the establishment and society, its tongue in cheek stuff which can be very cutting.

It’s entertainment and as such should be viewed as such.

However Ray Winstone has upset some people by drawn around 100 complaints after calling Scots “tramps”!

In London, there are a lot of homeless Scots who came to the big city and found the streets weren’t paved with gold, these people ended up sleeping rough, on the internet you can see examples of people in this desperate situation from all backgrounds.

Ray Winstone has had 100 complaints filed against him after what is described as ‘anti-Scottish’ jibes.

And of course, the complainers have played the ‘race card’.

Tag someone with a label and then take the moral high ground.

With independence collapsing round the ears of the SNP, their supporters and ilk have gotten into complaining mode.

Viewers became upset about a section of the show addressing Scottish independence.

Ian Hislop joked that the Scottish Government would make Mars bars the nation’s new currency.

Light hearted stuff.

Guest host Winstone said:

“To be fair the Scottish economy has its strengths - its chief exports being oil, whisky, tartan and tramps.”

He then asked the audience if “we should just tell the Scots to bugger off.”

Awhile ago, someone in the independence camp called me a tramp when I appeared in the BBC Big Debate audience, that night everything I was wearing was brand new.

Although Ray Winstone said his stuff in jest, the character that attacked me was full of hate and bile.

In comedy, some people will always be offended, but the right to say it goes under free speech.

Independence brings out the worst in some ‘nationalists’, and as the collapse continues of support these people will be more offended and more outraged.

Ray Winstone can say what he likes; I am not offended because I can recognise that Have I Got News for You is just a light hearted entertainment show.

Winstone isn’t a racist.

Another own goal for the independence camp and their supporter crying ‘wolf’!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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